Quantum Alignment Show – How to Stop Tantrums with Kristin Shorter

How To Stop Tantrums without Begging, Screaming or Bribing Your Child

This show was originally broadcast Live on January 11, 2019 on our Human Design For Everyone Facebook page

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Join Kristin Shorter, Parent Coach, Human Design Level 4 Specialist, as she talks about how when children lack the ability to articulate their feelings they use their behavior. Misbehavior is a way for them to communicate that something’s wrong and request your help.

Tantrums don’t happen because children are spoiled or undisciplined.

According to Dr. Rudolf Dreikurs, there are four reasons why children act out.

Children misbehave because they cannot effectively communicate their needs. When children throw tantrums, they are trying to tell you that something is wrong.

But sometimes because we, the parents, have so much going on, we don’t get the memo…

In this show Kristin introduced a brand-new class that she is teaching for parents. If you are a parent who would like to discover why your child is acting out and find empowering parenting strategies to help you manage your child in a respectful and loving way and restore peace in your home.

Imagine parenting without frustration or anger because you teach your kids how to communicate what their needs are, and they tell you instead of using their behavior.

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To register for upcoming class Single Payment: http://bit.ly/2SQ5NIy

Two payments: http://bit.ly/2SQSMOX

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