Sandra Lee

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Services Offered

  • Quantum Alignment Initial Assessment
  • Master Alignment Coaching

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Other Services Offered

  • Emotion Code/Body Code
  • Massage therapy

Certification Level

Quantum Alignment Practitioner Level 2


I have been a Human Design Specialist since 2012. I find the Quantum Alignment System to be a powerful way to assist people in healing and moving forward.


  • HD Level 4
  • Many other HD classes
  • QAS Level 2
  • Licensed Massage and continuing ed
  • B.S. Chemistry
  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition


Abundance By Design

Personal Story

Since beginning QAS training, my personal evolution has expanded. I am personally experiencing the difference Quantum Alignment makes. I have been a practitioner of energetic healing techniques for 25+ years, and appreciate the addition of Quantum Alignment. Combining HD principles with EFT makes a very powerful healing combination.

My Goal As Your Practitioner

I help you recognize and appreciate yourself for the truth of who you are. As we do Quantum Alignment together, you can discover freedom from limitations that were created by traumatic experiences. I help you find peacefulness and create fulfillment. Who do you really want to be in life??

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Miracle Inspirations



(250) 498-9753

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Penticton, British Columbia, and Olympia, Washington


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Personal Note

I help you understand the truth of who you are by Design, then support you in stepping into that Truth. You CAN Heal Yourself! Breathe