Quantum Human Design Evolution Report – 12/12/21

The challenge of working in a healthy way with the mind happens when our thoughts gets corrupted by conditioning.

This week promises to teach us something powerful about the mind.  

The mind is not the enemy in spite of what many spiritual teachings – even traditional Human Design – may have taught you. You need your mind. It’s your friend. It’s the mechanism that translates Divine Inspiration – the Quantum Field – and Life’s Evolving Intelligence, into concrete information that helps you know what’s next and which actions to take.

The challenge of working in a healthy way with the mind happens when our thoughts gets corrupted by conditioning. When we lose our essential connection with the creative nature of our mind, our mind becomes the proverbial “jumping monkey” that we’re taught to repudiate.  

Your mind is your friend. To cultivate your friendship with your mind and harness its vital capabilities, you have to decondition it and learn how to vet the sparks of inspiration that dance across your mind.  

Some of those thoughts are a result of the protective identities that we cultivate when we internalize the message that it is somehow not okay for us to be who we are and how we are in the world.  

For many of us, this message was given to us day after day in subtle ways.  We learned to be someone we’re not. We tried to master formulas for “success” that often involved hiding our authentic identity.  

This experience of learning to be someone we’re not is experienced in the body as trauma. Obviously, this is not the same kind of trauma as being assaulted or having your life threatened, but our bodies don’t always know the difference between macro and micro traumas. These micro-traumas impact us and interfere with the 9 core essential archetypes (Resiliency Keys) that need to be operating in a health way if we’re going to be resilient.  

The 9 Resiliency Keys are:

• Lovability

• Self-Worth

• Authenticity

• Self-Trust

• Courage

• Decisiveness

• Emotional Wisdom

• Vitality 

• Empowerment

When we struggle with any of these 9 core archetypes, it conditions our thinking. Our mind goes into overdrive, thinking thoughts that are ultimately defensive, hyperactive and push us to “figure out” what we need to do to stay safe and to fulfill societies expectations for us.

This reactive experience of the mind is the part of our mind that we need to tame, decondition and heal. The unconditioned mind is a conduit for inspiration, Life’s Intelligence and wisdom. It is not pressurized or frenetic, but focused and clear.  

For many of you who have a meditation practice of some kind, you probably can tell the difference between the cadence of the voice of your Divine Mind versus your frenetic conditioned mind.  

People often ask me if they can follow the promptings of the mind. While traditional Human Design tells us to never trust the mind, I want to gently remind you that traditional Human Design speaks to the experience of the conditioned human – the “not self” as Ra used to call it.

But the unconditioned mind is essential for co-creating with the Quantum Field. We know that your thoughts create neurotransmitters which, in turn, create an emotional response. This emotional response is a frequency of energy that calibrates the electromagnetic field of the heart and programs the mind to see opportunities that match the frequency of energy that you’re emanating.

The mind is a vital part of your creative power, but you have to know how to vet the thoughts in your head. This is the challenge given to us by the planets this week. 

Let’s start with the Sun and the Earth and then work our way through the weekly planetary agenda.

We start the week with the Sun in the Gate 26, the Gate of Integrity, moving to the Gate 11, the Gate of the Conceptualist on Tuesday. 

Gate 26

This energy brings us an invitation to explore whether we are truly living and creating in alignment with our Authentic Self.  

When we claim and hold true to our value and we heal any wounds to our self-worth, we live in a state integrity.  

There are five kinds of integrity:

 • Physical Integrity

 • Resource Integrity

 • Identity Integrity

 • Moral Integrity

 • Energetic Integrity

When we are resilient and create with integrity we are living in a state of humility. When we are humble we are living into the expression of a personal narrative that encompasses our unique, vital and irreplaceable role in the Cosmic Plan. We take up no more than our right place and no less that our right space. We honor and uphold the value of our own life and consequently see and honor the value of all life. We recognize that we are part of the whole and our actions not only serve the maintenance of our own value, they simultaneously serve the Greater Good.

When we live in this space, the ideas we generate are not ours, but the whisperings of Life’s Intelligence working through us. This is the theme that the Gate 11 brings us on Tuesday. 

Gate 11

We are filled with ideas and inspirations, but when we are humble and connected to our right place, we know which ideas are ours and which ideas are for sharing with others.  

We become a fountain of inspiration for the world, spread ideas like seeds.  We are able to vet these ideas and to trust in the perfect unfolding of these ideas. No need for frenetic action or the panicked used of Will. We simply hear the idea and take the right aligned action with grace.

The Earth this week grounds us in the Gate 45, the Gate of Distribution, moving to the Gate 12, the Gate of The Channel, on Tuesday. 

Gate 45

We are grounded in sharing and being connected to Source. This deep connection enhances our ability to be vessels for Divine Inspiration and gives us the cues and clues we need to assess when the timing is right for us to share what we know.  

Stay tuned to your ability to speak the words you long to share. If your words are not clear and you’re struggling with trying to share what you know, then the timing is not right. When you’re sharing with the right person, at the right time, the Gate 12 guarantees that your words will be profound and transformative.

Gate 12

Mercury starts the week in the Gate 10, the Gate of Self-Love, moving to the Gate 58, the Gate of the Joy of Mastery on Thursday, reminding us that our mind works better and in our favor when we adopt a loving and joyful mindset. 

Venus starts the week in the Gate 61, the Gate of Wonder, moving to the Gate 60, the Gate of Conservation on Friday.  

This energy reminds us that we have to listen to our mind and the Divine Sparks that enlighten it with wonder and awe. We don’t have to figure out “why” or “how” but to simply listen and trust that we are part of a bigger plan and all we have to do is follow the next right step – and then the next one – and the next one and the next one…

Gratitude becomes the tool we use to keep bringing our mindset back to the focus that expands our conscious creative practice.  

Mars starts the week in the Gate 14, the Gate of Creation, moving to the Gate 34, the Gate of Power on Tuesday.  

Both of these Gates bring us lessons in allowing our abundance and access to our true power through letting go and responding to what shows up. This virtually guarantees that the ideas that are yours to follow this week will be confirmed by clues and cues from your outer reality. Bask in the promise that you’re going to get all the clarity you need to be decisive and on track for what you want to be creating.

Jupiter and Saturn continue their cosmic relationship tango, bringing us passion with Jupiter highlighting the Gate 30, the Gate of Passion and intimacy with Saturn highlighting the Gate 19, the Gate of Attunement.  

Things may still be feeling a little heightened and intense with this power-packed combination so be mindful of how your urgings may be motivated by a need to prove your lovability. Do not compromise on your value or your values.  

In the shadow of this energy, our passions may carry us away and we may follow ideas that aren’t really ours to follow in an attempt to prove our value or to please our partners. With Saturn highlighting the Gate 30 in the fourth line, the potential this week for relationship burnout is high. Make sure you take some time for yourself to bring yourself back to your own center and your connection to YOUR right place – without compromise or settling.

Uranus in the Gate 24, the Gate of Blessings, reminds us also to not compromise, rationalize or settle for less than what we want. We are encouraged to stay connected to the bigger picture of what is happening and to trust the process – minute by minute – instead of panicking because we can’t see over the top of the hill. 

Neptune in the Gate 22, the Gate of Surrender, reminds us that all we need to do is tend to our vibrational alignment and we’ll be given everything we need to fulfill our purpose in the world.  

Use the power of your mind and your mindset to maintain and sustain your vibrational frequency. Think good thoughts and then let go….

Pluto in the Gate 61, the Gate of Wonder, reminds us to maintain a sense of wonder and awe of it all.  

Again, listen carefully to the thoughts in your mind, the cadence of the different voices in your head and only the follow the thoughts that feel aligned. You don’t have to figure it ALL out. Just keep taking the next step, then the next step and the next step. One step at a time.  

All is well.

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,