Quantum Human Design Evolution Report – 11/28/21

Neptune is finally direct, leaving us with almost every planet in a direct station for the first time this year, or at least the first time in the last couple months.


Hi, Karen Curry Parker here with your weekly Human Design Evolution Report. I want to just start this week by reminding you there will be no written report this week, just a transcript of this video, so I better do a darn good job because you’ve got to get it all here.

All right, I want to start this week first by saying, yay, you made it through the last couple of weeks, that’s a good sign. So we’ve just come through some pretty bumpy celestial weather, complete with a lunar eclipse and a full moon, and the longest eclipse in the last 500 years, it went on and on, and many of you felt it pretty intensely. It’s been a time when we’ve been tasked with going deep and exploring what’s holding us back from really stepping into our power, what’s keeping us from being sustainable, and what do we need to do to fully express the true story of who we really are?

So we’ve been looking at our convictions, we’ve been looking at our relationship agreements, we’ve been looking at the old narratives we’ve been telling about ourselves, and with the clarity that we have, that we got from these last couple of weeks, we’re now pointing in a forward direction.

Neptune is finally direct, leaving us with almost every planet in a direct station for the first time this year, or at least the first time in the last couple months. We’ve been really quagmired for the last half of this year in a lot of retrograde energy that’s given us the experience of feeling like we’ve been stuck in cosmic goo.

We’ve been slowly unclipped from all these cosmic bungee cords that have been holding us back, and we’re finally poised to at least have a little bit of momentum while we go through the work of continuing to redefine the narrative, the story we tell about who we are, while we continue to see whether that new true story is actually reflected in our institution’s structures and systems.

And if they’re not, which they probably aren’t, taking everything down to create a better world. A better world that is embodying the fact that each and every one of us is valuable because we exist, and constructing from that premise, a new economy, a new way of helping people heal, a new way of feeding people, a new way of educating people, a new way of organizing people. It’s going to be good, you guys, it’s going to be good. Don’t let the doom and gloom prophecies get you down. We’re headed in a good direction.

The choice is, though, how are we going to get there? And that’s really what the explorations of the last couple weeks have been about. We’ve been asking, are we going to be victims and be dragged into our evolution? Or are we going to claim our power? And if we claim our power, what are we going to do to not predict the future, but create the future. That’s the task at hand.

Gate 9

And so with the sun this week, highlighting the Gate 9, the gate of Convergence, the earth giving us the Gate 16, the Gate of Zest, we are being invited by the sun and the earth to explore where do we want to put our focus?

And it’s a really important thing to be mindful of because with all this power and energy that we’ve had coming about and getting activated, it’s given us the sense and the feel of momentum, but as I’ve pointed out before, whenever we get released from these major retrograde cycles, the momentum can sometimes be sort of the same kind of momentum that happens when you unclip a bungee cord, right?

Gate 16

Instead of taking good deliberate steps forward, you react to the pull that you’ve been in, and you go flying forward in response to the release of the pull back, or the pressure from the bungee cord.

We don’t want to go running face forward, flat onto the ground, because all of a sudden now the load that we’ve been held by is released.

Okay, that was sort of a good way to say that. So we’re being tasked this week to really get deliberate and conscious, to really ask ourselves, okay, if the story’s different, if we’re living a new story, if we’ve got a new point B on the map, if our trajectory is more and more aligned and we’re heading in a different direction, what’s the next right step? Not what’s the next whole story, what’s the next everything we have to do before Monday, we’re just looking at what’s the next right step.

And here’s the deal, that next right step doesn’t happen from figuring it out.

That next right step happens when we pull back, when we sit down and we be still, and we take stock of, okay, where are we at? What do we need? What do we need to build upon? What do we need to focus on? And it’s that focus on the end goal, what’s the intention that’s going to call us forward, and trusting that as we move forward towards that end goal, the next right step will be born by virtue of our focus. And then we, with great enthusiasm, take that next right step and not run willy nilly to the next, next, next, next, next, next. We just be still. We just cultivate that inner awareness and that trust that we’ll know what we need to know when we need to know it, and the next right step will be reveal to us, and then the one after that, and then the one after that, and then the one after that, and we don’t have to figure it all out or move it all into place just yet.

Remember our nodes are still holding that overarching theme brought to us, primarily by the gate 20, that theme of patience, that theme that says when the momentum is built, when all the factors that are necessary to coalesce and bring about collaboration and expansion, when all those things are in place, the trigger will get pulled. The next right thing will be revealed, and we don’t have to figure it out along the way.

So this same energy also calls on us to draw in and to move into a space of trust and knowingness, to let yourself follow with great enthusiasm as an outcropping of your focus, if you will, to let yourself trust your own gut, and let your own inner trajectory guide you to where you need to be.

Again, none of this is mental. None of this is figuring it out. None of this is getting up into your head and trying to craft and cultivate and scratch out a big picture plan. This is about focusing on, what do you want?

And trusting that if you lock onto what you want, and knowing that, that if that what you want is aligned with your authentic self, there’s a conspiracy happening on a cosmic level to bring, to deliver to you, everything you need to fulfill that direction, that trajectory. Not figuring it out, but letting the cues and the clues be revealed to you, because if you don’t, if you get up there in your head and you try to get all the answers and figure it out and focus and squish your brain trying to find the right answer, you’re going to end up running too fast, too far, and you’re going to trip and fall on your face.

That’s the big message for this week. As Neptune goes direct in the gate 22, she’s reminding us that we get to where we want to go through grace, and by being grace-full. And that grace is a function of faith, that when we have enough faith, when we have enough trust, when we keep ourselves locked with focus on the end goal, and we don’t worry about the details and the little plans along the way, and we let the plans be revealed, that we’ll receive all the resources we need to fulfill our purpose, all the resources we need to do what we came here to do, all the resources we need to continue to evolve the world.

So, this week, be enthusiastic, be zestful, be focused, be excited, but don’t get too far ahead of yourself. Only focus on the next right step, and the one after that, and then the one after that. Don’t figure it out, let it unfold. Take a deep breath. You made it through the last couple of weeks, high five. We have some still interesting energies ahead for the rest of the year, but it’s going to be okay. We’re all going to be okay. Be true to yourself, follow your own conviction, be self-ish, if that’s what you need to do to heal the karma of your own self worth, and trust that you have a unique and vital and irreplaceable role to play in the world. And the more you fill that role, the more you occupy your right place in your right space, the more you create a wave of energy, a wave of possibility that allows other people to do the same. Have a great week. Bye.

From My Heart to Yours,

Karen Curry Parker