Quantum Alignment Show – Power in your Human Design Type

Power and your Human Design Type

Originally broadcast LIVE on Human Design For Everyone Facebook page. on November 2, 2018.

Join Karen Curry Parker for this week’s Quantum Alignment Show where you’re going to learn more about how to turn on your POWER.

There are five energy Types in Human Design. Each Type has a unique purpose and role. ALL TYPES ARE POWERFUL. But to tap into the power of your Type, you have to understand the true purpose of your Type, how activate your Power and your unique role in the Cosmic Plan.

Join Karen and learn how to feel empowered and impactful by living true to your Human Design Type.

Resources mentioned during the class:
To download the slide handout: http://bit.ly/2CVBdby
To find out more about Quantum Leadership Activation Program
Book for Projectors: Frederick by Leo Lionni

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