Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 1-17-2021

Buckle Up! This week’s energy may be cataclysmic as the Sun Transits Gate 60

What astrology and Human Design teach us is that our human story is comprised of a collection of archetypes – recurrent themes that repeat themselves consistently in the story line. The thing about archetypes is that they are fluid and on a spectrum. Every aspect of the chart has potential “high” and “low” expressions. Our ability to choose consciously determines how we write the story of our life and how we express the potential of humanity.

I am writing these words because we sometimes blame the celestial weather for events without realizing that the stars are merely highlighting archetypes and potentials. We are the ones who choose to create under these influences and, ultimately, we have the power to influence the results of what we choose.

What looks cataclysmicThe celestial energy this week is thick and tense and, given the current level of “choosing” we’ve been experiencing, I want to start this week’s evolution report with a gentle reminder that we are not victims of the stars. What looks cataclysmic can also be catalytic. It’s up to us to decide how we interpret it. The more we hold to the reminder that we are in charge of our choices, the more we can use whatever is in front of us as a seed to begin the process of growing something better, more expansive and worthy of the human story.

Let’s talk about January 20 (Inauguration Day in the United States) and then we’ll look at the rest of the week and the big picture.

Gate 41 - ImaginationGate 27 AccountabilityIf we look at the astrology of January 20, we see that Sun is in the Gate 60, the Gate of Conservation. Saturn and Jupiter are conjunct in the Gate 41, the Gate of Imagination in Quantum Human Design. Jupiter and Saturn square a conjunct Uranus and Mars in the Gate 27, the Gate of Accountability.

This is also the day that we come out of the shadow of Mars retrograde, meaning all the tension that has been building up as we ruminated on our sense of empowerment (or lack of empowerment) and our values is finally able to come to the surface.

I feel like I’ve been explaining what’s at hand with these energies for months. We’ve been in a year-long cycle of redefining our values, shifting our perspectives and discovering what is true and what is Truth. This cycle has given us the ability to assess our perspectives and privileged points of view and our ability to unify around common values that warrant protection and restitution in the world.

It’s as if we’ve been shining a giant Cosmic Flashlight on our lives and been initiated into a soul-deep, bone-deep call for the story of humanity to evolve. We are building a new foundation for collective living that has, at its heart, the idea that all living beings are precious. All infrastructures that do not reflect this inherent Truth must crumble and be redefined and rebuilt in an equalitarian, just and sustainable way.

If Truth is a cosmic pulse that throbs in our souls, we connect to this Truth by removing the conditioning that keeps us numb to this pulse.

The cataclysmic events of the previous year have served to explode the skeletal remains of our old ideas and blasted off our blinders to help us see what is real and what has been a manipulation of facts that has served only a small minority of people who hold on to power for the sake of personal gain, dark ego and a fear of lack.

We have been in the crucible of our own evolution and the hotter it gets, the faster we can change and grow.

All change is met with some degree of resistance and a desire to keep things the same. It’s human nature to want to fall back on what we think we know if the face of the unknown. I’ve heard so many people talking about how we’re going to “get through this…”. We’re not going to get through this. We’re not supposed to get through this.

We are supposed to be deeply transformed by this cycle. There is no going back and no adapting to a new variation of the old normal.

Our values are changing and the metrics of what we consider to be valuable will reflect this change.

That means all of our old “numbers” won’t matter anymore. We’re learning to measure a new kind of success in the world, a success that is based on seeing and amplifying the value of others and increasing the quality of life for all inhabitants on the planet.

Obviously this is a radically terrifying thing for some people. If you believe that there is a finite amount of material goods and a finite amount of power in the world and you see that the power is shifting, it’s normal to try to fight for what you think is your fair share.

The new way of creatingBut we’re also on the cusp of a massive creative revolution that promises to support us in finding the elegant solutions to the challenges facing humanity. The new way of creating obliterates old limitations and the old paradigm of a “zero sum game”. If we are infinite beings then it only stands to reason that we can tap into an infinite number of solutions for what’s at hand.

Our creative toolbox is full of all kinds of new tools that will help us build a world where we assume that we are enough and that we have enough. Eventually those who are afraid of “losing” will realize we have nothing to lose because we are sufficient.

This week’s energy is a clash between fantasy, conservatism and accountability. There is light and shadow to all of these archetypes. In the highest expression, our fantasies lead to new creative ideas that promise to bring peace and momentum towards a bright new future that is inclusive and abundant.

We have the potential for dramatic breakthroughs and quantum leaps of understanding, surprising resolutions, optimism, urges to share our light, the opportunity to create something that benefits everyone and movement towards emancipation and a new definition of empowerment.

In the shadow, our fantasies can cause us to be confused, resistant and wanting to hold others accountable for what feels like a loss. This shadow can show up as impulsive excesses, going too far, intolerance, ineffective rebellion, “new age” ideals that aren’t grounded in matching actions, cravings for glory and violent defensiveness.

All of this comes to a head on Wednesday with Mars coming out of the shadow and we are compelled to act on our ruminations. This can be a day of deep hope and inspiration or a day of potential explosive violence or, of course, a combination of both.

We can’t put our heads in the sand and pretend like it’s all going to be flowers and unicorns. We have to pray and be intentional but, as we’ve learned this past year, the energy at hand compels us to honor a mighty call to ACT on the TRUTH, to draw hard lines in the sand. We can be compassionate and also set strong boundaries.

We know from the metaphor of parenting that rebellious teenagers often cry out for limits to keep them safe until they can see other possibilities and they better be able to critically analyze options.

Strong leadership serves as a guiding light but also builds the road to what’s next. Strong leadership is self-regulating, sustainable and makes sure that all are served at their highest level. The energies this week have the potential to initiate a leadership that lights the way but also lays out the road.

Bottom line? There is potential for violence this week. Take care of yourself. Everything is being revealed. It will be hard to hide from the truth. Be patient as we transit through, what I believe, are the vestiges of old energies that have to be expressed before we can move forward.

In the end, the energy of Mars emerging in the Gate 27, is the energy of Love.

The Sun starts this week in the Gate 60, The Gate of Conservatism, moving to the Gate 41 (also conjunct Jupiter and Saturn), The Gate of Imagination on Friday. We are cultivating the ability to find the blessings in transformation, to grow in our optimism and to focus on what is working instead of what’s not.

Gate 60-ConservationGate 41 - Imagination

Friday marks the first day of the Human Design New Year, bringing with it lessons to help us use our imagination as a source of creative inspiration and manifestation. We are imagining more abundant possibilities for ourselves and the world and remembering to stay connected to our creative fire. Everything that we create starts with the spark of imagination.

The Earth begins this week in the Gate 56, the Gate of Expansion, moving to the Gate 31, the Gate of the Leader. We are grounded in the expansion of new possibilities and focusing our attention of democracy and the potential of new leadership.

We are entering a brand new cycle.

To me, this week is the final pulse of the dynamic and pretty spectacular celestial weather we’ve had for the last year. I think that after this week – and after the echoes of the impact have finished reverberating – we can begin the work of building something new, something that better reflects the Truth of the Heart of humanity.

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,