Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 10-3-21

The week starts with the Sun in the Gate 48, the Gate of Depth. The Earth transits the Gate 21, the Gate of Self-Regulation.

This past week marked the Festival of Michaelmas, which in the traditional Waldorf school community, is a festival dedicated to the beginning of autumn and a time to contemplate courage and how to defeat our own inner “dragons”.

The transits this week invoke a similar theme.

When I teach Human Design Professionals, I start my advanced chart reading training with lessons on how to find the “inner conundrum” in a chart.

All charts have at least one set of elements that seem to be at odds with other elements in the chart.

For example, you may have a voice that is defined by an Individual Channel giving you a clear drive to be unique, transformative and a desire to do your own thing, along with elements in your chart that give you a deep longing to belong. This particular “conundrum” gives you a soul curriculum to learn how to love and value yourself, even if you feel like you don’t fit in.

There are many different kinds of conundrums in a chart.

The main point that I’m wanting to make here is that we are each designed to do “inner combat” with our own selves.

Mastering your inner conundrum is catalytic to maturity, deepening your connection to your purpose and what you’re here to share with the world.

Hopefully this information will also help you be kinder to yourself if you find yourself struggling with your own “inner dragons”. It’s normal and an essential part of growth and maturity to experience “inner conundrums” with yourself.

This week’s energy invites us into the darkness to explore the underbelly of our shadows so that we can grow wiser, regulate ourselves better and keep healing the wounds and the karma of our self-worth.

I’ll start this week’s report with an exploration of the Sun and the Earth (and this week’s New Moon.)

The week starts with the Sun in the Gate 48, the Gate of Depth. The Earth transits the Gate 21, the Gate of Self-Regulation.

The Sun moves to the Gate 57, the Gate of Instinct, on Friday. The Earth also moves to the Gate 51, the Gate of Initiation on Friday.

The Sun and the Earth always move together in pairs of energies that are opposite (across) each other on the Human Design Mandala. These themes often show up together in a chart and are essential in defining the Incarnation Cross in the chart.

These matched pairs reveal a lot of core insights into the Human story. They illuminate many core themes that are at the heart of fairy tales and other teaching tales about the human condition.

The Sun is currently moving through all of the “Fear” Gates of the Spleen until November 4. This movement of the Sun is giving us a chance to look at the role that fear and courage play in either holding us back or spurring us forward.

In the higher expression, these Gates give us important details that help us align with Divine and right timing. All of these Gates are instinctual and give us pulses and intuitive “hits” that let us know what we need to do to be ready for whatever is next.

The energy of the Earth always reveals what we need to be “grounded” for the actions ignited by the theme of the Sun.

In the combination of Gates for this week we see that the sun highlights a “fear” Gate in the Spleen and the Earth highlights a Gate in the Will Center.

This is a very interesting and powerful combination revealing to us what we need to master to overcome our fear and step into our courage. Let’s look at both of these “matched pairs” as a lesson to help us overcome fear and align with right timing.

With the Sun in the Gate 48 at the start of the week, we are confronted with our own perceived inadequacy.

Gate 48 The Gate of WisdomChallenge: To allow yourself to trust that you will know what you need to know when you need to know it. To not let the fear of not knowing stop you from creating. To not let “not knowing” hold you back.

Unbalanced: Paralysis in inadequacy. To be afraid to try something new or to go beyond your comfort zone because you think you don’t know or that you’re not ready.

Mastery: The wisdom to explore and learn the depth of knowledge necessary to create a strong foundation for action and mastery. The self-trust to have faith in your ability to know how to know and to trust your connection to Source as the true source of your knowledge.

Contemplations: Do you trust your own knowing? What needs to be healed, released, aligned, and brought to your awareness for you to deepen your self-trust?
What practice do you have that keeps you connected to the wisdom of Source? How can you deepen your connection to Source?

Affirmation: I am a depth of wisdom and knowledge. My studies and experiences have taught me everything I need to know. I push beyond the limits of my earthly knowledge and take great leaps of faith as a function of my deep connection to Source, knowing that I will always know what I need to know when I need to know it.

The Earth highlighting the Gate 21, the Gate of Self-Regulation, informs us that to master our fear of inadequacy, we have to regulate our inner and outer environment. We have to monitor our self-talk and be mindful of what we allow ourselves to receive and be exposed to so that we don’t fall into the habit of comparing ourselves to others or thinking that we need “more” than our innate connection to our inherent value and our purpose, to be ready for what’s next.

This is a profound call to value ourselves enough to set good boundaries and to treat ourselves like the Kings and Queens that we are.

The Gate 57, the Gate of Instinct, invites us to transform our fear of the future to a call for readiness, so that we are prepared for what’s next.

Gate 57 The Gate of InstinctChallenge: To learn to trust your own insights and “gut”. To learn to tell the difference between an instinctive response versus a fear of the future. To master your connection to your sense of “right” timing.

Unbalanced: To be so afraid of the future that you are paralyzed. To not trust yourself and your own instinct. To know what needs to be done to prepare for the future and to fail to act on it.

Mastery: The ability to sense when it is the right time to act. To intuitively know what needs to be made ready to be prepared for the future and to follow through on it.

Contemplations: Do you trust your intuition? What does your intuition feel like to you?
Sometimes doing a retrospective analysis of your intuition/instinct makes it clearer how your intuitive signal works. What experiences in the past have you had that you “knew” you should or shouldn’t do?

How have you experienced your intuition in the past? When you think about moving forward in your life, do you feel afraid? What are you afraid of? What can you do to mitigate the fear?
What impulses are you experiencing that are telling you to prepare for what’s next in your life? Are you acting on your impulses? Why or why not?

Affirmation: My inner wisdom is deeply connected to the pulse of divine timing. I listen to my inner wisdom and follow my instinct. I know when and how to prepare the way to prepare for the future. I take guided action and I trust myself and Source.

With the Sun in the Gate 57, the Earth in the Gate 51, the Gate of Initiation, reminds us that we are deeply connected to Source, but to activate that connection and to move into the trust that we’ll know what we need to know when we need to know it, we have to surrender or “die” to our “ego” and be reborn to our higher purpose.

What that means is that we are designed to let Life’s Intelligence flow through us.

Your design shows you the mechanics of how you interface with the Divine to receive this Intelligence. When we surrender with the awareness that we are an infinitely perfect part of a Divine Cosmic Plan and that we are each unique, vital and irreplaceable parts of that plan, then we naturally align with the future and the role we play in creating it.

If your self-worth is healed and you know the inherent value of who you are, you will also be dialed into the signals, cues and clues from the Universe that will give you the information you need for the next right steps. You don’t have to be afraid of the future. You will know what you need to know when you need to know it.

In summary, the Sun and the Earth this week invite us to heal any karma that we have around our self-worth and to step into living from our understanding of our unique role in the world and our inherent value. When we do this, we dial into the information and the messages we need to be ready for whatever is next for us.

Now let’s take a look at the outer planets and the task that they are setting up for us.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this next section and, as you read it, please know that I’m gently calling you forward with compassion, even though it might feel a little firm.

The outer planets are informing us to shape up, to stop focusing on all the stuff that’s not working and to not compromise or quit because the future feels “impossible” or “doomed”.

Yes, the news can be discouraging. Dis-Courage-Ing. Meaning, we are collectively letting the current circumstances rob us of our courage.

Here’s the deal.

If you look at the world with a strictly materialistic world view – which, by the way, is the world view many of you seem to be discouraged by – then it can certainly look like we’re doomed. The “metrics” of materialism are saying that time is short, resources are running out, there are lots of loud people who are either trying to control you or are refusing to do the right thing (depending on your point of view) etc. etc. etc.

For those of you who are feeling despairing right now because the material world seems to be falling apart, let me gently remind you that we have to disrupt the status quo if we’re going to see real change.

We are in a massive cycle of disruption that is kicking us into a cycle of liminality.

We are in the ‘in between time” and we can not go back and we are no longer who we used to be.

This “in between time”, which I like to call “The Void”, is an essential part of the process of expansion. We can not tell the same old story about who we are because we aren’t those people anymore. We are being called upon to write a new story – a better story – about who we truly are and who we want to grow into becoming.

The outer planets are reminding us that we won’t get out of “The Void” until we craft a story – a dream – that is big enough to call us forward into a new experience of humanity. We MUST begin to imagine something better.

The word “imagine” is one of the most powerful words in the English language.

Before we could even build a rocket ship, an imaginative soul stood outside under the shining light of the night sky and dreamt that one day humans would travel beyond the blue and into space to visit the moon.

I don’t know how the rest of this person’s story unfolds, but it’s easy to imagine them sitting at a table enjoying a glass of wine with friends and, when they felt courageous enough, leaning forward and sharing with passion their vision of people traveling to the moon.

I can hear the laughter in response, see the looks of disbelief on their friend’s faces, and imagine them crediting the good wine as the source of their friend’s “inspiration”.

And yet, in spite of ridicule, disbelief, and maybe even generations of time, the vision initiated by this dreamer became a reality on July 20, 1969, when the first human walked on the moon, forever changing what we think is possible.

Dreaming and imagining are NOT the only steps we will have to take, but they are the very first and most important steps to take if we’re going to initiate our momentum forward. If we stop dreaming, we’re simply going to sit in The Void until we get tired of feeling stuck in the vast nothingness of it.

Pluto is in the Gate 61, the Gate of Wonder, reminding us to dream bigger than what we think is possible and to engage with our dreams in a state of wonder.

Neptune in the Gate 22, the Gate of Surrender, reminds us all we have to do is hold the energy for the dream and a state of positive expectancy and the path will unfold before us with Grace.

Uranus in the Gate 2, the Gate of Allowing, reminds us that as long as we are true to our Authentic Self, we will receive all the resources we need to fulfill our destiny and the full expression of our potential.

Saturn in the Gate 41, the Gate of Imagination, tasks us with using our power to imagine as a key element to activating the creative potential of the future.

Jupiter in the Gate 49, the Gate of the Catalyst, promises to bring us a true revolution of abundance if we simply let ourselves begin to dream it into being.

One last thing to note. Mercury is still retrograde this week in the Gate 32, the Gate of  Endurance and the Gate 57, the Gate of Instinct. Both of these Gates are also “fear” Gates of the Spleen.

Mars highlights the Gate 48, the Gate of Depth and the Gate 57, the Gate of Instinct (and is conjunct the Sun on Saturday) also highlighting two “fear” Gates of the Spleen.

The New Moon on Wednesday also highlights the Gate 48, the Gate of Depth.

We’re learning to create with faith not out of fear. But we might not get to faith until we slay our “inner dragons” and heal the karma of our self-worth first.

We must remember that we are worthy of our dreams and to not let reasoning and logic stop us from dreaming the fulfillment of Life’s Intelligence into being.

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,