Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 10-27-2020

Sun Transits Gate 28 and Staying Aligned with the Truth of Who You Are

I hope this Update finds you feeling masterful over yourself – and truly appreciating the cosmic-once-in-a-lifetime-event that you are!

This past weekend I gave a TEDx talk on the relationship between trauma, burnout and resiliency.

I am obsessed with burnout.

(If you are a member of our Understanding Human Design Community (www.understandinghumandesign.com), this month our focus is on my class Bounce Back from Burnout.)

The reason why I’m obsessed with burnout is that I believe burnout is the biggest symptom of lack of self-love. When your life experiences cause you to lose connection with your sense of value and with the unique gifts that only you can bring to the world, it causes a trauma response in your body and depletes, not only the body, but your spiritual and emotional vitality.

The body responds to the denial of the Truth of Who You Are just like it does to a major traumatic event. When we lose connection with our value, our bodies go into protective mode, elevating our cortisol levels and putting us in a state of a low-grade chronic “fight or flight” response.

The hard truth is that most of us have in some way perceived ourselves as being judged, criticized or told that we can’t do with our life what we dream of doing, causing us to lose connection with our preciousness and the breath-taking beauty of our dreams.

The cost of losing connection with our value and our right place in the world is immense. People who are burned out and have high levels of cortisol are more reactive and less creative.

When your body is in constant survival mode, it physiologically shuts down the more creative parts of your brain. You don’t need those parts of your brain when your body feels like you’re fighting for your life.

When we feel aligned with our Authentic Selves, we can access a more expansive brain state that makes us more creative. We’re able to better find ground-breaking solutions to problems.

Without this kind of creativity, we never would have gone to the moon, had lightbulbs or electricity.

A world facing issues of sustainability, equitability and other challenges such as global warming and finding a vaccine or cure for viruses, needs healthy, creative people in order to access the elegant solutions necessary to peacefully resolve the challenges facing humanity today.

Being misaligned with your Authentic Self isn’t just painful, it costs the world your brilliance and your genius.

It also creates all kinds of hidden agendas in the way in which you navigate the world. It’s hard to see Truth when the choices that you make are rooted in a need to prove your worth and your lovability. When we feel like we have to prove ourselves, we can’t hear our inner guidance and the inner alignment with the next right step for the fulfillment of our lives and our life purpose.

The true story of your life becomes a story that is never written and the potential of that story dies with you.

We are at a crucial crossroads at this time on the planet. The work of evolving the world is not a fight or a battle, but rather will be accomplished by a growing wave of people who are living true to Who They Really Are.

The energy of being aligned with our Authentic Selves is sustainable and, ultimately, incredibly brilliant and creative in an enduring way.

We can not create sustainable change in the world if we ourselves are not sustainable.

When we value ourselves and live true to Who We Are, we become creators, not consumers.

People who see the world through the lens of their own value, see value in the world and, consequently, see the value of others. We realize how precious each and every living being on the planet is – how worthy the world is of protection and nurturing.

The future of the world depends on you loving and valuing yourself. You may not realize it but healing the wounds that keep you from seeing how precious you truly are is the most important thing you can do to heal the world.

If you’re looking out at the world and you feel powerless to make a change, look within yourself for the seeds of transformation.

Falling in love with yourself is the most revolutionary thing you can do to make the world a better place.

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,


This week promises to give us a challenge that has the potential to show us what’s really worth doing and enduring, but before I dive into the highlights of the adventure ahead, let’s do a quick review of the Nodes.

The North and South Nodes illuminate the “plot outline” of the current cycle of evolution that we’re in. The Nodes tell us what we are working on and what we need to move forward into the next cycle of growth and expansion.


The South Node is currently transiting in the Gate 26, the Gate of Integrity. The South Node illuminates the work we need to focus on to lay the foundation for moving forward. The Gate 26 tells us that to grow and evolve, we must be in integrity with ourselves and each other.

There are five kinds of integrity:

1.Physical Integrity is experienced when our bodies are healthy and vital.

2.Resource Integrity is when we use our material resources in a sustainable way.

3. Identity Integrity is experienced when we feel that we can fully manifest the value of our authentic identity and we don’t compromise who we are for the sake of money.

4. Moral Integrity is the courage to do the right thing and to make sure that our actions are honest and aligned with higher principles and values.

5.Energetic Integrity is experienced when we consistently and deliberately rest and take care of ourselves so that we have the energy to engage with life in a sustainable way.

The North Node tells us what we’re working towards. The North Node is transiting the Gate 45, the Gate of Distribution, giving us the theme of wanting to share what we have with others. In order to share in a healthy, sustainable way, we must have sustainable resources.

We cannot create sustainable collective initiatives and share what we have in a sustainable way, if we ourselves are not sustainable on a personal level. If you are struggling with your own sustainability because you are burned out and are experiencing depleted resources or if you are struggling with being in integrity, you can’t make sustainable choices.

The energy of this week has the potential to challenge our sustainability a bit and to reveal to us how we can best use our energy and harness it in a direction that will truly “pay off” in the end.

The Sun this week transits the Gate 28, the Gate of Challenge and Adventure. This is a Gate that many of us are afraid of because the energy of this archetype often presents us with a challenge that seems impossible.

With the promise of a long road to renewal and recovery ahead, it’s easy to refuse to take action out of fear that the journey will be too painful, wrought with struggle, or that you will fail. This Gate is a “fear” Gate on the Spleen Center and if we allow the fear to speak too loudly in our ears, we run the risk of stopping ourselves short and preventing ourselves from discovering what’s really worth doing.

This energy is not for the faint of heart and will call on us to find our reserve tank of energy to push through the week ahead.

The hardest part of a race is often that last surge before the finish line. It’s easy when we see how close we are, to stop pushing forward – or to even decide that close to finishing is “good enough”. The Gate 28 invites us to explore how badly we want to cross the finish line and how strong is our desire for what’s on the other side of the challenge.

What IS truly worth enduring and fighting for? That is the question we will explore this week. The answer will help us stream line our energy and help us make discerning choices so that we’re not flopping around trying to fight every battle and endure every circumstance. By the end of the week, we’ll be more clear about what we need to do next and where we need to be focusing our energy and attention.

The energy of the Earth informs us of what we need to have in place to support us for doing the work of the Sun’s theme. The Earth this week transits the Gate 27, the Gate of Accountability.

This is a tricky energy for many of you with big, open Hearts!

The Gate 27 has the potential to inspire in us the themes of co-dependency, guilt, over-caring and martyrdom in it’s unbalanced expression. The lesson the Gate 27 bring us the opportunity to learn to care without over-caring, to allow others to assume responsibility for their own challenges and choices, to learn to accept other people’s values and to not let guilt cause you to compromise what is good and right for you.

The Gate 27 is an energy that is connected to our values and what we consider to be valuable. We will be forced this week to come face to face with other people’s values and to have to learn how to find common ground with people who think differently and have different values than us.

The Gate 27 will also force us to have to explore where we want to place our energy and what (or who) we are truly responsible for. We are learning to hold people accountable for their own choices and for their own well-being. If we’re going to conserve our energy and harness it in the direction that has the greatest impact and sustainability then we need to learn to extricate ourselves from anything that is mis-aligned with our own values and what we think is truly precious.

I want to stress again that the theme of integrity and sustainability are the undercurrents for this week’s energy. It’s been a long year with lots of twists and turns in the “plot outline” and we still have a ways to go. It’s vital that we take the steps necessary to not only conserve our energy, but to try to build it back up.

The gift of the Gate 28 is that it has the power to reconnect us to our dreams and visions of what else is possible for the world. These dreams have the power to call us forward even when it can feel like the world is falling apart and we can’t see the finish line. It’s our dedication to the dream of a better world that has the power to align us, stream line us and give us the energy to move forward, even when it feels like everything is falling apart.

The only way through the transformation is to go through it. It might feel challenging but the reward at the other side will make the journey we are on completely worth the effort!