Quantum Alignment Show – Secrets of a Gutsy Empath

Secrets Of A Gutsy Empath with guest host Elaine Correia, originally broadcast Live on Human Design for Everyone Facebook page on July 6, 2018

Do you find yourself stifled, tongue-tied and unable to do what you see that needs to be done?

You bite your tongue because you don’t want to rock the boat and cause an emotional storm, even when you know the best solution. You’re exhausted, emotionally drained and spiritually numb, yet you still think you can do just one more thing for someone who asks.

You dream of having a quiet day all to yourself just to rest and do something that you want to do, without kids, employees, customers- even your partner!

Then the phone rings and you automatically answer it……

Does this sound familiar?

Take heart. There is nothing wrong with you- it just the way you are wired. As an empath, you are designed to be caring, compassionate and serving. In fact, being highly sensitive and receiving invisible information has a special place in life and you play a very valuable role in the world.

The trick is to understand just what your enhanced abilities are good for and overcome the urge to run and hide from all of the emotional and energetic chaos.

Explore what it means to be a highly sensitive empath in a minimally sensitive world. Discover the higher purpose of your sensitive nature. Shift your perception of your sensitivity to seeing it as a blessing and a powerful tool that allows you to perform your earthly tasks with more efficiency and effectiveness. If you want to know more or share your wins and woes of being a highly sensitive empath, you’re invited to my website, www.elainec.com or email me at elaine@elainec.com.

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