Quantum Alignment System Coaching Sessions

The Quantum Alignment System sessions are coaching/healing sessions. They incorporate your Human Design Chart, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), subtle energy therapies such as essential oils and flower essences, and helping you to open the possibility that is available to you in the Quantum Field of Infinite Possibilities. Your personal Quantum Alignment System Practitioner will take you through assessment and clearing and then aligning to your new higher energy or vibration.

There are several ways you can work with one of our Quantum Alignment Practitioners.

Sessions include:


Quantum Alignment Initial Assessment

You will meet with your Practitioner. They will assess you using both your Human Design Chart and kinesiology/muscle testing to focus on where you are open to changing and rewriting your story.


Master Alignment Coaching

This will be a series of coaching sessions that focus on the Nine Resiliency Keys / Archetypes that may be blocked or not open to their highest potential. This is usually a 6-9 session program that allows you, the client, to become aware of all nine resiliency keys and how they have been manifesting in your life. Through EFT, the power of questions, and journaling, your Practitioner will guide you in opening up more fully to the energy of these nine archetypes – which will open you up to a new energy and reality of BEING.

Your Quantum Alignment System Practitioner will be able to see possible blocks or patterns of behavior from your Human Design chart. From there, your Practitioner will assess you by asking you questions and using muscle/energy testing to find where you may be blocked. In 3-9 sessions in a one-on-one or group session, the Practitioner will guide you through a protocol using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and then help you ground the new energy with flower essences, essential oils, or crystals. You will be given a Dream Seed to help you open up your mental and emotional levels to a new possibility. There will be homework for you to help you become aware of things that you have been hiding from the world.

Specialty Coaching Sessions

In life, there are avenues that we express our energy and vibration. If our vibration is low or blocked, this avenue may become a sore point in your life, a place where you just can’t seem to succeed or feel “at home.” The Quantum Alignment System can also help you hone in on these areas of your life that might not be in the highest vibration.

These will also normally be 3-9 sessions (or more) to help you align with the new possibility of this area of your life. These also could be a group coaching environment for learning, sharing and growth.

The different areas are:

QAS specialty coaching
QAS specialty coaching 1

To find a Quantum Alignment System Practitioner, please visit the Quantum Alignment System Practitioner page.

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