Vera Novak

Human Design Profile


Services Offered

  • Quantum Alignment Initial Assessment
  • Master Alignment Coaching
  • Relationship Alignment Activation Coaching
  • Abundance Activation Alignment Coaching

Human Design Type

Manifesting Generator

Other Services Offered

  • Birth Time Discovery –
  • META-Health Coach ( Illness Root Cause Analysis)
  • Dowsing and Muscle Testing charts (Prioritizing/Next Best Step)
  • Energy Clearings (Inner and Outer Environments)

Certification Level

Quantum Alignment Practitioner Level 3


I have been the Quantum Alignment System (formerly Healing by Human Design) Practitioner since April 2014. Quantum Alignment System is a powerful tool for transforming the energetic conundrums we find in Human Design Chart. I invite you to test its effectiveness. Together we can greatly minimize energy leaks.


  • Information System Technology Diploma – Professional 1985-2016

Personal Story

Human Design became a helpful tool on my own healing journey. I was recovering from chronic fatigue syndrome for couple of years with many other energy tools, when I was introduced to Human Design in 2011. Understanding the inner and outer energetic influences increased my ability to reclaim my energy. The compassion for others and myself grew over the last 5 years allowing me to create a more harmonious, energized and loving environments.

My Goal As Your Practitioner

Is to help you connect the pieces of your life journey story, in order to shift your perspectives and activate your body’s innate healing abilities for improved wellness, richer relationships and higher levels of abundance.

Contact Information


(604) 230-3390

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Pacific Time Zone

Languages Spoken

English, Czech

Personal Note

I conduct my readings over the video chat on Zoom. Let me shine light, energy and information on your puzzle pieces for mastering your energies.