Quantum Alignment Show – Saturn Continued

Continuing our Exploration of Saturn – May 4, 2018

Join guest hosts Jamila Jamie, Mary Silver and Cindy Harley as they continue the discussion on the challenges of Saturn in your chart along with rewards of your natal Jupiter. This show was broadcast LIVE on our Human Design For Everyone Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/HumanDesignF…

If you would like to learn more about your Cycles and how they can impact your life at certain points (i.e. Saturn around 28-29/58-59, Chiron around age 50 and Uranus), we invite you to attend Karen’s class on May 6, 2018 on Life Cycles. Go here for more information: http://quantumalignmentsystem.pages.o…

Remember that finding out about the story of your Saturn and Jupiter Gates are only part of the story. To really start dipping into the beauty that is you, you should have a human design reading with a specialist. Both Jamie and Mary are Human Design Specialists trained by Karen. If you would like to sign up for a reading with either of our two guest hosts, Please check out these links: For Jamila Jamie go to: http://energist.net/shop/ For Mary Silver go to: https://www.marybaileysilver.com/stor… Mary Silver’s 5 part series on prosperity and wealth – you may sign up for this FREE series at https://www.marybaileysilver.com/p/pr… Jamila Jamie also designs and prepares wonderful Flower essences you may see her flower essence products and find the one that will help you align with your higher self at http://potionlady.com/

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