Quantum Alignment Show – Shining a Light on your Gifts using Human Design

Human Design gives us a way to look at how we’re uniquelly wired to use Life Giving Energy to shine our gifts.

We all have stories and conditioning that sometimes mask our natural gifts and tendencies.

This week join Vera Novak and Albertine Phan to find out what is shining and what is hiding in your Human Design.

This show was originally broadcast Live on the Human Design For Everyone Facebook page on July 27, 2018

Vera and Albertine will combine their intuitive perspectives to look at your Human Design chart and offer their insights about how you can improve on using all of the energy already available to you.

The gifts you already have to offer are ready for you to receive.

To fully benefit from the mechanics of your wiring, old emotional habits and old stories that were accumulated when you didn’t have the strength to stay in the Truth of who you are have to be released.

Don’t forget to join us each week for the Live Quantum Alignment Show on Fridays at 1 PM Central on Human Design For Everyone Facebook page

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