Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 11-9-2020

Sun transits Gate 1 moving to Gate 43 – Call For Creativity and Inner Knowing

I hope this week is giving deep insights into the true story of Who You Are.

I am feeling a deep call these days. I’m wondering if you’re feeling it too…

There seems to be a call for a different kind of creativity at hand. I can feel it in my bones.

This isn’t only about relentless self-expression or “up-leveling” yourself – although that is certainly a part of it.

This is a call for the kind of creativity that invites us to truly step out of any old definition or narrative that we are telling ourselves (and others) about who we are.

In truth, most of our personal narratives are stories about how we got our scars, why we can’t do what we want to do and justifications and arguments for our limitations.

This creative call is pulling forward to a much different kind of personal identity. It’s calling us to shed our human story – not because it hasn’t taught us vital lessons, not because we are denying any of our past experiences or pain – but because the matrix that we are creating within has, itself, changed.

Creativity is the highest form of ascension.

This is not the ungrounded place of leaving the Earth and gazing up at the stars. This is a creative state that invites us, from the deeper part of our Souls, to ask the question: “What else is possible?”

…And to answer that question unbridled from the limitations that have come before.

This is the kind of creativity that requires deep faith, a delusional confidence in the unseen and the need to tap into the power of our imagines with the same zest and enthusiasm as a five year old writing a Christmas wishlist to Santa Claus.

We are being invited by our Creative Angels to stop moving the chairs around on the deck of a sinking ship, thinking that if we just find the right placement of the chair, it will be okay.

We have to get off the darn boat and leap into the vastness of the welcoming ocean. We have to let the memory of who we truly can be encoded in the waters of our Mother Earth realign us and awaken in us our true creative essence.

For many of you, you sense this is the time on the planet you’ve been waiting for. This goes beyond “Love and Light”. It is an invitation to transform the energy of Love and Light into a radical new way of living.

As yourself.

As Ourselves.

This is a brand new way of harnessing your Life Purpose.

A new way of using the story of who you truly are to build the scaffolding of the Temple of Humanity.

You re the artist. The world is your canvas.

What will you create?

If you feel this call, I invite you to join me on Wednesday, November 18 at 6:00 pm Central Time Zone for a free webinar: Quantum Creativity – Demystifying Your Cosmic Creative Blueprint

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Hopefully many of you are feeling that some of the pressure and tension of last week has shifted.

I encourage you to take all the respite and relief you can get. I don’t want to be a “downer”, but, as I mentioned last week, we are in a long game of major transformation. There is much work to be done on the planet to realign the manifestations of the material world with our evolution of consciousness. Our Hearts are calling for us to bring into form what we know is Truth.

We are building a world of equality, justice, sustainability and peace.

We know that we must rebuild our forests, clean our oceans, keep empowering women all over the world, change how we use our planet’s resources and learn to share. We may not know “how” we’re going to do these things yet, but the planets are twinkling their encouragement upon us and, if we listen, will reveal to us the next right step to evolving the world,

Many of us have been dreaming of a time when we experience deep peace. I want to gently remind you that, while making the consciousness shifts necessary to create peace lays the foundation for what’s next, we’re not going to get there without doing the accompanying work on the material plane. We have to “move the mud” to build the New World.

If we’ve done our work to heal the karma of our self-worth and we are creating with the natural flow of sustainable integrity that we ride when we know our value and can clearly see the value of others, then the “work” feels joyful and easy. It is vital that we continue to travel on our own personal healing journeys so that we can turn around and bring others forward with us in a sustainable way.

We just entered the fourth Creative Quarter, the Quarter of Recalibration, in the Human Design year on November 5. The Quarter of Recalibration is the final Quarter in the creative cycle that the planets lay out for us each year.

The Quarter of Recalibration brings us inward. It’s a cycle of contraction and involution. Over the course of the year we have set intentions, cultivated the energy necessary to keep the faith that our dreams will become reality, done the work to plant the seeds of our desires, weeded the garden of our dreams and harvested the fruits of our labors. Now we focus inward. We are contemplating the year and what has come before. We are exploring what worked – and what didn’t. We are preparing the soil for the next cycle of growth in our lives.

This is the season of “winter” in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s a time of inner stillness and recalibration that helps us align with a deeper connection to the joy of life, the true nature of our creative power, the direction we seek to take our lives and better ways to fulfill our purpose and express who we are into the world.

We start this quarter and this week with the Sun in the Gate 1, the Gate of Purpose, moving to the Gate 43, the Gate of Insight, on Wednesday, November 11.

We are contemplating who we are. We are longing to fulfill our purpose and “mission” and wanting to discover our unique role in making the world a better place. This is the most “yang” of the Gates in the Human Design system and it pushes on us, giving us a sense of urgency about fulfilling our life purpose.

Remember, your life story – WHO YOU BE – is the purpose you are seeking to fulfill. Your life purpose is not about what you do, it’s about fulfilling who you are to the greatest depths. Your authentic self-expression not only changes the direction of your life, it creates waves of alignment in the world around you, inspiring others to also be the unique, vital and irreplaceable players in the Cosmic Plan that they are.

This week take some time to really explore the statement “I am”. These two words are the most creative words in your vocabulary. Who you define yourself to “be” can transform your life and your path. You being YOU is the greatest contribution you can make to the world.

On Wednesday, the Sun moves into the Gate 43, the Gate of Insight. We are given deep insights this week in the form of epiphanies and deep inner knowing. Our challenge is to not doubt ourselves and what we know, just because it might not be reasonable, logical or easy to explain.

My 11-year-old daughter has this Gate in her Conscious Earth. She has a lot of what she calls “deep thoughts”. This week we will also have “deep thoughts”. These are insights that can change the world, change our thinking and change the mindset of others, but we have to wait for the right time and the right people to share these “deep thoughts” with.

Our thinking sets the stage for what’s next, but the timing to transmit what we know might not be right now. It is simply a time to think and contemplate. Give yourself permission to just experience “deep thoughts” without the pressure of trying to figure out how to make them happen. Those bits of information will manifest later. Right now we’re just realigning our mindset and preparing.

The Earth, the energy that grounds us and supports our Sun placement, starts this week in the Gate 2, the Gate of Allowing moving to the Gate 23, the Gate of Transmission on Wednesday.

The Gate 2 reminds us that we must value ourselves enough to know that we are worthy of receiving all the support we need to fully be our authentic selves in the world. We are learning to love ourselves enough to be open to the flow of support, love and abundance. We are incrementally increasing, over the course of our lives, what we’re willing to allow ourselves to receive. We are remembering that we are valuable and worthy of support simply because we exist.

On Wednesday as the Earth shifts to the Gate 23, we again turn our focus inward. We are cultivating the ability to be able to translate our transformative insights to others. But, again, all of this transmission is dependent on timing and sharing with the right people.(Hint: The “right” person is the one who asks you for your insights.)

I want to gently remind you that sometimes this energy can be experienced as the need to be “right”. This can also be experienced as anxiety or pressure to share what you know with people who aren’t ready and then to feel despair or bitterness that they don’t understand things the way that you do.

Trust in timing. The inner work that you do this week is for your benefit first. When others are ready they will seek your collaboration and co-creative energy to build what’s next. Don’t waste your energy trying to convince people this week. We will all know soon enough.

This week is a very thoughtful week. Take some time to really allow yourself to enjoy your “deep thoughts”. Keep a notebook with you so you can write down your epiphanies. Be patient with yourself if you can “feel”, “know” and “sense” truth but you can’t quite articulate what you’re thinking. It will all gel in time.

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,