Quantum Alignment Show- Push and Pull of Conundrums

Quantum Alignment Show originally aired on 7/13/2018 on Human Design for Everyone Facebook page

The Human design body graph tells a story through energy dynamics, and rarely does all the energy flow in the same direction and transmit a simple tale. Like any good book, there are plot twists and challenges built in the Human Design chart, which we refer to as “conundrums”. These inner conflicting energies can actually serve to guide us into higher awareness and greater power if we understand and work with them.

This week, join guest hosts Caroline Gaddy and Albertine Phan as they explain the “push and pull” of conundrums in your Human Design Energetic Profile They will answer your questions concerning your current challenges by looking at the energetic dynamic of the conundrums in your Human Design chart. The emphasis will be on how conundrums actually encourage your growth and expansion at the Soul level. Join this conversation to learn how to identify a conundrum and how to, most importantly, love and appreciate the potential wisdom they offer.

To take advantage of Caroline’s and Albertines offers: Caroline will be offering two fifteen-minute follow up coaching sessions with the purchase of any reading, and her email for this offer is humandesignwithcaroline@yahoo.com.

Albertine will be offering a session at 50% off with this link https://form.jotform.com/81868324116257 and her email is Albertine@SwitchedOnHealth.com for questions etc.

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