Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 08-18-2020

Devotion and Faith – Sun Transits the Gate 29

I hope this Update finds you boldly moving forward, even if you can’t quite see the light at the end of the tunnel yet.

This week is my birthday week. Every year on my birthday I rewrite my personal mission statement and what I need to align with for the upcoming year.

I don’t set goals anymore.I have lived long enough to know that I am no longer in charge of my mission. I do my best to align myself so that I can serve at my highest level every year.

I was given my mission when I was four years old while riding in the backseat of my Mother’s car. My “imaginary friend” named Thomas, who was buckled into the back seat riding next to me, told me that my purpose in life was to “go forth and teach only love”. I’ve received this message many times over in my life.

I have always wanted to help people. As a child growing up in Beirut, Lebanon, I had to walk through Palestinian refugee camps to get to school. During that time I made friends with an elderly man who was living in a tent in the camp. He couldn’t speak English and I didn’t speak Arabic but we connected, waved and smiled to each other every morning.

Through the pain in this man’s eyes I got to see first-hand the gap between wealth and poverty and the painful cost of war in the world and I swore at seven that I would do something to make the world a better place.

I thought that path would take me somewhere “normal”. I tried being normal, got a degree in journalism AND nursing. Neither of these two career paths were big enough to fill that urgent fire in my Heart to make a difference in the world.

I only had a “normal” job for about six months once I graduated from college. I’ve always been actively working on “doing” my mission.

I never thought I’d end up at 55 as a sort of quasi-astrologer-researcher-healer-writer-transformational coach-whatever-the-heck-I-am.

Maybe many of you have the same struggle trying to explain to your friends and family exactly what you do for a living?

But I am grateful to be here serving in the capacity I have been blessed to serve with.

I am grateful for all of you!

I truly feel that we are all somehow pulled together, through Human Design and our collective contemplations of that strange chart, into a powerful nexus of Love. To me, the chart is the best way that I know how to share with you my mission that I was given in the back seat of my Mother’s car.

Human Design is a tool to teach love. Human Design is a tool to teach us how to not only love ourselves but love each other better.

And, in case you forget, when we look at the G-Center, the Center that has not only our identity encoded into it, but is also the Center for Love and Direction, we see that we literally ARE Love.

This week, as my Big Birthday Wish, I would love it if you spend some time contemplating the Love that you are. My wish for this year is that we all fall deeply and madly in love with ourselves.

And that, when we remember the Love that we are, we turn around and help lift each other up.

That thought makes me very happy and I’m going to savor the vision of all these loving, helping hands guiding each other through the world for the rest of the year.

Thank you for being YOU! The Love in this world exists because of You.

From my Heart to Yours,

This week’s theme has the potential for deep spiritual alignment through the path of devotion.

The Sun moves this week in the Gate 29, the Gate of Devotion. The Earth transits the Gate 30, the Gate of Passion.

The energy of the Gate 29 has the power to shatter the limits of what has been before. It is through devotion, dedication, perseverance and 100% unadulterated faith, that we are able to create something that has never been done before.

We think devotion and perseverance requires effort and will. Certainly the Gate 29 can often be experienced as a kind of “fake” will power because of its ability to call us forward even when we’re tired and depleted. This energy is the same energy that compels an athlete to get out of bed and train in the early hours of the morning, even when they’re tired, because they have a vision, a goal and the desire to experience the full expression of their life force through their physical form.

It’s not the effort that sustains the devotion. It’s the faith – the unwavering commitment to fulfilling the dream – that keeps pulling us forward to do the “work” of transforming the world and moving towards a future that we can only see in our minds eye.

The Gate 29 is rooted on the Sacral Center, giving it responsive, sustainable energy – the consistency that only devotion can bring to the table – that ensures that it succeeds in the end.

When we work with this energy we can tap into an unusual ability to create success because we don’t back away from the “hard” work. But, because the call forward is rooted in faith – something bigger than our individual selves – the “work” feels easy. We simply show up for the next right step and it keeps unfolding as a result of our attention and presence….

…and from our commitment to seeing it through, no matter what.

With the Earth grounding us in the Gate 30, the Gate of Passion, we consciously cultivate and hold “fire” under the vision of what we’re building. The fire in our souls give us even more power to keep going, even if it seems like the actualization of the dream is far off. Sometimes the “work” we do is to keep the fires of our passion burning and to not let despair, malaise, laziness or our own self-doubt get in the way of taking the next right step, no matter how small it may be…

Faith is like a muscle. We have to tend to it and work at it every day. It needs practice and repetition to strengthen. If we fail to practice, we can’t call on faith to call us forward. We won’t be strong enough or brave enough to wait for the next RIGHT step. This lack of Faith can cause us to fail to commit, commit to the wrong thing, or commit to so many things that we are overcommitted. Any one of these failures to commit correctly – through response, towards a vision and with passion – can lead to burnout.

With the New Moon in the Gate 29 on Tuesday, we are being invited to engage with this lunar month by exploring our faith, passion and consequent commitments.

We are learning to discover what and who we need to devote ourselves to. We are learning how to sustain ourselves so that we can sustain our devotion. We are mastering learning to learn to say “no” to what we need to say “no” to in order to be able to say “yes” to what we want to say “yes” to.

Mercury starts the week also in the Gate 29 moving to the Gate 59, the Gate of Sustainability, encouraging us to share our devotion and dreams with each other and then collaborate and share ways in which we can support each other.

Venus starts the week in the Gate 52, the Gate of Perspective, giving us a big picture overview of what we want and need in our relationships. She moves to the Gate 39, the Gate of Re-Calibration on Tuesday, inviting us to align ourselves with clarity around what we really want to create in our relationships.

Mars in the Gate 42, the Gate of Conclusion, continues to encourage us to finish the old patterns and circumstances in our relationships and anything else that needs to be handled to make room for something new.It’s a great time to take care of any lingering business or tasks that need to be handled so that you can prepare your energy to receive the next set of instructions from the Universe.

The outer planets and the nodes all are begging us to get connected to Source, to see the bigger meaning of our lives, to be still and hear the voice of Divine Inspiration in our soul’s and to trust that we don’t have to figure out WHAT to DO.We need to simply decide who and what we serve and let the Universe reveal to us what needs to be done in service.

I know I’ve been saying for weeks that we need to nurture ourselves.It bears repeating that we need to continue to take care of ourselves.The Gate 30, the Gate of Passion, is also a marker for potential burnout.If we are not dedicating ourselves to our right path and we are compromised in any way OR if we’re pushing and panicking instead of aligning with Divine Timing, we run the risk of burning out.

Remember burnout is an energy state that keeps you from:

  • Being fully engaged in life with joy
  • Moving forward from the past
  • Keeps you from expressing your authentic potential
  • Keeps you from making your authentic contribution to the world
  • Keeps you from fulfilling your Destiny

The physical symptoms of burnout include (but are not limited to):

  • Feeling tired and drained most of the time
  • Lowered immunity
  • Frequent headaches, back pain, muscle pain
  • Change in appetite, sleep habits

The emotional symptoms of burnout include:

  • Self-doubt and sense of failure
  • Feeling helpless, trapped, defeated
  • Detachment and feeling alone in the world
  • Loss of motivation
  • Cynical and negative outlook
  • Decreased satisfaction and sense of accomplishment

Behavioral symptoms of burnout include:

  • Procrastination, resistance
  • Avoidance
  • Shutting others out
  • Using food, drugs or alcohol (or other addictions) to cope
  • Taking out frustration with others
  • Failing to show up for work (or show up late)

Take inventory of your vitality this week and be sure to stay in alignment with your joy, your potential, your unique, vital and irreplaceable role in the Cosmic Plan and your destiny.

Have a great week!