Quantum Human Design™ and Your Path to Success—It Actually IS Rocket Science!

The Quantum Alignment Show is a weekly hour long LIVE show that airs on Facebook and Zoom.

This show was created by Karen Curry Parker with the intention of helping you live your life Authentically Aligned with the Truth of Who You Are by helping understand yourself better through various topics, energy modalities, healing tools and the lens of Quantum Human Design!

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Quantum Human Design™ and Your Path to Success—It Actually IS Rocket Science!

Think your “success” is tied to some future state or event? In this Quantum Alignment Show, Quantum Human Design™ Specialist and Quantum Alignment System™ Practitioner Dr. Melissa Corley Carter, will help you find evidence that what you seek is already here.

Go from feeling stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed and reactive, to feeling inspired, powerful, fulfilled, and fired up.

Come prepared to have fun, learn some rocket science (no math or equations!) connect with yourself and others in your community and expand into the zestful, purposeful life you were born to live.

Bring something to write with and something to write on—reflection will be built into our time together. Here’s to your success!

Melissa is opening up a special set of Laser Quantum Human Design™ sessions (30 minutes each) through the end of September. Learn more and book a session at https://www.resilienceactually.com/individual-services

Melissa’s recently-released book of photography and inspiration, Running the World: Marathon Memoirs from the Seven Continents, is available to order at https://www.resilienceactually.com/runningtheworld

Connect with Melissa:
Website: https://www.resilienceactually.com
Specialist Profile click here
Email: melissa@resilienceactually.com


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