Quantum Human Design Evolution 7-25-2021


Sun transits Gate 31

the SunWe have a tendency to talk about the influence of the Sun first, as the most “important” influence of the transits or in our natal charts. The Sun is considered to be a “masculine” archetype. The energy of the Sun shines and radiates, emphasizing the weekly theme that shows us what we’re “putting out” into the world.

Like the Sun, the Earth also highlights all 64 of the Human Design Gates over the journey of a year. We rarely focus on the Earth as a key element of the weekly transits – or even in our natal charts. I wonder how much of that is because Earth represents a more “feminine” archetype.

The Sun and the Earth travel across from each other around the Human Design mandala doing a “matched pair” dance all year long. The Sun, in true partnership with the Earth, can not shine its brightest light without the gifts that the Earth brings him.

EarthWe must first master the themes that the Earth highlights each week (or in your natal chart) before we can fulfill the evolutionary tasks of the Sun.

Often this requires of us to allow or receive the energy the Earth is highlighting. Sometimes it means we need to align with the theme of the Earth in order to fulfill the full potential of the energy of the week.

Bottom line?

The Earth placement is essential.

It grounds us, fills us up, helps us build a foundation and gives us what we need so that we can continue on our journey around the Sun.

The Power of the Earth

This week the Earth brings us a vital task. The Earth highlights the Gate 41, the Gate of Imagination. The Gate 41 brings us the task of learning to use our creative imagination to generate ideas about new abundant opportunities in the world, to sustain these abundant visions, share them when necessary, and to use the power our imagination to break old patterns and limiting beliefs so that we can hold the vision of a miracle that transcends expectations.

It’s a Gate theme that is powerfully creative. I know many great and influential writers and artists who have this energy in their natal chart.

Gate 41 - ImaginationThe Gate 41 is one of the Gates in the chart that reminds us of the power of dreaming. You can’t build something new – you can’t evolve – without a dream, a goal, an energetic template that guides your actions. You need a dream to help you sort through all the opportunities the world is showing you. Without a dream you lose focus and merely bob along, flowing whichever way catches your attention in the moment.

The shadow of the Gate 41 is fantasy. When we live the low expression of the Gate 41, we are at risk of imagining worst-case scenarios and fixating on them. We have big ideas but we fail to check in with ourselves to see if our ideas are rooted in a reaction to a struggle with our own sense of value or our worth.

Here’s the deal.

The Gate 41 reminds us of the essential power of dreaming and imagining. It’s such a powerful theme that the Sun transiting the Gate 41 actually marks the beginning of the Human Design year. Every year starts with a dream.

But, if we stop dreaming, either because we feel defeated by our reality or we lose connection to our value and we stop believing that we are worthy of fulfilling our dreams, we lose momentum. We put ourselves at risk for getting stuck in old patterns and we get quagmired in a life that has lost its spark and passion. We shut the door to miracles and growth. We cut off the parts of ourselves that long to evolve and grow.

The archetype of the Gate 41 gives us a trickle line to walk when we’re consciously creating.  We have to be confident, as part of the creative process, but we also have to know where the line is between confidence and delusion. The key to knowing the difference is in gauging your self-worth. If you truly value yourself, you protect yourself from the shadow of fantasy and you can go confidently in the direction of your dreams.

If you don’t value yourself, you are vulnerable to lies, deceit and even having your own dreams denied or hijacked by others who are trying to prove their own value by getting you to buy into their delusions. You’re also vulnerable to delusions of grandeur that you push to manifest as a way of trying to prove your value – the true shadow of “ego”.

Power in the Quantum Human Design Chart

This is a very powerful lesson to learn with the Sun this week highlighting the Gate 31, the Gate of the Leader…

Quarter of the Template - 2ndWe are in the final two weeks of the Quarter of the Template where we are giving voice to our dreams, speaking, sharing and building the energetic scaffold for their construction in the world. The Gate 31, invites us to explore our own sense of empowerment, how much control or influence do we feel like we have over our lives and the direction our life is taking us.

We don’t always have direct influence over the circumstances of our lives. What reveals itself through our outer reality is often an essential lesson, a reflection, that supports us in exploring how much we love and value ourselves.

As much as we sometimes feel like this is punishment from the Gods, it’s really an artifact of a Cosmic feedback loop that helps us dance in response to life and to consciously push against what we don’t want so that we can redefine what we do want and to keep expanding and creating.

You do, however, have direct influence or power over how you respond to the circumstances of your life. When your dreams are taking their sweet time to manifest or things seem to be heading south, it’s up to you to continue to ground yourself in visions of possibility and stay confident, provided you are also nurturing your lovability and your self-worth. Re-aligning with a dream is supposed to be expansive, not settling for less than you deserve.

Gate 31 - LeaderLeadership energy in the Human Design chart is in three important Gates. The Gate 31, the Gate of the Leader, which is democratic leadership, leadership that is recognized and invited and comes from the Heart. 

The Gate 45, the Gate of Distribution, is all about sharing resources with others and taking leadership to help others create “more”.  This Gate also comes from the Heart.

The third Gate of leadership is the Gate 34, the Gate of Power which comes off the Sacral Center, bringing us the response to either nurture or work to provide care and sustainable resources for others.

As you can see, leadership and power in the chart is not about seizing, taking, usurping or violently forcing others to follow.

True leadership is designed to be loving, expansive and increases the resources and sustainability of others.

The influence of leadership is, by design, beneficial and expansive, comes from the Heart not ego and, as we see this week, is routed in a dream – a vision of possibility that breaks the collective free form the patterns of the past.

We lead when we BE our authentic selves, not when we put on some ego-based disguise as an attempt to try to prove our worth and value. Remember, you are inherently valuable simply because you exist.

As we expand on the theme of the Gate 31 this week, I encourage you to explore your own relationship and the  narrative you tell yourself (and the world) about your sense of empowerment.

Are you harnessing your own power by rooting it in a dream that is truly worthy of you?

Do you trust the Universe enough to let go and really let yourself dream with confidence so that you movement forward includes essential steps to making your dream a reality?

Are you putting yourself in situations where you are letting your own dreams and desires take a backseat to someone else’s dreams?

The shadow of this Sun/Earth combination this week is worth noting. When we are following someone else’s dream, buying into their need to prove their own value or the power of their ego, instead of pursuing our own dreams and healing our own self-worth, we run the risk of abdicating our power to someone else.

Don’t do that.

Channel 41-30 - IntentionJupiter Moves to Gate 30

Last thing for this week…Jupiter moves from the Gate 55, the Gate of Faith, to the Gate 30, the Gate of Passion, meeting up with the Earth in the Gate 41, completing the Channel of Intention. 

Jupiter brings us the blessings of adding fuel and fire to our dreams.

The Earth is inviting us to dream big and to heal our self-worth.

Jupiter promises, in response, to bring us the passion and to fan the flames of our dreams long enough for us to see them take form.

Dream big and don’t settle for less than what you deserve this week!

Or ever…

From my Heart to Yours,