Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 1-31-2021

First Mercury Retrograde of 2021 and Sun Transits Gate 13 – Relationships

Happy February and Happy Mercury Retrograde – our first Mercury Retrograde of the year!!

This week I’m going to go over the themes of this retrograde cycle and help you use this cycle as a powerful point of creation for the year.

But first, let’s start with the Sun, the Earth and the beginning of the first Creative Quarter of the New Year.

The Human Design year is broken into four creative quarters. Each quarter represents part of the creative process and helps you know where to focus your creative energy. The first creative quarter of the year is called the Quarter of Possibility.

1st Quarter - Possiblity

The energy of the Quarter of Possibility, which starts on February 2, with the Sun in the Gate 13, the Gate of Narrative, invites us to explore the question of who do we want to become this year. What stories and narratives are we telling about ourselves? Do we like these stories or is it
time to “seed” a new story in your Heart and begin creating a life that is a more authentic and honest reflection of who you are and what you value.

We are grounded this quarter in the energy of collaboration and, consequently, community. We all do better when we have a team of people who lift us up and support us. This is a time to explore who do you want to partner with to create the manifestations of your dreams. Relationships take front and center stage (with Valentines Day starting us off in the beginning of this cycle!!).

Use the energy from February 2 – May 3 to really explore how you can build strong and enduring partnerships that create support and momentum in your life. Obviously, this is also a time to focus on your relationships and make sure they are truly supportive and healthy.

Gate 13 - NarrativeThe Sun transits the Gate 13, the Gate of Narrative this week, setting us on a course to explore our personal narrative and the impact our personal story has on our life path and direction.

This is a time to forgive the past and redefine who you are each, to tell a personal narrative that is empowering, self-loving and reflects your value and your authentic self and to bear witness to the pain and narrative of others and offer them a better story that allows them to expand on their
abundance and blessings.

Gate 7 - CollaborationThe Earth this week grounds us in the Gate 7, the Gate of Collaboration, aligning us with the upcoming themes of Mercury Retrograde and the themes of this creative quarter. We get grounded from our relationships and our partnerships. We are exploring collaborations as part of the path to
amplifying what we seek to create over the course of the year.

You’ll do better when you tap into your right place with your right community. Remember, the more in alignment you are with yourself, the easier it is for your people to find you!

Let’s turn our attention now to the first Mercury Retrograde Cycle of the year. This first Mercury Retrograde cycle is in the sign of Aquarius which is ruled by the Great Awakener, the planet Uranus. When we play with Uranian energy, we can expect the unexpected. We are shaken up and, in a retrograde cycle, re-awakened to what we need to see to innovate and
move forward.

This particular retrograde cycle puts relationships, collaboration, leadership and partnerships into focus. We are creating revolutions in community, how we organize ourselves and doing the work necessary to lay the foundation for not only strong communities, but also marshaling physical
resources and our energy in a sustainable way.

This Mercury Retrograde focuses on the following Gates in Quantum Human Design. (I’ve included an affirmation for you to explore with each Gate.)

1. The Gate 30 – The Gate of Passion (January 31 – February 3)

I am a passionate creator. I use the intensity of my passion to increase my emotional energy and sustain the power of my dream and what I imagine for Life. I trust in the Divine flow and I wait for the right timing and the right circumstances to act on my dream.

2. The Gate 49 – The Gate of the Catalyst (February 4 – 9)

I am a cosmic revolutionary. I am aligned with higher principles that support the evolution of humanity. I stand for peace, equity and sustainability. I align with these principles and I stand my ground. I do the work to create the intimacy necessary to share my values with others. I value myself and my work enough to only align with relationships that support my vital role.

3. The Gate 13 – The Gate of Narrative (February 10 – 14)

The story that I tell myself and the world that I am, sets the tone and the direction for my life. I am the artist and creator of my story. I have the power to rewrite my story every day. The true story I tell from my Heart allows me to serve my Right Place in the Cosmic Plan.

4. The Gate 19 – The Gate of Attunement (February 15 – 20)

I am deeply aware of the emotional needs and energy of others. My sensitivity and awareness gives me insights that allow me to create intimacy and vulnerability in my relationships. I am aware and attuned to the emotional frequency around me and I make adjustments to help support a high frequency of emotional alignment. I honor my own emotional needs as the foundation of what I share with others.

There are a couple of notable things to be mindful of during this cycle. First of all, most of these Gates are located on the Emotional Solar Plexus or pointing in that direction. In their low expression, these energies can be reactive, deeply sensitive and emotional. There is a secondary theme here of timing and influencing timing by staying emotionally wise, observant,
tending to maintaining your own emotional frequency.

Bottom line?

This is a time to take the time to really feel your way into alignment with what you want, what feels right, your creative intentions and to breathe before you speak to ensure that all of your communication is mindful, effective, deliberate, intentional and kind.

With a Uranian influenced Mercury Retrograde cycle, it’s vital that we take the time to check and recheck – even more than usual for a retrograde cycle. Don’t assume anything and state the obvious in the simplest way possible so as not to make things more complicated than necessary.

The potential for emotional volatility, especially between February 4 – 9, is high. We run the risk of either reacting or “cutting off our nose to spite our face” if we’re not careful. Again, take the time to process not only how you feel, but to look deeply and assess what’s going one. It’s easy with this
energy to burn bridges that are hard to rebuild.

Of course, this same energy is the fuel that can help you close doors that need to be closed so that you can open new doorways to opportunities that better match your intentions, your value and what you really want to create in your life.

We are squaring Mars with this retrograde which can also make things feel hard, but this “hard” work is the work we need to do to build the foundation of a new society and new regulations around community. We all do better when we all do better. The work we do to improve the lot of others and to make rules and regulations that protect marginalized and vulnerable people makes everyone’s lives better. It essential that we check our privilege and, again, don’t assume anything and listen.

Listen carefully so that you can truly hear your Divine Siblings and realize what they may need to feel safe and supported.

This same energy serves as a reminder that we don’t have to do it all ourselves. In the past few weeks I’ve been telling you that this year we need to cultivate big dreams that are bigger than what we can create by ourselves. To manifest these dreams we need faith, magic and each other.

We are moving forward together in innovative and world changing ways.

Expect many twists and turns in the plot line.

Serendipity and magic rule this cycle.

Your faith will attract solutions to your challenges that you may never have thought of before. Keep a notepad handy for those big epiphanies to drop in when you least expect it.

As always, take good care of yourself. The more energy you have stored up and in reserve, the better able you are to be deliberate and intentional with what you create in the world.

Have a wonderful week!

From my Heart to Yours,