Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 11-24-2020


I hope this week finds you focused and aligned with what you really seek to create with your life.

I’m going to do my best to keep my little weekly note short and sweet. We have a lot going on and we’re getting ready to share some fun things with you over the (American) holiday weekend!

I’m traveling in an RV to Texas this week, maintaining our “Covid Bubble” so that I can spend some time (outside) with my parents who have a beach house on the Gulf Coast.(Sounds fancier than it actually is…)

As I write this, my oldest daughter, who is expecting my second grand baby, and my little grandson are both feeling quite ill and awaiting Covid test results..(They live in Washington state.). I’m worried but I think they’ll be okay.

My oldest son turns 30 today.

Last night I got to meet my middle daughters new “beloved” (also outside!!)


I find that I am entangled in a complex web of love that started with my parents and expanded with the birth of my first child 30 years ago. This beautifully sticky web has deepened my roots, given me strength to stay aligned with my mission and held me accountable, responsible and obligated in the most delicious ways imaginable.

Failing has never been an option.

I can’t fail them. And because of them, I can’t fail you. And I can’t fail at fulfilling my purpose.

Having a family is kind of a motivational “hack” for me. If I start to flag or lose steam, I just think of them and I’m inspired.

Ultimately, we are all family – all of us deliciously entangled in the most heart-expanding way.

I’ve been working all year to make sure that the Quantum Alignment System, LLC is a portal to expanding the energy of LOVE and WELL-BEING on the planet. My team and I have been consulting with an equity and diversity specialist to help us make sure that we are open and welcoming to all people and that our community is diverse and inclusive.

I want to share with you our community standards that outlines who we are and what we are seeking to give. Please take a few minutes to watch this short video:

I hope that you find your Heart anchored in an ocean of Love this week. I hope that you know that our love for you and this amazing planet drives my entire Team each and every week.

We are grateful for you and for the unique stories that you are all living. We are astounded by the gifts that you have to give to the world – the gifts that only you can give. Thank you for being YOU!

Have a great week!

Human Design Transit Report

We have a powerful week ahead but before we look at the energy of the week, let’s review the themes of our Nodes and also explore the trajectory of Uranus.

The Nodes represent the “plot outline” of what we’re learning and give us key insights into what we need to master in order to maximize the lessons the planets are brining us right now.

The South Node represents what we need to have in place in order to fulfill the theme of the North Node. The South Node is in the Gate 26, the Gate of Integrity, inviting us to explore the relationship between our self-worth and whether our sense of value is keeping us in integrity or not.


Gate 26-Integrity

There are five kinds of integrity in Quantum Human Design:

1.Physical Integrity is experienced when our bodies are healthy and vital.

2.Resource Integrity is when we use our material resources in a sustainable way.

3. Identity Integrity is experienced when we feel that we can fully manifest the value of our authentic identity and we don’t compromise who we are for the sake of money or anything else.

4. Moral Integrity is the courage to do the right thing and to make sure that our actions are honest and aligned with higher principles and values.

5.Energetic Integrity is experienced when we consistently and deliberately rest and take care of ourselves so that we have the energy to engage with life in a sustainable way.

The North Node tells us what we’re working towards. The North Node is transiting the Gate 45, the Gate of Distribution, giving us the theme of wanting to share what we have with others. In order to share in a healthy, sustainable way, we must have sustainable resources.

We cannot create sustainable collective initiatives and share what we have in a sustainable way, if we ourselves are not sustainable on a personal level. If you are struggling with your own sustainability because you are burned out and are experiencing depleted resources or if you are struggling with being in integrity, you can’t make sustainable choices.

The Gate 45 is also a power gate associated with the leadership energy of a King or Queen. The theme of power features prominently in our Evolution Report this week.

We can’t explore the themes of this week without also looking at Uranus and the role Uranus plays in the shakeup of the collective power grid this week. Uranus is the planet of the unexpected. It brings shake ups and initiations that pull the cosmic rug out from under our feet. These twists and turns in the Uranian “plot outline” serve the function of evolving our foundation.

Uranus in Taurus has been shaking us to our core all year with the sole intention of causing us to take down institutions that do not serve the greater good. We are not done dismantling what needs to be reformed and rebuilt. Be prepared for the continuation of our continued collective exploration of power and the role of leadership.

Gate 8On Friday, Uranus moves into the Gate 27, the Gate of Accountability. This is a continuation of Uranus’s retrograde station that started in August and ends in January 2021. It’s time to start processing, reviewing, and adapting to some of the wild curve balls that Uranus has thrown our way this year.

Uranus moves out of the Gate 24, the Gate of Blessings which, in the shadow, also caused us to rationalize tolerating and settling for what doesn’t serve us or the greater good. Emerging into the energy of the Gate 27, we are taking responsibility and accountability for the fantasies we’ve been holding and exploring how we can better take care of each other.

My one concern with Uranus occupying this position is that the Gate 27 brings us the energy of nourishment and food. With the economic challenges we are facing, keeping us all well fed and nourished might prove to be a challenge.

We are learning to harness the ability to support, nurture and lift others up, to sense and to act on what is necessary to increase the wellbeing of others and the world, to “feed” people with healthy food and healthy nourishment to ensure that they thrive.

The Sun and the Earth amplify the theme of power this week. The Sun is in the Gate 34, the Gate of Power. The Gate 34 brings us the ability to respond to opportunities to unify the right people around a transformative and powerful idea when the timing and circumstances are correct.

The Gate 20, The Gate of Patience, is lit up by the Earth this week bringing us the energy of “right” timing. The Gate 34 is the most powerful energy in the chart but, all the power in the world won’t do any good if the timing is wrong.

Gate 20-Patience

In order to be ready to act with power, we must be prepared. Our energy needs to be sustainable and high. We need to be clear about the focus and purpose of our power. We need to realize the difference between power and force and to not devolve to force if the timing is wrong. We need to be willing to use our power for the greater good, with great responsibility and accountability.

All in all, a good week to explore the true nature of our power, how we can use our power to better serve others and to make sure we’re turning our attention to feeding and sustaining the world during this time of massive transformation.

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,