Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 10-5-2020

Times are changing… Sun Transits Gate 48 to Gate 57.

I hope this Update finds you strengthening yourself so that you can be resilient.

A long time ago I was taught that to reach people you have to talk about the key areas where people are feeling pain. People who are experiencing pain with their finances, their health, their connection to Source, their career and their relationships are looking for help and support.

It made sense to me. People who are hurting are looking for support. People who are aligned are generally curious, but not always in as much need.

This approach to finding the people who need support and service has always inspired me to keep my messages simple and easy to follow. Feeling overwhelmed by choices is common experience when you’re feeling pain in your life.

This year I have felt called to share messages that don’t necessarily speak to these “simple” places of pain. The pain we’ve been experiencing on a personal and collective level is a different kind of pain.

On a personal level we’re experiencing the pain of uncertainty and the fear of what might be next. We’re experiencing the pain of loss or the threat of loss. We’re experiencing the worry of not knowing how to be prepared for the changes at hand. We’re feeling powerless and confused. We’re overwhelmed by all the parts of life we have to manage in an entirely new way.

On a collective level, we’re experiencing the pain of realizing that we’ve been out of harmony with so many basic Truths, such as Love, Justice and Peace. This is requiring of us to not only continue to align ourselves and do our own inner work, but to also do the concrete work to change the infrastructures that have institutionalized these injustices.

We’re facing a pandemic. We’re seeing massive Earth changes. We’re experiencing financial challenges and changes. We’re seeing the education system gasp and struggle and we’re having to catch our children – and try to catch other people’s children who are falling in between the gaps.

It’s a lot and, frankly, I will be surprised if the next few months bring stability. I think we’ve still got some massive disruption ahead.

It’s tempting to try to turn away from it all. My own inner knowing has been signaling me to contract in many areas of my life. I am very careful of how I ingest social media. I read the news in manageable snippets without partaking in the 24 hour news stream.

I only go grocery shopping once a week. I drive so infrequently that I’m starting to feel nervous driving fast on the highways.

The most challenging thing for me personally has been navigating school. My daughter is highly sensitive (Projector with her Moon in the Gate 19) so we’ve been doing distance learning with a small cohort of her class mates. It’s not going well. The Waldorf education system does not lend itself well to computer-based learning and we cry more than we learn.

I told my husband last night that I feel like we’re in a massive Whack-a-Mole game. We are running to where the next crisis is and every moment seems to bring a new disruption and chaos.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a several “Whack-a-Mole” phases in my life, like when I was in my late thirties and early forties, newly divorced with four teens who I had full-time custody of, struggling mightily with finances, with my business and my health. Every day I had to figure out which things in my life I could control, which things I needed to find alignment with and what I had surrender.

It was a big process of learning to contract and manage what was manageable and let go of the things I had zero influence or control over.

The process of contracting wasn’t about quitting or bypassing or avoiding what needed to be dealt with. I lost my house to foreclosure. I had my car repossessed. I had serious health issues. I had teenagers who were hurting and one son with a major learning challenge. These were things that I couldn’t simply “think positive” about and hope that they’d get better.

I had to do the work.

But at the same time, I had to pull back from the things I couldn’t stop. I didn’t have the money to make my mortgage so I had to let go of the house after going to the mat with the bank over and over again. Eventually, there was no option except to find another place to live and leave our beautiful house behind.

I couldn’t stop the bank from repossessing our house, but I could manage how we were going to face the change at hand. It took a lot of effort but we turned it into an adventure and eventually we settled into a really nice, big place to live that supported all of us!

I do believe that my “letting go of the process” made room for something pretty magical to happen. I lost my house during the recession when there were many over-extended homeowners (including me) and landlords who had bought houses for “zero money down”.

When we lost our house, we moved into an immense and beautiful rental house. After the first month’s rent, the landlord disappeared. I faithfully wrote my rent check every month but the owner never cashed a single rent check after that. We lived in that house for free for more than two years until the bank finally took possession and they paid me “cash for keys” when we moved out. When we moved out, I had saved up enough money to move us to Texas and buy a new house.

We are facing an unprecedented time of change. I believe that we are also facing an unprecedented possibility for “magic” and miracles.

Many of us are feeling the pain of this time because we sense, know and feel the true possibility of humanity and the “gap” between what is happening and what is possible feels huge.

Many of us know that we were born for this time but because we have deep wounds from having arrived on a planet where we have never felt like we “fit” has left us shaky and nervous about trusting ourselves and the timing.

Many of us know what’s next and the work at hand and we wonder if we’ll have the energy or the power to do what’s necessary to move the world forward.

May I gently remind you that aligning with higher frequency energies and lifting the world around you is NOT about dragging others forward with you? Staying aligned, strong and centered creates a compelling tractor beam of energy that gently guides others to follow in your steps.

We must explore the question, “How do we strengthen ourselves to become resilient in a world where we don’t fit in?”

We don’t fit in because we’re on the leading edge. We came to bring change, not perpetuate what’s already been here.

You’re not alone. There’s a whole wave of people standing on this edge with you.

But to be resilient during this time of change, we must first tend to our own resilience. We must heal those places where we’ve forgotten our value and the preciousness of who we are. We must reconnect with the unique gifts that only we can bring to the world.

And then find the deep, inner core of our power – our strength.

We must work to maintain a baseline frequency of Love. And contract our energies so that we are only working on the things we can change – the things we CAN influence and control.

Today is the last day to register for the Master Alignment Program (MAP).

MAP is a 10-week series of group sessions that meet once a week and clear any conditioning that you may be carrying that is keeping you from being resilient and doing the work you came here to do.

In the Master Alignment Program you will work with an integrated system that blends the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Human Design, subtle body therapies and coaching to help you clear the energy of old patterns, thoughts and experiences that are keeping you from doing what you came here to do,

The Master Alignment Program is open to anyone. This is a program that we offer once a quarter and is generously led by our Quantum Alignment System Practitioners.(You can learn more about QAS Practitioners by clicking here)

We’re starting a new session of MAP tomorrow, October 7th, and meets for the following 9 weeks at 10:00 am Central and 7:00 pm Central. Each week you will receive a short instructional video with contemplation exercises. You then have the option to attend either a live online morning or evening group MAP session led by a Quantum Alignment Practitioner. On Friday’s during the day, you also have access to “Open Office Hours” where you can get follow-up information and care if you need to deepen your experience.

Because of this, all Master Alignment Programs are offered on a sliding scale basis. No one will be turned away. Pay what you can.

The suggested contribution is $97. 

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It is my hope that this MAP leaves you inspired, that your alignment the core of Who You Truly Are will give you the strength to stay resilient and to lead during this time of massive change.

From my Heart to Yours,


Welcome to October when the possibility of a daily surprise and plot twist will be the norm!!

We’ll begin this week with an exploration of the Nodes which shifted on Saturday, October 3. The Nodes are kind of like the “plot outline” for the current chapter of the Cosmic Plan. They are the bookend energies that show us where we’ve been and where we’re headed. The South Node – where we’ve been and the gifts we bring with us – is in the Gate 26, the Gate of IntegrityThe North Node– where we are headed and what we’ll learn – is in the Gate 45, the Gate of Distribution.

The theme of this month is integrity, in every way that you can define integrity. With the North Node in the Gate 45, we are moving and growing towards the theme of having more resources to lead and share with. The Gate 45 is about leading, teaching and giving people what they need to be sustainable in the world.

The South Node tells us that we can only lead or share if we ourselves are living in integrity. We run the risk of being impotent and powerless to lead – or destructively selfish -if we’re out of integrity.

There are five kinds of integrity themes located in the Gate 26.

You can not live in integrity if you struggle with your self-worth and your sense of personal value – or the value of others. We get out of integrity when we try to prove our value or when we feel lacking in any way. Our low sense of value creates a cascade of choices that are unsustainable and leave us depleted. In response to this depletion we hoard, deny, hold back and fail to give leadership or to share what we have with the world. We create from a place of “not enough-ness” and build our personal empire on a weak foundation.

This theme also means that if we struggle with our own self-worth we are at risk for experiencing “karmic” payback for not living in alignment with our integrity. Not valuing ourselves causes us to make bad choices that can ultimately take their toll on our health, resources, our authentic expression, our moral integrity and our energy.

Mercury is in the Gate 44, the Gate of Truth this week, meeting up with the Gate 26, the Gate of Integrity in the South Node. Interestingly enough, the Gate 44 is the Gate that initiated the Covid-19 pandemic. All pandemics start on the Gate 44, according to traditional Human Design.(If you want to learn more about this you can purchase my book, Human Design and the Corona Virus on Amazon by clicking here

The Gate 44 is all about exploring the results of our patterns of the past and gives us the opportunity to change our current pattens to bring them into greater alignment with Truth and Integrity. Mercury, the planet that rules our communication is preparing to go retrograde – in the Gate 44 – next week on October 14. This gives us a protracted cycle of exploring our past patterns, bringing them into the light of Truth and realigning our patterns so that we can live in greater Integrity, which is pretty much the energetic theme that we’ve been exploring through the lens of the Corona Virus all year.

Mars continues it’s strange retrograde cycle in the Piscean energy of the Gate 42the Gate of Conclusion. This is the energy of ending things and bringing to completion old patterns and cycles. But Mars, the energy of Aries and fiery beginnings, is never gentle about anything. This promises to be an uncomfortable energy for many of us with the energy of fire and water, beginnings and endings, getting all mixed up in a crucible of cosmic goo. We’re going to feel all revved up to make the changes necessary but we might be forced to deal with other people’s energies and timing that will slow us down or stop us from making the changes we seek to make.

Tensions can run high with this cosmic push-me-pull-you effect. It is vital to stay true to yourself, to stay rooted in Truth and Integrity and trust in the unfolding of time and timing. Change – deep and profound change – is coming and the transformation we seek will naturally click into place like the gears in a Swiss watch, if we let go and let it unfold. This is the true nature of Karma. The balance and harmony of alignment will handle the details so sit back, do your own inner work and watch the pieces all fall into the place.

The Sun, this week, is in the Gate 48, the Gate of Wisdom, moving to the Gate 57, the Gate of Instinct on Thursday. The Earth is in the Gate 21, the Gate of Self-Regulation, moving to the Gate 51, the Gate of Initiation on Thursday.

The energy of the Earth is what grounds us and gives us what we need to be able to fulfill the directives given to us by the Sun. The energy of the Earth this week reminds us to work on our own sense of value, to connect deeply with our Higher Purpose and focus on how we can best serve the world and what we need to do consistently and in a regulated way to manage our own energy so that we have more energy with which to serve.

When we are grounded in a practice, the depth and the strength of our practice gives us the foundation to be resilient, even when things seem out of control, shocking or unpredictable. Our consistent practice of staying connected to the bigger meaning and the bigger picture – and our role in it – makes it easier for us not take the disruption of the moment as personal. We can keep our own attachments out of the collective foray so that we are standing ready to create peace, alignment with Truth and stay connected to our intuition and our knowing about how to be prepared for what’s next…

The Sun this week informs us that we will be called on to share our wisdom, knowledge and experience. Our depth of knowledge will give us the insights and awareness we need to know what works and what won’t. Our intuition is on high-alert. Our instincts and inner knowingness will let us know what we need to do and when we need to do it. Listen carefully this week to your inner promptings. Trust yourself and don’t let self-doubt or a fear of inadequacy keep you from staying aligned with your personal Truth.

This entire month promises to be bumpy and intense. I want you to remember that your BASELINE frequency of energy is what creates, not the day to day shifts in your energy. You’re going to have some good days and bad days. The power of what you create and experience will be determined by how resilient you are – how deep and strong you’ve built your baseline frequency of energy.

As always, nurture yourselves, take care of yourselves and keep bringing yourself back into integrity with the True Story of Who You Are. You are emissaries of Light here to bring harmony and peace to the planet. We’ve got this!

Have a great week!