Quantum Human Design Evolution Report – 11/21/21

The Nodes starting in September for the next couple years are going to be highlighting Gates in the individual circuitry.


Hi, Karen Curry Parker here with your Weekly Human Design Evolution Report. I want to just let you know that there will be no written report this week or next. There’ll be this video and a transcript of the video, and I appreciate you understanding. I’m taking the week off. My team and I are taking the week off to really spend Gratitude Day with our families, which of course brings me to me wanting to just share with you my gratitude for you.

Thank you so much for all of you who listen or watch or read the evolution reports every week. I appreciate your readership, I appreciate the sweet comment that you make, the emails that you send. I am so grateful that we are connected in the way in which we are, and it is an honor to have the job of transmitting this information to you each and every week. Thank you so much for all that you bring to the world. Thank you for being you and thank you for following me. I appreciate it.

Let’s talk about this week because we’ve got a lot to cover. And for us to really get a good understanding of what’s up for us this week, before we unpack the week itself, we have to go back and review what’s going on in the bigger picture of things. And we’re going to look at this through the lens of the nodes, the nodes set the theme or the plot outline, if you will, for the rest of the story that the planets are playing out. Each of the planets bring us archetypal themes, they bring us explorations, and as they highlight the different gates in human design, they bring parts of a story to light that give us seeds, catalyst, opportunities to grow and expand in the fulfillment of the human story.

The nodes starting in September for the next couple years are going to be highlighting gates in the individual circuitry.

In human design, there are three kinds of circuits. Each circuit plays a fundamental role in evolution. The individual circuit is the circuitry that brings in innovation, new ideas, mutation, change. I call it in Quantum Human Design™, the Transformation Circuit.

Now with the nodes highlighting this individual theme, it’s bringing us this overarching theme of learning to tap into or discover our own personal power through alignment with our authentic self. When we live true to who we are, we liberate massive amounts of energy because part of what happens is when we start living true to who we are, when we start letting go of those old stories we’ve been conditioned to believe that it’s not okay for us to be who we are, how we are, that there are formulas we have to follow in order to be successful or loved or abundant or whatever. When we start dropping into that true full expression of who we are, we liberate an enormous amount of energy, and we create a very different kind of power on the planet.

We have up until this point, been living a role or playing out an archetypal role around the theme of power that has been really rooted in the dysfunctional expression of low self worth.

When you don’t value yourself, or you don’t believe in enoughness, or you don’t think there is enough, you play out power schemes that involve stealing, taking, being out of integrity, being immoral, hoarding, reacting, defending, competing, not living in the flow of enoughness and certainly not creating sustainably. You’re fighting for your fair share. And that karma, if you will, has marred the face of the planet for the last couple of 100 years, maybe more, maybe probably more, probably more.

The way we understand power as something we take, seize, usurp, is not really actually how we’re designed to be powerful. When we look at where true power lives in the chart, it’s expressed in its highest potential through the channel 34/20. That’s the only channel where the sacral, the most powerful motor in the body meets the throat center without going through any other centers.

That power is responsive power, meaning it’s power that gets activated in response to what’s needed. It is sacral based, so it is to a certain degree, all about caring and sustaining because that’s the nature of the sacral energy. It responds to what’s necessary, what’s needed to gathering people, collaborating with people, getting together with people, unifying with people in the right time to respond to the needs of the people. This is the real nature of power. And certainly with the nodes highlighting this theme, we’re being invited over the course of the cycle until January, especially the nodes are in the 34/20 until January. They still stay individual for the next couple years, but this theme of power is really upfront and center for us until January.

Channel 34/20

As this power theme plays out, we’re really asking ourselves, how connected are we to our power? What is power? What is powerlessness? And these themes play out all over the place, including in the collective arena, and certainly in the personal arena.

Our own personal sense of empowerment is connected to our own willingness and our own healing to stand in our self worth or to claim and proclaim our true place, our right place, our value in the world. When we create from our own connection to our own value, that deep understanding that we are once in a lifetime cosmic events, that we have a unique and vital and irreplaceable part in the cosmic plan, when we live from that place, we are inherently powerful because we are then going to be without fear, without lack, without scrambling and trying to seize and take what’s not ours to take, we align with our right place.

And by the way, that right place by design is fully supported and sufficient. We align with that right place and we respond with power, and it’s power that says there is enough. There’s more than enough. We can respond to what’s needed. We can bring our resources together. We can collaborate. We can unify. And in the right timing, this is the 20, the 20 that connects this energy to the throat, which is actually called patients in the quantum human design system.

That in the right timing, we’ll respond to it’s needed. We’ll unify ourselves together in a coherent path that aligns with the greater good. That’s what we’re working towards. And to get there, we have some really big tasks in front of us, the very first primary task we have to be working on individually and collectively, and actually the lunar eclipse full moon last week really brought this home to us, we have to embrace the value of our individual selves.

We think sometimes that’s selfish. We think sometimes we’re being selfish to focus on that. And sometimes individual circuitry or individual themes can be considered to be selfish, but they’re really not selfish. They’re essential parts of the whole.

We are each essential parts of the whole.

And that whole, all the sum total of who we are is really only as beautiful as the pieces. And if we are bringing our piece to the table in contribution to the whole, to the greater, and we’re bringing a piece that’s broken or stuck or blocked or tangled in, old ancestral lineage that’s still rooted in low self worth, lack of value. If our piece isn’t healthy, we’re contributing a piece to the whole that isn’t healthy. We are impacting the entire picture if we ourselves are not fully activating the true story of who we are.

So yes, if we’re following our own conviction, doing what’s right for us, staying authentic, not martyring ourselves to some principles or lies that we’ve been told that said, you have to give this up and do this in the name of love, value, et cetera. If we are, instead integrating into our being the full depth of our true potential, our true value, our authentic self, then we’re actually committing the most selfless act that we can commit, because then we bring to the table the full potential of who we are. And we, by doing that, actually enhance and increase the full potential of the whole.

This is our task right now to really heal who we are, so that we have more to give, more to share, more to be, so that we can create from this place where we are unwavering and relentless in the expression of the true story of who we are. We are unwaveringly sustainable, because we’re not wasting our energy trying to be something we’re not, we’re not wasting our efforts trying to create facades that don’t, we’re not scrambling to fight for something that isn’t even ours to fight for because it’s rooted in an old story that isn’t even true.

So to liberate power, we have to first liberate ourselves each and every one of us individually. And certainly that’s the theme that the nodes are setting. That’s certainly the theme also held this week by the Sun and the Earth, the Sun transits in the Gate 34, the gate of power, the earth transits in the gate 20, the gate of patience. And it’s telling us, especially again in the follow-up energy of this powerful full moon eclipse we had last week that totally emphasized this same theme, it’s telling us, stop, go deep, go deep into the shadow and start uprooting, disentangling, removing, clearing, shining light on whatever is down there that’s telling you that for some reason, you can’t be who you are. That’s strangling your voice. That’s saying to you, that lie that you’ve bought into that says it’s not okay for you to be who you are and how you are. That’s a lie.

Gate 34

It’s actually essential for you to be who you are and how you are. And when you can move into that and drop into that and fully live that, not only do you feel better and your life is more fun and you bring more aliveness, more life force to the table, you actually bring a greater degree of power, a greater degree of influence, a greater ability to be in community and increase the abundance of the people you’re with.

Our theme this week is about not taking, seizing all the terrible things we associate with the shadow of power, but to liberate our power by dropping into the full, authentic expression of the true story of who we are. And to know that at the root of that true story is not selfishness that’s going to kill or hurt, maim, et cetera, that’s the shadow of the ego. That’s not power. That true power is power that says, wow, if I take stock of what’s needed in the world and I drop in, and I sense where everybody’s at, I can respond to those needs with love, with compassion. I can respond to fulfilling those needs sustainably, and I can do it not only individually, but ultimately by collaborating and bringing together people and unifying them around a common need and the delivery of the common good to lift up, not just myself, but the people of the world.

Gate 20

That’s our theme for this week.

So don’t let the power thing get you down. If you see power being played out inappropriately in the shadow, and you might this week. There’s a potential for a lot of posturing and swagger with this energy or people running phonetically, trying to figure things out, drop deep, drop deep, and just keep exploring for yourself, what needs to be healed, what needs to be released, what needs to be aligned, what needs to be brought to my awareness for me to stand strongly in the true story of my value. What do I need to do to find my right place, take up my right space and fully be the person I was born to be, the person I’m designed to be.

That, my friends, is your purpose. It’s not what you do. It’s who you be. Be yourself, so that you can do your part to continue to make this world the beautiful place that it is. Have a great week, and I’m so grateful for you. Thank you for joining me. Bye.

From My Heart to Yours,

Karen Curry Parker