Albertine Phan

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  • Quantum Alignment Initial Assessment

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  • Integrative Soul Technology
  • Human Potential Development coaching

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Quantum Alignment Practitioner Level 1


I’m a Multi Sensory ClairSentient High Level Empath. That means I feel, I see and I hear energy. Sometimes I can even smell it. My special intuitive gift is the ability to see how well your energy is in agreement within the Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual layers. When I look at your design in relationship to your energetic structure, I can see how much your energy is invested in the past and the areas of your life that are still operating with the belief systems of your conditioning.


  • Human Design Levels 1-4
  • Reiki
  • Pranic Healing
  • Classical Homeopathy
  • Yoga
  • One Brain Method


  • Best selling collaborative author Get Your Woman On
  • Thinking Upside Down Living Right Side Up

Personal Story

I began studying Human Design intensively in 2013 to complement my Energy Medicine Practice. The necessity for a better quality of life without pharmaceuticals became my passion as a teenager and is now my area of expertise to guide people to reach their Highest Potential.
After more than 30 years of studying energy based healing modalities, I’m excited to say that Human Design is a very accurate system that shows the unique energetic wiring potential of an individual for Self-Liberation and the evolution of Human Potential. From the moment I had my first reading, I felt it in my Soul that Human Design offers clear directives for the Human Spirit to grow and evolve.
I’m very passionate about Self-Liberation and the Collective Evolution of Consciousness to Create Sustainable Peace and Resources for the Benefit of All here and beyond. I love to inspire people to live from the full potential of their design in such a manner that there is no separation from the Primordial State of Intelligence and the Individual Unique Contribution we each came here to make.

My Goal As Your Practitioner

The primary focus of a reading is to identify the discrepancy between the potential of your design and your current Life circumstances as well as how to better use your Life Force.

A reading provides you with a clear plan of action to maintain your energy moving with integrity and functioning as a whole and complete sustainable system with new “Emotional Behaviours” for greater freedom of authentic expression.

Single readings are available as well as bundles of 3, 5 or 10 readings to facilitate the exploration to expose the source of stress, anxiety, negative self talk and trauma that is held in your energetic make up as memories and contracts.

A complete reading includes taking the “charge” out of “Emotional Behaviour” holding patterns so that you can live the authentic energetic story of your Body of Light with abundance and infinite power of creativity without reliving and recreating the past.

What’s unique about what I do is I can bring the energy layers of your Energetic Structure to the vibrational level of your Primordial Resonant State in present time so that you are in integrity using your Human Design.

The most common feedback I receive after I do readings and healing sessions is a greater sense of acceptance, clarity, calm, self-confidence and feeling at peace with what’s possible.

Knowing your Human Design is a clear map of the energetic themes that have shaped your Life to this point.

If you don’t like the story you hear yourself telling about yourself, it’s time to create choices where none seemed to exist before.

I do Human Design readings to encourage you to create the Life you wish, desire and aspire to from a place of choice in present time, free from conditioning and outdated “Emotional Behaviour” patterns that no longer serve.

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Switched On Health



(213) 633-7967

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English, French

Personal Note

All readings include a 15 minute follow up. I record and do all my readings and sessions via zoom.
Use this alternative email if you don’t hear back from me within 24 hours.