Quantum Alignment Show- Wake Up and Dream

Quantum Alignment Show- Wake Up and Dream

Welcome to our Special Solstice Edition of the Quantum Alignment Show
with Karen Curry Parker originally broadcast LIVE on 12/21/2018 on Human Design For Everyone Facebook page.  Join us every Friday at 1 pm for a new show.

Some of the resources mentioned:
http://bit.ly/2AcV0AX slide handout
https://bit.ly/2Cs9y1d  To register for 2019 Quantum Activation Class
https://youtu.be/cyWYywXDr7Q QAS Show on Quantum Creativity

I have a special invitation for you. I want to invite you into the Future.

The future can not be proven (yet).

It is also not set in stone.

To create the future, you have to dream.

To understand the power of your dreams, you need to know the science behind dreaming.

Your ability to dream is the single most powerful skill you have to craft a truly meaningful and sufficient life.

I want you to think about this year.  Think about where you were this time last year.  Now think about this time of year five years ago.

I’m going to take a wild guess that you are not in the same place that you were five years ago.  Maybe even one year ago…

You really can change your life quite dramatically in a year.

Sometimes we change in response to events that feel wild and out of control.

You may not always be able to control what happens to you.

But you can control your experience of it.

You can also increase the probability that you will create what you want in your life, if you understand how to leverage the potentials available to you.

In yesterday’s Quantum Alignment Show I laid it all out on the table for you. We talked about what’s really up on the planet right now, how is consciousness evolving, the cosmic story of your existence in the Earthly Life Story you’re living, the creative power of your emotions, imagination and Heart and how you must have a good relationship with your Dreams if you’re going to manifest them.

Yesterday I gave you the knowledge of how to create.