Quantum Alignment Show Power and Human Design

Quantum Alignment Show Power and Human Design

The Quantum Alignment Show was originally broadcast LIVE on Friday, October 19, 2018 on the Human Design For Everyone Facebook page. If you would like to join us on weekly broadcasts, please like our Facebook page for notifications.

Got POWER?? Join me for this week’s Quantum Alignment Show. We’re going to be talking about POWER and where you can find it (and activate it) in your Human Design chart

We are all powerful.

In fact being empowered is so important that we go through two different developmental phases as children that teach us how to become powerful.

When we think of being powerful, most of us think of the use of force, fighting or even being manipulative or evil.

When we don’t use our power correctly, we burn out, feel stuck or – well – powerless and we feel that we don’t have control over our lives and maintaining our well-being.

Becoming empowered and powerful is very different than most of us have been trained. It’s not necessarily a skill or a personality trait. Being powerful comes from being aligned with your natural energy and working correctly with key elements in your Human Design chart.

If you feel powerless, or you’re looking for ways to amp up your power, watch the replay.

Resources Mentioned in the class:
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