Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 1-24-2021

Sun Transits Gate 41 – Imagination moves to Gate 19 – Attunement

I want to start this week’s overview of the Celestial Weather with an exploration of the Root Center, called the Divine Timing Center in Quantum Human Design. ⁠
The Divine Timing Center regulates the timing for action.⁠
The Gates in the Divine Timing Center give us a “code” for influencing right timing. We can not control time and timing but we can influence timing. The Universe responds with greater speed and ease when we are ready to leap into the next opportunity.⁠
It’s timing that often trips us up. We get impatient. We want proof that, in the darkness, the seeds we planted are taking root. We forget in the immediacy of the pressure to see the evidence that sometimes creation takes time.⁠
Our fear that it’s not happening “fast enough” causes us to bail, to compromise, to settle for less than what we want or to exert our will to force our creation into being. Our impatience creates woeful results that cause us to lose faith or become angry, bitter, frustrated or disappointed.⁠
This gets especially frustrating if we think there is some kind of a “formula” we can follow that guarantees the outcome.⁠
This is the big “problem” with the whole idea that we can “manifest” our reality simply by changing our thinking.⁠
The problem isn’t the manifesting process. Often the problem is we’re trying to force the timing of a manifestation and, if we’re honest with ourselves, we haven’t set the stage and prepared the way for whatever it is that we think we want.⁠

The Human Design New Year starts with the Sun in the Gate 41, the Gate of Imagination.⁠

This is the place where we begin to plant the “seeds” for what we want to create over the course of the year.⁠

Imagination happens in response to what we see around us. The Divine Timing Center is where we are grounded and connected to our physical reality.⁠

The timing of what we create is dependent on what we already have and whether we want more of what we have or something different than what we have.⁠
We are in the fourth and final creative quarter of the Human Design Year. (We begin the next quarter on February 2, 2021.)⁠
As we finish the final quarter, the Quarter of Recalibration, we are preparing the way for what’s next. The Sun has been transiting through the Gates of the Divine Timing Center and we’ve been taking stock of what we have and what we want to grow.⁠
Gate 41 - ImaginationWith the Sun starting the week in the Gate 41, we are inspired, exploring the outer edges of possibility in our imagination and solidifying what we want to focus on creating next. The energy of being able to imagine and visualize new options for our lives is essential to preparing the way.⁠
With Saturn also highlighting this Gate, we are encouraged to forge forward with our imagination as our “super power”.⁠
If we fail to imagine new possibilities or we get stuck in imagining worst cast scenarios, we run the risk of reaping the rewards of our creative dullness.⁠
On Wednesday the Sun shifts into the Gate 19, the Gate of Attunement.⁠
We are mastering the ability to sense the emotional needs of others and our community, and to know how to bring the emotional energy back into alignment with sufficiency and sustainability. Our ability to be emotionally vulnerable and present increases Heart to Heart connections.⁠
We are extra sensitive this week. It’s essential to not take anything personally but to instead realize that this Gate is helping us assess the quality of our relationships.⁠
The Gate 19 on the Divine Timing Center informs us that to create what we want, we need support. We need people in our lives who support us, hear us out and help us emotionally align with what we are intending to create.⁠
This is an essential time to assess the quality of your relationships. We need cheerleaders and people who help us believe that our dreams are possible.⁠
The Earth this week grounds us in the Gate 31, the Gate of the Leader, causing us to focus on how we are being led and to use our imagination to create leadership that is compassionate and meets the needs of the world. ⁠
On Wednesday the Earth shifts into the Gate 33, supporting us in taking stock of our personal narrative before we begin to wind out of our inner creative explorations and begin to prepare the way to do the work of creating something new.⁠
Finally, we seem out of the tension and upheaval of the previous cycle. Fingers crossed that we can finally align with ease and be ready to do the work necessary to build the dreams we’ve been holding in our Hearts for the duration of this cycle.⁠
Have a wonderful week!⁠
From my Heart to Yours,
Karen Curry Parker⁠