Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 11-7-21

This transit marks the beginning of the final Creative Quarter of the Human Design year, the Quarter of Recalibration.

We’ve got a lot of ground to cover today so let’s dive in. 

On Friday of last week the Sun moved into the Gate 1, the Gate of Purpose. The Earth moved into the Gate 2, the Gate of Allowing. This transit marks the beginning of the final Creative Quarter of the Human Design year, the Quarter of Recalibration.

Each Creative Quarter gives us an “assignment” that helps us consciously and deliberately do the inner work to help us line up with the outer work necessary to manifest what we want. The themes of the Creative Quarters line up with the seasonal themes of the Northern Hemisphere.

I like to use gardening metaphors to represent the themes of each Quarter.  This Quarter is like the end of the gardening season. We’re pulling out the last of the root vegetables, marveling at the hardiness of the kale, seeing all the dead and brown leaves and stems of the plants that brought us so much bounty this year, noticing the placement of the various plants in their beds and thinking about what needs to be done to winterize the garden so that it’s ready for the new season in the spring.

In this Quarter, we are sort of doing the same thing. 

4th Quarter

We’re contemplating the year, looking back to see how close (or far) we are from where we started out. We’re reviewing what we grew, thinking about our intentions and goals and exploring whether we hit the mark and how we can expand on what we accomplished.

The Gate 1 and the Gate 2 are both in the Individual Circuit, the Transformation Circuit in Quantum Human Design™. The themes of the Individual Circuit will be highlighted for all of us by many different astrological positions in the transits for the next 3-4 years.  

There are three kinds of Circuits in Human Design, Individual (Transformation in Quantum Human Design™), Tribal (Sustainability in Quantum Human Design™) and Collective (Synergy in Quantum Human Design™). 

Each Circuit plays an essential role in the evolution of humanity.  

Individual Circuitry brings mutation and change. Tribal Circuity explores and implements the ideas brought in by the Individual Circuit and, once the change has demonstrated that it’s functional and adaptable, it is integrated into the Collective.  

At the heart of individuality is the need to follow your own conviction, not because it’s selfish, but because it blazes a path forward for others to follow.  Individuality, creates waves of change and when we follow our own conviction it gives others to do the same.

Now I have to put a big red flag on the play here. Following your own conviction isn’t “selfish”, but if you’re not taking action that is deeply rooted in self-love and a high sense of self-worth, your “conviction” has the potential to actually be a rebellious attempt to prove your lovability or your value.  

True conviction initiates a new direction that is rooted in Love, that expands the capacity of love’s expression in the world. It’s not selfish to follow these kinds of convictions. It’s a radical stand for Truth.  

This Quarter invites us to, first and foremost, explore the narratives we tell about who we are and to assess whether our creations this year have been an expression of our Authentic Self.  

Remember, this isn’t so much about what we’ve done, but rather are we being honest about who we are? Your life purpose ISN’T about what you do. It’s about being who you ARE.  

With the week starting with the Sun in the Gate 1, we’re exploring deep questions about our purpose. 

Gate 1

We are cultivating a personal, meaningful and world-changing narrative that aligns with a sense of purpose and mission. The phrase “I am…” invites us into a deep exploration this week about who and what we are proclaiming that we are.

With the Earth highlighting the Gate 2, we’re also grounding ourselves in the reminder that when we are true to who we are, we are designed to receive all the support we need to fully express our true purpose.  

Both of these energies invite us into an exploration of our value and how much good we’re willing to allow ourselves to receive.

Gate 2


On Thursday, the Sun moves into the Gate 43, the Gate of Insight.  

The Earth moves into the Gate 23, the Gate of Transmission. Expect to be “struck” with new insights, ah-ha’s and awarenesses around how to better express what you know. This energy continues to help us expand on the need for contemplation and time to simply sit and think about what’s next.

These insights are like the darkness that comes when the soil has been turned and we’re breaking down all the remnants of the past. These are not insights that you want to crow to the world. Simply be with your contemplations and wait for people to ask you for your thoughts. When the timing is right, you’ll be able to share what you know.

November has a lot of interesting potential for tension, mixed in with an eclipse and some really powerful energies. Certainly a good rule of thumb for the whole month is to breath and count to ten before you open your mouth.  Or panic.

This week also brings with it some challenging relationship energy that can create some struggle or growth – or both – depending on how you tackle it. 

Mercury moves from the Gate 28, the Gate of Challenge to the Gate 44, the Gate of Truth on Thursday, continuing to hold us in the energy of rewriting our fears. We’ve been doing this for months now, courtesy of many celestial events.  

This same energy is conjunct Mars which is highlighting the same themes.  We are STILL exploring whether our fears of the past and our fears that it’s all meaningless are keeping us from making bold and powerful leaps forward.  

With Mercury and Mars highlighting these Gates, this theme is now playing out in our relationships.  

Venus highlights the Gate 10, the Gate of Self-Love (but the Gate of “Blame” in the shadow expression) moving to the Gate 58, the Gate of the Joy (or lack of Joy in the shadow expression) of Mastery on Wednesday.  

This trifecta gives us the perfect combination to feel frustrated, fearful, stuck in old patterns and blaming each other, if we’re not careful. Of course, the potential here is for us to break free from the patterns of the past, deepen our commitment to our progress, deepen our love for ourselves and untangle ourselves from holding our partners responsible for loving us when we haven’t done it for ourselves first and to align with a whole new level of joy in your life.

The bottom line?

A good week to set some time aside to think, check in with yourself, explore whether the direction your life and your relationships is taking you is rooted in self-love and self-worth, deepen your celebration and expression of who you truly are, start thinking about what you’d like to improve on for next year and trusting that the entire cosmos is building the perfect scaffolding for your growth and evolution.

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,