Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 11-2-2020

Sun Transiting Gate 44 – Truth this week

I hope this week finds you strengthening and building your resiliency and your endurance.

I’m working on putting together the 2021 Human Design Evolution Guide. I’ve been taking a peek at the celestial weather ahead and I thought I’d share a brief overview with you.

I don’t like starting my summary of the year ahead with a cautionary note, but I think it’s vital that we enter the new year with the awareness that we are in the beginning of a revolution that started in late 2019 and promises to continue until 2024. Patience and the ability to sustain and endure is vital.

I want to gently remind you that the celestial weather and cycles of the next few years are bringing us essential energy to help us to build an equitable, sustainable and peaceful world. We can’t just imagine and wish for a better world. We are going to have to do the inner and outer work of dismantling old structures, outdated beliefs, institutions and systems that no longer reflect our evolved understanding of the inherent value of all life and the beauty of life on the planet.

Pluto continues to bless us with the theme of Truth this year. We are like Cosmic Spies of the Heart with powerful X-Ray glasses that allow us to see beyond the obvious and notice what patterns and Truth is hidden underneath. As lies, hidden agendas, dark drives and motivations and Truth continue to be revealed, we will need to do the work to dismantle old structures and begin the process of building something radically New.

We are learning to clear the inner effects of our conditioning that have clouded our vision. We are releasing old beliefs and seeing the truth behind the stories and myths we’ve embraced as a part of our old identities and aspects of our cultural mythology. We are remembering our personal value and this memory of the preciousness of who we truly are is helping us see the value in all people and the importance of all life.

The shock of 2020 is wearing off and we’re beginning to understand that we are in a massive cycle of rebirth. We are not returning to the old ways. We are not who we used to be. We will have time to grieve along the way, but the planets are demanding of us to get to work!

The grieving process can feel unpredictable, emotional and draining. We will need to factor in ways to process, integrate and allow for self-compassion – and compassion for others – as we strengthen our endurance, access our sustainability and cultivate perseverance.

We are consciously and deliberately crafting a new personal and collective narrative that inspires us and calls us forth out of the void we’ve been drifting in. We cannot afford to descend into the luxury of victimhood, blame, old patterns and responses. This is powerful, transformative energy and it invites us to find gratitude in the moment, to receive the lessons we’ve been given with grace and to keep moving forward. We were born for this work.

We were born for this time.

We will have to face the painful consequences of our past actions and repay old debts to make right what was wronged in order to stabilize our society and to rebuild with harmony. This is a powerful time of karmic alignment that calls for deep introspection and transparency.We must heal the trauma of the past to be able to realign with integrity and justice for all.

We are transforming our economy and reconciling our relationship with power and money. With a brand-new metric of value, we no longer measure value on the material plan. The currency of our new economy is discovering how we can amplify our well-being and to use our own well-being to increase the quality of life and well-being for others.

We can not afford to ever see ourselves as separate from others again. We are building a global and eco-centric economy. To take the first vital steps to lay the foundation of a more equitable and sustainable world, we have to humbly admit that we are intricately and inextricably entangled with each other.

This upcoming year we begin to build a world filled with collaborative and co-creative possibility. Everything begins with self-responsibility. From a place of wholeness we can enter into agreements without hidden agendas or the need to prove our value.

We must approach this year with the question of how we can best serve the world. This is the natural response to doing the inner work. Once we reclaim our value and those gifts that only we can give the world, we see our irreplaceable role in the cosmic plan and we commit to serving the world at our highest level because this place of service is also the place where we experience the deepest joy.

We are playing a long game. We must be patient and continue to keep the long term vision in mind. We must remember to place our hands on each other’s backs and ride the wave forward together. We will all win when we ALL win.

It will take tremendous courage this year to look at the dismantling and trust that, once we take things apart, there will be something better to build in its place. We must be willing to collaborate, explore and experiment. We will be taking giant leaps of faith.

Our blessings this year will be amplified when we are willing to transform our old stories into a narrative that is truly worthy of who we are. We must trust our own intuitive awareness and be willing to do what feels right even if our logical, conditioned minds are fighting with what we know is correct and aligned.

Faith stabilizes everything. It is faith that gives us the power to face potential emotional volatility and trust that we can slice through the intensity and bring harmony to situations that feel unstable when we keep the “big picture” in mind. We must endure, even if nothing looks like we think momentum and progress “should” look like. Always trust that there is a bigger story unfolding.

We are on the cusp of a Creative Revolution that will, in time, be compared to the Scientific Revolution. We are on the edge of building the world we’ve been dreaming of since we were children. We must stay in a state of innocence and joy as key elements of our creative power. It is from the playfulness of possibility thinking that the leading edge of a revolution and our evolution in consciousness will be advanced forward.

This year we must do the inner work of clearing our old karma in order to be better able to translate Truth into action on the planet. We will change the world, one shift in consciousness at a time. Once we make these vital shifts, the next right action steps will be revealed.

As always, take care of yourselves. Be generous to yourself and fill your own cup so that you have more to share. Trust in abundance and “enough-ness” and keep doing the right thing, even if you’re quaking in your boots.

From my Heart to Yours,


We’re deep into the the celestial weather that many astrologers have been warning about for years. I know many of you are sensing and feeling the tension in the air. We are in in the midst of some intense energy for sure!

I want to take a moment to remind you that planetary transits give us the themes we need to experience in order to grow. These astrological themes are archetypes, neutral concepts that don’t have meaning until we give them meaning. We are playing out evolutionary possibilities on a spectrum that range from challenging to masterful. We learn from both ends of the spectrum but, with awareness, we can use these energies to consciously maneuver ourselves and our mindset into a state that facilitates our growth and evolution.

With a raging global pandemic and many facing the prospect of another lockdown, a divisive and tense United States election, wildly destructive weather patterns that are threatening many countries, earthquakes and more, the planet is reeling from the explosion of the manifestation of disruption that is occurring on the non-physical plane. Our lives are not the cause, but the effect of a deep, cosmic desire for a realignment of humanity.

Scientists are discovering that we each have our own unique resonant frequency that we emit. When we are in alignment with our own frequency we “hum” – we are aligned. When we are out of alignment with our own frequency, it creates tension and dissonance. We become dis-organized and dis-eased.

On a collective level, we are experiencing the same thing. We are in a state of dissonance and disorganization. The planets are working with us to bring us back into harmony. To do that, we have to eliminate the elements that are disrupting our natural state of alignment. This is a very important and powerful time that have enormous potential for healing if we allow it and work with it consciously.

When a boat cuts through the water, it is the motor and the helmsman, the person steering the boat at the back, that slices through the water last. Our movement forward and our direction is determined by the course we set with the motor and the rudder. We must start our movement into the future with the end in mind.

This week the Sun highlights and brings us the theme of The Gate 44, the Gate of Truth. With the Sun in the Gate 44, we are being forced to explore our patterns of the past and to see whether our choices have kept us in alignment with our integrity.

We are learning that we are all pieces of a whole and that the whole is only as healthy as the sum total of the pieces. We can not extract our own unique piece without taking into consideration the well-being of others.

We are deciding to wear masks because they protect others, in addition to ourselves. We are making careful choices about who we spend time with, how we go out into the world and to minimize our exposure to others to try to keep not only ourselves safe, but to protect our community.

We are all well, when we are ALL well.

I believe that it is no coincidence that the theme of “Truth” and “fake news” has played such a big theme in the world this past year, causing ripples of dissent, misinformation, tension, fear and conspiracy theories on all ends of the political spectrum. The planets have done their job of revealing to us our alignment (or misalignment) with integrity and have highlighted all of the themes of truth that create the possibility of living personally and collectively in integrity.

Certainly our experience of the last year has threatened our physical integrity, inviting us to explore how we can become stronger and healthier in an attempt to minimize the ravaging effects of the global pandemic. As I write this, more than 44 million people on the planet have been diagnosed with Coronavirus. We have lost more than 1.17 million lives.

The virus has threatened our economies and forced us to have to work and consume in different ways. We are being invited to innovate and rethink what we need and where we want to invest our money and efforts.

We are exploring our value and our self-worth and the value of the lives around us. We are wrestling with giving up our personal freedoms for the sake of making collective strides in safety and well-being. Some of us have had to take jobs that provide security rather than fulfillment and put our dreams on the back burner for now.

Politics in general seem to bring into question morality and the courage to do the right thing, even if it’s hard or costs voter approval. This year’s political battle in the United States and beyond brings moral integrity into question and begs of us to ask our leaders whether they can stand in alignment with “doing the right thing” even if it’s difficult or unpopular.

Of course, we are all fatigued from the limitations that the challenges of our world has imposed on us. We are burned out and longing for things to return to some kind of state of normalcy, even though we most likely still have a long road of recovery ahead of us.

This week we are encouraged to explore our patterns of the past that are continuing to threaten our integrity. We must have the courage to be honest and to trust our own inner assessment with what we perceive as true with the realization that it’s hard for us to know what’s true or Truth when we are out of integrity. Desperation sometimes causes us to hear what we want to hear rather than hear what we need to hear to heal the karma of our self-worth and bring us back into alignment with integrity.

The planets are teaching us that we can’t go back to the way things were. We will be completely different people when this is over.

The Earth represents what we need to experience in order to be able to master the challenges of the Sun. The Earth in the Gate 24 this week, the Gate of Blessings, reminds us to to recognize that all of our experiences have the potential for growth and expansion. We must redefine the stories of what has come before to reflect what we’ve learned and how we’ve grown. We’re also being invited to be grateful for all of our life experiences and to liberate ourselves from stories that no longer serve us.

We cannot afford to descend into victimhood, blame, old patterns and old responses.

This is powerful, transformative energy and it invites us to find gratitude in the moment, to receive the lessons we’ve been given with grace. 

We’re being invited to use our blessings as a lens through which to perceive what is truly valuable in our lives. For many of us, this may be a welcome change in perspective, an opportunity to re-connect with our family and with simplicity.

The shadow of the Gate 24 is rationalization. Because the theme of Truth is so prevalent in the celestial weather this week, it is easy for us to rationalize our actions, especially if we are out of integrity in any way.

Others may try to rationalize their actions or “truths” as well. Sometimes this energy leaves us stuck in old patterns and refusing to transform as a way of protecting ourselves from the pain of Truth. We lie to ourselves and settle for less than what we want or for less than what is aligned with the higher principles because we think we’ll “lose” if we let go and surrender. We fear what will happen to us if we’re not “right” or we face the prospect of not “knowing” what’s next so we make up “truths” to comfort ourselves as we face an uncertain future.

This energy encourages us to take a big step back and take a bigger perspective on the challenges facing the world right now. We can not afford to contract to smaller rationalizations when we need to be taking big, bold steps forward into a future that is more in alignment with who we truly are. The “big picture” perspective is a theme that plays out in many of the rest of the planetary positions this week. We’ve been exploring all year how to keep ourselves inspired and in a more expansive state of wonder and curiosity in order to be able to bring about the elegant solutions needed for the challenges ahead.

The transits this week promise to turn our awareness to the following two themes as we continue to dismantle old systems that no longer serve us and that fail to reflect the true value of life:

  1. We are redefining the relationships between power and money.
  2. We are laying the foundation of a Quantum Economy.

In order to change our relationship money and power and lay the foundation of a new, more compassionate economy, we need the following:

  • Healthy People
  • Reframing Money and seeing it as Spirit in Action
  • Livable Wages
  • A Conscious Global Economy
  • Eco-Centric versus Ego-Centric Decision Makers and Leaders
  • Sustainable practices that take care of our resources
  • Land Stewardship
  • Quantum Creativity that transcends the limits of our old ways of thinking

As we move forward into 2021 and begin the process of healing and dealing from the aftermath of this past year, we are preparing to enter a cycle of rebirth and renewal. Nothing will be the same as before but, the good news is, it has the potential to be much, much better.

We are working towards creating a world of equitable, sustainable, just peace, but we have to finish up and clear our old patterns and deepen our trust and faith in the impossible and Source. The more we learn to let go and let the right next step reveal itself, the more we embrace our own value and the value of others, the more we are in integrity with ourselves and the world, the faster we will begin to see the changes we dream of.

Take good care of yourselves this week! Listen to your inner guidance and don’t doubt yourself!

Have a good week!

From my Heart to Yours,