Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 10-31-21

With this week’s transit, we are challenged to reveal our unrecognized beliefs.

This week’s Quantum Human Design™ Evolution Report is brought to you by one of our Quantum Alignment System, LLC Professional Association (QASPA) Members, Rona Faison. 

Rona is a Certified Level 4 Quantum Human Design™ Specialist, she is an  Astrologer, a Reiki Master Teacher and a Certified Sound Healer and she is also the Founder of DNA – Design Now Abundantly.  

The major themes presented to us this week involve understanding the depths of our desires & longings and being empowered to reach for and manifest them. The first part of the week is about preparing for manifestation, while the second part aligns with bringing them to life.  

Weekly Transits

We also kick off the week with a New Moon in Scorpio (12 degrees and 40 minutes) on November 4th.

New Moon energy invites us to plant new seeds in our life. This is where we have the opportunity to focus on what we would like to grow and expand in our lives and set new intentions.

Here’s where we get to ask ourselves, What are the intentions I’m setting for this Scorpio Moon period?  

Remembering that the intentions you set now continue to grow and build for roughly the next 6 months until we experience the next Full Moon in Scorpio.

Scorpio energy brings us many gifts to consider as we begin to set our intentions. 

Gate Activation & Themes

On the brighter side Scorpio brings empowerment, financial partnerships, self-mastery, and sexual energy. On the not so bright side we can drop into power struggles and falling into the despair of our darkness. With awareness we are more able to make a conscious choice of which side of this equation we want to be on.

From a Human Design perspective the New Moon appears to us this time in Gate 44. Gate 44 is called “Coming To Meet – Alertness” in traditional Human Design and “Truth” in Quantum Human Design™.  

This gate is part of the Spleen (triangle on the left) which deals with patterns of the past. Specifically, this gate allows us to consider the patterns of the past that are no longer working for us and having the courage to let them go.  

The Spleen also at times if it is undefined in your body graph may cause you to hold on to things that don’t serve you longer than you should. If you allow it to, this New Moon can provide you with the insight to understand those aspects of our lives we’ve outgrown and courage to let them go.

With Scorpio as such a prominent aspect of this transit we dive into the depths of our hidden psychology and beliefs. 

I invite you not to look away and fully engage in the process of dusting off your true selves. We may have hidden this person away from ourselves but, it is time to step back into the light and reveal our true selves once again.   

This transit reminds me of the Phoenix. It’s a time of death and rebirth. The Phoenix

Though a normal part of life, death is not something most of us engage in freely and openly. It is a scary concept if we allow it to be.  

But if we genuinely look at it with eyes wide open, I believe we may come to understand that we can welcome the death and rebirth concept into our lives.  

Facing the fear and doing it anyway is a means for moving forward not only for ourselves but also for every being we encounter. When we give ourselves permission to look into the darkness and speak our truth, others can do the same.

The Phoenix continues to reinvent itself. It bursts into flames and dies whenever the need occurs. But like a blaze coming alive in the darkness, it re-emerges brilliantly embedded faith and perseverance excited to have been born again. 

It is not the same Phoenix that went up in flames when it comes back to life. It is brand new each time it emerges from the fire. Like the Phoenix, we can reinvent ourselves the same way. We can leave behind old, outdated narratives and write new ones that fit who we allow ourselves to be now.

With this week’s transit, we are challenged to reveal our unrecognized beliefs. 

Those thoughts or ideas have remained hidden but reveal themselves at just the wrong times. We don’t feel that we undermine ourselves or self-sabotage.  Most of the time, it’s like this invisible person comes along and does it for us, and we never saw them coming.

What if we could see them coming and invite them in not to condemn them or punish them but instead to allow them to heal? To say to these hidden pains and hurts that we feel diminish us that I still love and accept myself completely no matter what.

We may have felt like our world has diminished during this global pandemic, and it could feel like we are living a shoebox-sized life. Days can run together and feel like it’s ground-hog day, like we are greeted with more winter months than we can stand. There is good news in all of this, and this transit can be the start of a new day and expanded horizon.

Living with vision is seeing that your reach extends beyond the ends of your fingertips. You are not limited to the things you can see, touch and taste today.  

This week the North and South Nodes continue to transit through the 34-20 channel. This channel represents the essence of the Manifesting Generator or Time Bender in Quantum Human Design™.

Vision is a big part of what makes Time-Benders work. It is part of the Time-Bender strategy to envision before responding to their outside environment.  In this time of the Manifesting Generator/Time-Bender, we are all given an extra boost in this department. What life can you envision for yourself beyond what you can physically see today?

The transits provide unique opportunities to interact with energies outside our core Human Design framework. My Human Design mentor Karen Curry Parker reminds us that we all have all the chart regardless of whether Gates or Centers are defined (colored in) or undefined (no color). We will each experience the energies differently based on our core definitions. These transits offer us opportunities.

With all of that said, let’s dive in!

Energy Center Definitions

As we enter into the week of Sunday, 10/31/2021, we see four energy centers activated – the Head, Ajna, Throat, and Sacral. We will discuss each of the gate activations (colored in numbers) in more detail as we move further into the report but for now, let’s discuss how these centers may impact each of us this week. Energy Centers

Chances are, if you already have a defined Head, Ajna, Throat, or Sacral in your natal bodygraph, you will feel less of an impact with these energy centers defined.  

However, suppose any of these energy centers are not defined in your Natal design. In that case, you probably will feel a more significant impact as each of these centers is a powerful component of the body graph.

Let’s start with the Head Center.  

Only 1/8th of the population has a defined Head Center in their natal bodygraph. That means this transit will affect many of us. When undefined, the head center acts like a pressure center pressuring us to know the correct answers. 

This sudden Head Definition can be a challenge because, ultimately, the head is not where you find the solutions. The head serves us most as a processing center, assisting us with understanding the thoughts and ideas presented to us. Our answers come from following our Human Design Type and strategy.    

With the head defined, we experience relief from needing to “know” all of the answers. We can better take advantage of living in the question that typically comes from the head center.   

With gate 61 activating the head center, the critical question for us to ask is – “What is the big picture presented by the ideas and inspirations coming to me at this time?”  

Keep asking and allow the ideas and inspiration to come to you.

Next up is the Ajna Center. 

We are still asked to remain with Ajna’s Definition instead of jumping right into the answer. The undefined Ajna is often stuck in the trap of wanting to understand things with complete certainty. The truth is we don’t often get to that point.

The question to ask here is, “Am I struggling to be certain?” Instead of being sure, can I allow the ideas and inspiration to open me up to new opportunities and potentials?

The Throat Center is the center for manifestation and communication. 

When open (or undefined), you may struggle to be heard or recognized – feeling invisible at times. Often with an open throat, you may speak more in hopes of making yourself be seen or heard with little impact.

With the throat center defined during this transit by connecting with the Ajna, we are invited to speak our minds openly and witness the impact we can make.

Finally, we move into the Sacral Definition of this transit.  

The Sacral Definition is what makes a Generator (Alchemist) or Manifesting Generator (Time Bender). The sacral provides us with sustainable life force energy. It powers us up and gives us drive.

Sacral Definition may be one of the most noticeable activations if you typically don’t have this center defined. Suddenly you can feel energized and able to go on and on like an energizer bunny which is excellent but don’t forget to rest in the frenzy of all of them going. If you are a non-energy type that hasn’t changed even with this boost, be careful not to reach burnout.  

The Sun

We begin the week with the sun transiting through Gate 44.  

This Gate is called “Coming to Meet” in traditional Human Design and “Truth” in Quantum Human Design™. As part of the spleen, these gates speak to us about courage and our ability to trust in ourselves to not get stuck in old patterns.  

Instead, we can look at those things that have caused us pain directly, understanding the pain is not for us to be trapped in but rather to bring awareness to break through the pain of past patterns. This is about going to the depths of our shadows to find the source of our strength and courage.  It’s about transformation.  

Gate 44 aligns with Scorpio astrologically. Scorpio is a fixed water sign which means that it’s about emotional depth. Scorpio loves to go deep. Say goodbye to the superficial. With Gate 44 being in the sun’s position this week, we are asked to drop the external mask. 

Dig deep and ask yourself what old patterns are you holding on to that is time to let go?   

To take it a level deeper, Scorpio is represented by the Death card in the Tarot. Death Card in the Tarot

At first glance, this can be scary, but it is a great opportunity. The Death Card represents an opportunity to let go of those things that are killing us inside. It permits us to move forward. 

The card’s imagery shows this well as the rider moves beyond death and decay into faith and the dawn in front of it.

Near the end of the week, the Sun shifts to  Gate 1 – “Creative Self Expression” in Traditional Human Design and “Purpose” in Quantum Human Design™. 

Gate 1 is like the dawn coming after a stormy night. It’s where we can allow ourselves to move on to after we dropped into the depths of our past pain in Gate 44. 

Here we transform the pain of the past into our purpose and mission.

Gate 1 is part of the G-Center and is about love and direction. It’s here where you truly connect with the “I Am.” 

It reminds us that it is ok to love ourselves no matter what we have been through. Love yourself enough to know that you can create the life you want to live and have a unique contribution to the world that only you can provide.

The Earth

The Earth transits through Gate 24 at the beginning of the week. Gate 24 is called “The Return – Rationalization” in traditional Human Design and “Blessings” in Quantum Human Design™.  

This Gate reminds us not to settle for less. It calls you to live the life you truly deserve to live. In its shadow state, you can become addicted to the pain of your experiences and be fooled into thinking it is all you deserve. It’s not true.  

Sticking with those old patterns of pain may be comfortable for you depending on how engraved the groove of your experience is, but in its mastery state, you are called to stop rationalizing your pain.

Gate 24 aligns with Taurus astrologically. Taurus is a fixed earth sign and deals significantly with human pleasure. Ruled by Venus, it’s about what we love and treasure in life. It speaks to our belongings and our ability to earn money and gain security. We can hold on so tight to these things that we don’t see new possibilities. We often feel we can only hold on to this relationship or this job or whatever situation we believe provides comfort and stability. Still, it can hinder you from moving forward.

But all is not lost here because Taurus also deals with meditation, rituals, and dropping inside for the answers. Can you pause long enough to discover your true path? Can you have faith enough to drop those things that keep you safe but also unhappy?

The Hierophant represents Taurus in Tarot. The Hierophant in the Tarot

In ancient times, the Hierophant led followers through the mysteries of death and rebirth, so we continue that theme here. This is where we return to faith and hope for a brighter future.

We may have looked outside of ourselves for this energy, but today we know that the Hierophant lives inside us. We can look inside for the power to move through the darkness and into the light.

The Earth transits through Gate 2 near the end of the week (11/5). 

Gate 2 is the Gate of “The Receptive – The Direction of the Self” in traditional Human Design and “Allowing” in Quantum Human Design™.

With Gate 2, we journey back to the G-Center, the center for love and direction. This Gate teaches us the lesson of trusting in the source for all we do—knowing that you can be loved and cherished by being our authentic selves. 

How do we get there? Through gratitude.

You don’t have to do it alone, burning yourself out by feeling you can only manifest what you can create with your own two hands. TRUST – Can you trade your worries for faith?

Above all else, don’t forget to have fun and play with the energies that present themselves to us this week. Dance with them and explore how they impact you personally.

“The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can.” – Neil Gaiman

Rona Faison, Founder of DNA – Design Now Abundantly

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