Quantum Alignment Show – Quantum Creativity and Human Design

Quantum Alignment Show broadcast LIVE on Facebook on 6-1-2018

Do the current events have you feeling overwhelmed and confused?

Are you wondering what’s up on the planet right now and what’s your unique role in creating an era of sustainable peace?

No matter how conscious you may be, you can still get overwhelmed with the energy of the times. We are literally living in the middle of a massive evolutionary shift and this time of massive change can leave us feeling confused and overwhelmed.

Remembering your Authentic Self and living a life aligned with who you truly are is the first vital steps to activating your fundamental creative power and playing your role in the evolution of the world. We must be true to who we are, breaking free of our conditioning and in the process we also lift and free our fellow humans.

Science is finally catching up with what the artists, dreamers, intuitives and leaders of the spiritual world have always known as Truth. We are all connected. We are powerful creators and knowing the science and mechanics of harnessing the power of your quantum creativity is vital to helping you, not only create an abundant life for yourself, but add to the evolution of the world.

Come Discover Your Unique Energy Blueprint (Human Design) & What You Need to Do to Thrive During This Powerful Time!

During this introductory evening you’re going to discover:

Your unique energy blueprint (your Human Design) and what you need to do to fully activate your energy potential so that you can thrive and stay resilient during this time of massive change.

The mechanics of Quantum Creativity and how to leverage the power of the Quantum Field .

How to keep your energy clean, take care of yourself, do what you came here to do and help others through this amazing transition.

Resources Mentioned:
To request your Human Design Chart visit: understandinghumandesign.com

To download the worksheet with Questions for your Open Centers: http://bit.ly/2Hcb2f9

To download the worksheet with Affirmations for your Open Centers: http://bit.ly/2LPEP0E

To download the worksheet with Affirmations for your Defined Centers: http://bit.ly/2J7Bk49

To find out more information and join our Summer Challenge: https://kcurry.lpages.co/manifesting-by-design-14-day-challenge/

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