Quantum Human Design & Consciousness – QAS Show

In this Quantum Alignment Show, join Karen Curry Parker, for part one of a series of two Quantum Alignment Shows. We’re going to be exploring your Quantum Human Design™, the relationship between your Design and HOW you connect to Source and consciousness.

You’re going to learn the spiritual purpose of your Quantum Human Design Type, how you can deepen your faith, how you can improve your ability to tap into “flow states” and use the power of your chart to create what you want in your life.

You were born at this time for a reason. Understanding the cosmic nature of your Quantum Human Design helps you create more deeply in alignment with your unique purpose so you can find deeper meaning, more harmony and help you transform your fear of visibility, success, of not being good enough and ending up alone. You are a vital, unique and irreplaceable part of the Cosmic Plan! Join me and remember the true story of Who You Are.

Resources Mentioned:

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