Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 10-10-21

This week continues our deep exploration of fear and how to release our fears and embrace our courage.

Sometimes fear is experienced as anxiety. Anxiety and fear are words often used interchangeably, but they are not the same.

If we look at the Human Design chart as a blueprint for the human experience, we see that fear is, the information pulse emitted by the Spleen Center.

Fear, through the five senses of seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and touch, translates information happening in our immediate environment and tells us that there is something immediate that we need to pay attention to.

This happens automatically, which is why we can’t control whether we have emotions, only how we react to them. Core fear causes many changes in the body similar to that of anxiety. That is because fear’s “job” is to get the body ready to fight or flee.

While anxiety and fear feel similar, anxiety is a reaction to our emotions versus danger in the environment. Anxiety is a stop-reaction to the impulses that fear and other core emotions create inside the body.

For example, fear mobilizes energy for movement and anxiety pushes it back down. Why would we learn to push down our fear (or other core emotions)?

Here are some reasons:

• We were told or shown that we were bad or weak for being afraid.
• Our fear was unwanted or not permitted by others we needed.
• Our fear felt or feels overwhelming and unmanageable.
• We could not escape danger at one time.
• We have too many emotions at one time to process or understand them.
• Our fear conflicts with other emotions, beliefs, values and what others ask of us.

What makes anxiety so confusing is that we can experience it due to something upsetting in the present and we can experience it from something in the past that continues to influences us.

Spleen Center Connections

The connection of the Will Center to the Spleen Center tells us that we can experience fear or anxiety when our identity and our life is being threatened in some way. This was the topic of my report last week.

The connection between the Spleen Center and the G-Center is very similar to the connection between the Will and the Spleen.

The Spleen is connected to the G-Center through the Channel 57/10, the Channel of Human Potential. This Channel integrates a deep connection between our self-love, direction and our Splenic pulse. This connection embodies the fear of following your own conviction and risking losing other people’s love and acceptance. This can cause us to hold back our authentic self-expression.

The connection of the Spleen to the Throat tells us that we can experience fear or anxiety when we fee that we won’t be heard, seen or we’re unable to take the actions that we think we need to take to preserve our life. (This, by the way, is part of the theme for this week’s celestial weather, illuminated by the Sun in the Gate 57, the Gate of Instinct.)

The connection from the Spleen to the Sacral either through the Channel 57/34, the Channel of Hearing, and the Channel 50/27, the Channel of Sustenance, gives us the fear that we won’t be able to respond to our intuitive impulse and either fail to activate our power or fail to take care (or hurt) others.

The Root Center connections through the Spleen to the Throat show us that we can feel fear or anxiety when our timing is “off” or we are afraid that we’re somehow missing an opportunity. I call these connections from the Root to the Spleen the “FOMO” Channels.

All three of these connections, and their corresponding signals of fear or anxiety, can be mediated with faith and through cultivating a deep trust in Source and Divine Order.

For most of us, these three kinds of connections are in deep need of healing. They are also under tremendous evolutionary pressure as we move through a cycle giving us a strong impetus to heal our collective karma around value and self-worth and the relationship between value, values and sustainability.

We are in the third Creative Quarter of the Human Design year.

3rd Quarter of the Human Design Year

I like to call this Quarter the Quarter of Manifestation. This is the quarter where we do the “work” of harvesting the dreams, ideas and narratives we’ve been creating since the beginning of the year.

The quarter starts with the energy of the Gate 7, one of the Gates of the Incarnation Cross of the Sphinx. This Gate sets the tone for the entire quarter reminding us that we ARE literally the embodiment of compassion and through collaboration, we create enough. We do the work to make sure that we are all sustained and sufficiently provided for. We support each other.

Gate 7 - Collaboration

But we can’t do that if we are afraid, anxious or creating out of fear instead of trusting in sufficiency and taking the bold and aligned steps necessary to follow our dreams and build in alignment with Divine Timing.

This means that one of the big tasks of this Creative Quarter is to heal our disconnect from our Inner Wisdom, learn to trust ourselves and heed the inner knowledge that our bodies and our connection to Life’s Intelligence illuminates for us.

Last week I gave you a big overview of the outer planets and invitation to dream that they are bringing us. As of this week, Pluto and Saturn are direct, beginning the process of awakening us out of our dream time and inviting us now to implement all that we’ve learned.

This is another important “signal” that we must learn to activate our courage and to NOT repress any “red flags” or “truth bombs” that our intuition is bringing to us. It’s time to allow yourself to fully follow those intuitive “memos”, even if they freak out your rational mind.

Speaking of “truth bombs”, we start the week with the Sun in the Gate 57, the Gate of Instinct. The Gate 57 challenges us to learn to trust our own insights and our “gut”, to learn to tell the difference between an instinctive response versus a fear of the future and to master our connection to our sense of “right” timing.

Gate 57 - The Gate of Instinct

Last week we talked about the “matched pairs” of Human Design Gates, Gates that are opposite each other on the Human Design Mandala, which “travel together” and are key components of the Incarnation Crosses. This week we continue the codes for ameliorating the experience of fear and anxiety by looking at the “matched pairs” for the week.

This alignment with “right timing” creates flow and a synchronized response to taking the next “right” step in whatever it is that we are manifesting. The “code” to “getting it right” lies in the Earth transit.

The Earth is highlighting the Gate 51, the Gate of Initiation. This Gate, sometimes referred to as the “Gate of Shock”, is a reminder that our personal, individuated self – the ego – is here to serve a higher purpose. Our lives are a manifestation of a mission to serve the Heart of Humanity and to fully manifest the courage of our Hearts in service to our higher purpose.

Gate 51 - The Gate of Initiation

Let me just stop here and gently remind you that the the Gate 51 is connected to the Will Center, a Center that has the theme of sustainability – the ability to be of service in an enduring and sustainable way. That means that your place of service can not, by definition, be rooted in martyrdom.

The Earth is reminding us that we all serve a unique, vital and irreplaceable role in the Cosmic Plan. We are who we are because of you. All of you. When we fully play our unique part in the Cosmos, we bring value and alignment to the world – essential energies that we need during this time of massive Shift.

The Gate 51 invites us to master the ability to consciously use cycles of disruption and unexpected twists and turns in the “plot outline” of our lives as catalysts that deepen our connection to Source and to our Life and Soul Purpose.

Here’s the deal.

When your Soul begins to “outgrow” the current manifestation of your Life Purpose, it will often create a cycle of disruption in your life.

Disruptive cycles:

• Can be cataclysmic
• Can be astrological
• Has the purpose of shattering our old identity
• Is NOT a result of you screwing up or making a mistake
• It’s your Soul Purpose calling you to align with a bigger expression of the story of Who You Truly Are

These disruptive cycles kick us out of our old narrative and force us to have to forge a new, more expanded story of who we are – which is a process we’ve been exploring deeply, courtesy of the planets since May of this year.

The Gate 51 often initiates disruptive cycles so be prepared this week to have your old, super well-worn, comfortable narrative to fly out the window. This might feel a little unsettling but this disruption is simply a reminder that you deserve more, you’re here to do more and to be more.

The Earth is reminding us that if we want to be in the “right place” and trust in the momentum of our future (and the instinctual pulse that the Gate 57 brings) then we must start first with our connection to our True Cosmic Identity – that unique, vital and irreplaceable role that only YOU can play in the Cosmic Plan.

You are here for a reason

You are here for a reason. And that reason is to be the fullest, most expansive expression of who you truly are.

Thursday, the Sun moves to highlight the Gate 32, the Gate of Endurance. We are mastering the awareness of what needs to be done to make a dream a manifested reality. We do this by setting the stage, doing preparation and by being ready.

The Gate 32 teaches us the patience to trust that once the stage is set, the timing will unfold as needed to serve the highest good of all. We are learning to Divine Inspiration into readiness.

Gate 32 - The Gate of Endurance

The shadow of the Gate 32 – the “fear – is letting the fear of failure cause you to avoid preparing what you need to do, to not be ready when the timing is right or to push too hard, too fast, too long against right timing.

This is one of the key sources of burnout. We run out of steam – “endurance” – when we are pushing against right timing. Here’s the deal. You can’t control timing. You simply can’t. It’s too complex and, if we look at it on a quantum level, there are too many factors that you can’t control that go into timing.

But you can influence timing. The Channels of the Root Center give us a “code” for how we can influence right timing. The Gate 32 (and its electromagnetic, the Gate 54, the Gate of Divine Inspiration) shows us that we can influence timing by being ready.

We must heed the internal impulse of what we need to do to prepare – write that book, build that website, talk to that person you’ve been crushing on, set the money aside, buy extra toilet paper – whatever your intuition is screaming at you to do in order to be poised for action when the timing is right.

We can miss an opportunity if we fail to prepare and we let our fear of failure run the show. The timing can be “right” but if we’re not ready, nothing will manifest.

The “code” for helping us prepare for the next cycle of growth and “right timing” lies in the Gate 42, the Gate of Conclusion, highlighted by the Earth starting on Thursday. The Gate 42 informs us that we can’t prepare or be ready if we’ve got old business that needs to be tended to.

The Gate 42 - The Gate of Conclusion

The Gate 42 reminds us that we know exactly what needs to be completed in order to create the space for something new. The challenge is to ACT on the knowledge. It’s a good week to finish up old projects, those nagging things on your “to do” list that you keep pushing to the bottom of the list.

Sometimes to move forward, you have to make room and if you’ve become so quagmired in unfinished business, you can get gummed up and stuck in an even deepening rut of inertia.

Mercury continues in its retrograde cycle, highlighting the Gate 48, the Gate of Depth, reminding us that we’ll know what we need to know when we need to know it and to not let our fear of being inadequately prepared hold us back from taking the leap.

My advice for the week?

Spend some time contemplating your Life Purpose. If you feel confused or disconnected from it, try to shut off some of the busy-ness of your life and contemplate the question, “Who am I”? If you need help figuring it out, I gently encourage you to visit our Website and find a Quantum Human Design Specialist to help you out.

This is a great week to take care of unfinished business and to take stock of what you need to prepare for momentum.

Also, we are still in the midst of a massive retrograde cycle so be gentle with yourself, be patient with yourself and others, be deliberate and mindful with your words and don’t take anything personally.

Everything will work out.

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,