Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 10-17-21

The planets bring us the information stream of our evolutionary program.

You’re probably starting to feel like the energy is picking up and you’re beginning to feel like there’s a wee bit more momentum than you’ve been experiencing since the beginning of the summer. This week both Mercury and Jupiter go direct after a series of major planetary retrograde cycles.

This retrograde cycle has been calling on us to dream big and to explore our personal and collective narratives to see whether they are aligned with what we really want to be experiencing in our lives. We might be feeling a little like it’s “spring”…

But remember, the burst of warmth that initiates the beginning of spring is often accompanied by rain, surprise cold snaps, mud and days where you’re confused about whether you should wear a parka or short sleeves.

That’s a good metaphor for the week.

We’ve been feeling like we’ve been running in place with bungee cords connecting us to the past. We’ve been pulling and struggling to break free these past few months and feeling like we’re straining hard only to discover we are simply running in place.

This massive series of retrograde planets is beginning to release its hold on us and as these energetic “bungee cords” are being popped off – one by one – we run the risk of being rapidly liberated from their hold and having to fight the counter effect of the release in order to prevent ourselves from losing control and flopping straight to the ground on our faces.

Let’s take a big step back and look at what’s been up on the planet for the past couple of years and take a small peek at what’s next for us.

The more aware we are, the more we can utilize the power of our release from the past as creative momentum that we can use to build a new future.

The planets bring us the information stream of our evolutionary program. The energy of the planets is expressed through the 64 gates in Human Design.

Each planet brings its own theme of growth and highlights it through the various gates on the Human Design mandala.

The planets, in essence, bring the themes of our soul curriculum. What we are learning as humans on earth helps consciousness evolve.

Each planet moves at its own speed with its own influence. Each rotation of the planet measures a cycle of expansion, with its own theme.

The earth itself has its own cycle of expansion measured on an annual basis where it travels around the sun in a calendar year.

The earth has a second cycle that is much bigger that measures the gradual shift in the orientation of the earth’s axis of rotation.

This rotation completes a cycle approximately every 25,772 years. We call this cycle the Precession of the Equinoxes.

Within this major earth cycle are six epochs broken into eight smaller cycles. The smaller cycles within the epochs last approximately 400 years. These global cycles bring the bigger themes for the evolution of humanity. They are, in essence, the plot outline in the story of our growth and expansion.

Each global cycle is expressed through specific Human Design Gates.

As the planet evolves, it goes through global cycles. Global cycles set the stage for our evolutionary “story”. It is the background themes that humanity must master as part of our evolution.


Our current global cycle began in 1615 and carries the energy of the Cross of Planning through Gates 37, 40, 9, and 16.

The Cross of Planning

The “plot outline” of our evolutionary story for the last 400 years is illuminated in the Cross of Planning.

The configuration of this cross gives us big clues into what we need to complete and master both personally and collectively in order to be prepared for the next cycle of our growth.

The first theme that the Cross of Planning holds for us is rooted in Channel 40/37, the Channel of Administration in Quantum Human Design™.

The mastery of this channel gives us the ability to make sustainable agreements that create the peaceful administration of resources and energy.

There are several key concepts that we have been exploring both personally and collectively in this channel. This channel contains the potential for sustainable peace and peaceful agreements but only if we are aligning with the energy of “enough.”

Channel 40/37 emerged during the mutation in 1781 and gave us the new ability to be able to consciously calibrate the Heart with our emotional energy and consequently influence the Magnetic Monopole and what we attract into our lives.

Channel 40-37

The more we feel that we are “enough,” that we have “enough,” and that there is enough to share, the more our heart is calibrated with that frequency of energy and the more we attract “enough” into our lives.

The Will Center is the center that translates value on the material plane. At this stage in our evolution we translate value into money, material resources, and wealth.

This center is under tremendous evolutionary pressure as we reach the end of this global cycle, setting us up for the themes of the Solar Plexus Mutation in 2027 and the energy of the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix.

In the final thrust of the Cross of Planning, we are redefining what is valuable and what we value. With a planet facing a crisis in sustainability and resources, we are learning that value is not measured in things but in quality of life. Global warming and other challenges facing the planet are potentially great equalizing events. We all live under the same sun and breathe the same air and it serves us all to ensure that our planet survives and is sustainable.

What good are material resources if the planet itself is dying?

These past two years have been the manifestation of the dying gasp of material consciousness.

We are finishing up the tasks assigned to us by the Cross of Planning, meaning we are having our old stories that tie our self-worth and our perception of our value to material good, destroyed and dismantled.

This disruption of this old story affects everything from our personal inner dialogue to the way in which we structure society and the workings of our world.

The more we experience disrupted stories – something we’ve been contending with on a grand scale thanks to the planetary transits – the more we are kicked out of our old narratives.

Cycles of disruption bring us into a strange state of liminality. I like to call this liminal cycle “The Void”.

When we are in “The Void”, we are no longer the people we used to be. We sometimes long to go back to the “old ways”, but we really can’t. That world and that narrative doesn’t exist any more. The task at hand is to move forward, to harness momentum and to give ourselves a new identity. The only way to move forward is to craft a narrative – a new personal story – that is big enough and juicy enough to call us forward.

These past few months have been kind of like an intensive “retreat” that has had the purpose of encouraging us to really explore what new stories do we want to tell about our lives and the future of the world.

As we come to the end of this “retreat” cycle, we are being called out and called forward. We will begin the “work” of actually starting to build the scaffolding of what’s next. But, even though the stalled energy is lifting, we are still having to deal with some of our own inner challenges and also with the large majority of the world that is still clinging to the old ways.

This contrast between those who cultivate wisdom, innate knowing and a direct connection to Life’s Intelligence and those who feel that what they have lost or that their stake in the control of their future is too tenuous, may continue to feel like a gap that can not be closed.

It can be closed.

We will eventually discover that true community does not necessarily come from commonality, but from the sum total of the diversity of all of its members.

If we are going to lead the way into the future we must first – individually – embody what we are seeking to build in the world. To do this requires a lot of inner awareness and a willingness to continue to look at where our past conditioning is holding us back and tainting our forward momentum.

Which brings me to the Sun and Earth this week.

Gate 32

The Sun starts this week in the Gate 32, the Gate of Endurance. We are mastering the awareness of what needs to be done to make a dream a manifested reality. We do this by setting the stage, doing preparation and by being ready. The Gate 32 teaches us the patience to trust that once the stage is set, the timing will unfold as needed to serve the highest good of all. We are learning to Divine Inspiration into readiness.

The shadow of the Gate 32 – the “fear – is letting the fear of failure cause you to avoid preparing what you need to do, to not be ready when the timing is right or to push too hard, too fast, too long against right timing.

This is one of the key sources of burnout. We run out of steam – “endurance” – when we are pushing against right timing. Here’s the deal. You can’t control timing. You simply can’t. It’s too complex and, if we look at it on a quantum level, there are too many factors that you can’t control that go into timing.

The Earth companion Gate to the Sun is the Gate 42, the Gate of Conclusion.

Gate 42

The Gate 42 reminds us that we know exactly what needs to be completed in order to create the space for something new. The challenge is to ACT on the knowledge. It’s a good week to finish up old projects, those nagging things on your “to do” list that you keep pushing to the bottom of the list. Sometimes to move forward, you have to make room and if you’ve become so quagmired in unfinished business, you can get gummed up and stuck in an even deepening rut of inertia.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been talking about the “matched pairs” of Human Design Gates, Gates that are opposite each other on the Human Design Mandala, which “travel together” and are key components of the Incarnation Crosses. This week we continue the codes for ameliorating the experience of fear and anxiety by looking at the new “matched pair” for the week, the Gate 50, the Gate of Nurturing and the Gate 3, the Gate of Innovation.

Gate 50

The Sun moves to the Gate 50, the Gate of Nurturing, on Wednesday, bringing us another “fear” to explore on our path to mastering the courage of forward momentum.

The Gate 50 brings us lessons to help us remember to nurture ourselves so that we have more to give others. This energy represents the intuition to know what others need to bring them into greater alignment with Love and to teach and share what we have to increase the wellbeing of others.

The Earth in the Gate 3, reminds us that to gain momentum, we must innovate. We have to change. We can not go back to the old ways. Ever. But, we also can’t throw the proverbial “baby” out with the “bath water”. To innovate we have to really focus on what IS working, what IS going well and to continue to build upon that.

Gate 3

We have MORE to share and give if we’re growing the good by building upon it. Gratitude is the gateway to evolution and if we simply spend the week being grateful, we’ll be fine.

The fear of the Gate 50 is the fear of failing your responsibilities and obligations to others. We sometimes experience this as either guilt or, sometimes, resentment. This is one of the places where co-dependency lives in the chart and it’s essential, when we’re learning about this energy, to remember to assess whether a situation at hand is actually our responsibility to fix or whether the most loving act we can commit is to allow someone to handle their own challenge.

It tasks us this week with a deep exploration of what old patterns and habits do we need to release in our relationships. Sometimes letting someone handle their own stuff is the greatest gift we can give them. It’s a vote of confidence!

There is a risk with this energy for over-caring and also for holding on to fixed values that can be rigid and harsh. The Gate 50 is part of a sub-circuit called the Defense Circuit in Traditional Human Design (Sustainability Circuit in Quantum Human Design™).

This is one of the places where war and fighting live in the chart. We are at risk for this kind of violence when we hold on to fixed values that are restrictive and exclusive. If we create from a place of “lack”, fail to focus on what is working and steadfastly insist that we MUST go back to the “way things were” then we fail to evolve in a healthy way.

Certainly, with the Sun highlighting this energy and the tension between progress and conservatism with the full moon in Gate 3 (an Aries energy), squaring Pluto in the Gate 61, the Gate of Wonder and opposing Mars in the Gate 32, the Gate of Endurance, I certainly expect to see some tension between those who are ready to move forward and those who are fighting hard to go back.

With the Nodes highlighting the Channel 34/20, the Channel of Power and Charisma in Traditional Human Design (The Channel of Responsive Power in Quantum Human Design™) we are still working through our personal and collective power struggles.

We won’t find the solutions until we work towards building on values rooted in love and expansion instead of hatred and contraction.

On Saturday we move into the Sun highlighting the themes of Scorpio. Even though we have momentum on the horizon, we’re still swimming deep in the oceans and currents of the underworld and trying to find the flashlight to shine on our shadows.

The bottom line?

Be kind to yourself. Even though you might feel like you’ve been released from some kind of energetic bondage, use this time to try to ride the slipstream of the photons of faith.

We’re not entirely out of the dreamy state of this growth cycle and, while it will start to feel better, remember to take conscious, deliberate action. It’s not the time to react.

We need support, courage, honestly (mostly with ourselves), to look at any narrative that has us blaming others, to spend a lot of time in the mirror exploring our old narratives and to heed the call to remand ourselves into the hands of Life’s Intelligence so that we can trust that we’ll know what we need to know when we need to know it and that all is well.

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,