Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 1-10-21

The Cosmic Dance continues as the Sun transits Gate 61 – Gate of Wonder

What a year it’s been so far!

Hang on because we’re not out of the celestial lightning storm just yet!

I want to start the week with the outer planets, Uranus and Pluto in particular. The outer planets set the stage for our collective evolution. The energy of the outer planets gives us the fuel and the fire to catalyze our growth, often in major ways.

This week two outer planets take center stage in the Cosmic Evolution Show. The good news? We’re moving forward, gaining momentum and soon we’ll be able to settle into a new normal
that will feel more empowered, less divided and will support us in shifting our focus towards healing and building new foundations.

This week brings us an energy that might feel to some of us as if a gauntlet is being thrown down on the playing field. The potential for our divided perspectives to clash with great intensity
is certainly written in the stars.

The big question we’ve been wrestling with on a collective level for the past year is, “What is Truth”?

The planets have encouraged us to explore our perspectives and to assess whether our perspectives are actually true. Our conditioning is an essential part of what influences our perspectives, so in order for us to gain more clarity on what is true and what is Truth, we’ve
had to begin the heavy work of clearing our conditioning so that we can really see beyond the earthly “smoke and mirrors”.

This past year we’ve been invited to look at big themes like justice, restitution, sustainability and peace. Of course, these themes can show up in our lives on a broad spectrum. Our varying points of view have had the potential to clash. But, as we near the end of this long cycle of major astrological events, we’re going to have to get honest about who we are so that we can be
more authentic in how we forge forward.

There are certain undeniable truths and we all know them. (Even if we were sleeping in the back of the room during history class in Middle School.) Native Americans were in America before white
people. African people were brought to America to work as slaves. Millions of Jews were systematically slaughtered during World War 2.

Holocausts are still happening all over the world. Racism is still real.

The planet is getting warmer and all of life, including us, is coming to a crucial turning point in the human story.

These are truths that have consequence and are echoing through the karmic fabric of our collective. It’s time to make right the crimes of the past and set a course for a more just and
sustainable future. These wounds can not be healed immediately. It will take time but if we turn away from these wounds,

Uranus and Pluto have been gently – and not so gently – waking us out of our perspective of denial and forcing us to deal with reality. If you’ve ever read the book, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, it’s kind of like we’ve been forced to look into The Total Perspective Vortex for the past 12 months. (For those of you who are unfamiliar with this book – GO READ IT! The Total Perspective Vortex was a machine built with the intention of showing beings the infinity of creation, which became used as a method of torture.)

The planets are calling for us to explore what needs to happen to heal individual karmic pain. We are being tasked to make choices that reflect the Truth that all humans are inherently valuable because they exist.

It is time to build collective infrastructures that reflect this Truth and to make right what has been wronged.

On Thursday the Sun is conjunct Pluto in the Gate 61, the Gate of Wonder. This dynamic celestial conversation promises to support us in gaining the ability to see purpose in a bigger perspective that transcends the smaller details of an experience or event. We are invited to hold a perspective of innocence and delusional confidence as a way of sustaining our dreams and amping up our creative energy. In other words, this week the collective dreams we’ve been holding on to have the power to begin to materialize.

The shadow of this energy allows the pressure to know “why” to create bitterness or victimhood that is often perpetuated in rationalized patterns. With Jupiter and Saturn both highlighting
the Gate 41, the Gate of Imagination, the ability to use fantasy to rationalize is high.

But, fantasy is also a massively creative and initiating energy. If you’ve been dreaming of a world that is just, peaceful, equitable, sustainable and rooted in the infinite nature of our true creative power, then this is the week when the Seeds of Truth of this world will be sown. It might not feel like it in the moment, but over time, we’ll see that the seeds of a New World of sustainable peace were planted this week.


(There’s always a but…)

But, before we can start planting those seeds, we must clear the lingering misinterpretations of Truth that are rooted in our conditioning. We can not be clear and connected to Truth if we
are holding on to any old beliefs that cause us to doubt in abundance, our own value and the inherent value of living beings.

If we are trying to create a world that is rooted in hoarding, “lack” consciousness, “not enough-ness”, lack of integrity, false power and dark ego, the cold clarity of Pluto will bring Light to
the darkness and connect (forcefully) us more deeply to an enduring and sustainable Truth.

Pluto is reminding us this week that we are all one. And we better start acting that way.

Gate 8Right after Pluto and the Sun are conjunct, the planet Uranus assumes its direction station after slumbering in retrograde since August 2020. Uranus goes direct in the Gate 27, the Gate of
Accountability. This energy brings us the ability to support, nurture and lift others up, to sense and to act on what is necessary to increase the wellbeing of others and the world, to “feed” people with healthy food and healthy nourishment to ensure that they thrive and to hold others accountable.

The shadow of the Gate 27 can bring with it martyrdom and a rigid adherence to values that can be destructive. Retrograde cycles can quietly build energy. In a way, it’s almost like Uranus, a planet known for its spectacular ability to pull the rug out from under your feet, has been muttering to itself since last August. With a direct station, Uranus has the potential to burst out of its slumber with a war cry of, “Alright, that’s ENOUGH!” With this planet, it’s never possible to predict what will happen.

Uranus is the planet of breakthroughs. Even though we don’t know what kinds of surprises Uranus has in store, we can be reassured that, no matter how shocking the events of the moment might be, the intention is to snap us out of our hypnotized state and force us to see, through the lens of the Gate 27, a more loving, sustainable set of values that promise to expand on the potential of creating well-being in the world for EVERYONE.

It might be a good week to build a blanket fort lined with crystals and do some hard-core contemplation on your unique, vital and irreplaceable role in the Cosmic Plan and start crafting intentions and getting to work creating an aligned and authentic life. Do it for yourself first so that you can then work to facilitate it for others.

The Sun this week highlights the Gate 61, further deepening the themes of the outer planets. It is imperative that we adopt a bigger perspective, to stay connected to Source and the “big picture” and to not let the daily events cause us to lose our sense of wonder and awe at the world we live in. The question, “Why?” can be a healing question that gives us insights into the blessings we’ve gained from the challenges we faced. It’s important to stay focused on the gifts we’ve received -often at the hands of challenge- and to not fall into victimized thinking.

With the Earth transiting the Gate 62, we’re grounded in our ability to be dialed in to what is necessary to be prepared for whatever twist and turn Uranus brings us. Trust that your alignment will inform you of everything that you need to know. Relax and know that you’ll know what you need to know when you need to know it.

Have faith but continue to do the work necessary to be ready for unexpected events. Pray with your feet.

I want to really encourage you to take a long term view on the energy of this week. We’ve been training for this all year and, frankly, the celestial weather has one more big bump on January 20 that I’m concerned about, given the current global events.

We are in a long game here. The cycle of transformation we are experiencing won’t really end until 2027. This is a major junction in the evolution of consciousness and the beginning of a new era that truly promises to bring the possibility of enduring peace.

We are in the middle of an alchemical process, turning lead to gold metaphorically. We have to burn away the dross in order to seed our dreams in the womb on the Divine Mother. We will emerge, reborn, into a way of living that is egalitarian, just and sustainable. We are standing on the cusp of a massive Creative Revolution.

Everything is going to be alright. It’s just bumpy weather right now.

From my Heart to Yours,