Quantum Alignment Show- Follow Your Bliss – Find Your Uniqueness

Welcome to the Quantum Alignment Show – Follow Your Bliss! Find Your Uniqueness on the Quantum Path by Becoming Your Own Hero! with guest host, Tina Rusnak.

Yesterday on the Quantum Alignment Show, Human Design Specialist Tina Rusnak, shared with us a powerful path to creating Bliss in your life by living your Human Design.

During this QAS you’ll learn how to look at the “Hero’s Journey”  in your chart and other revelations gifted to us by Joseph Campbell.  You’ll also further the basis and truth of Quantum Creation and Human Design and how you can use these lessons and tools to:

  • Discover Your Own Uniqueness & Unlimited Pathways to Bliss
  • Get on your path to bliss consciously, with clarity of purpose and confidence in your “center”
  • Grow in courage by adapting new practices that keep you moving forward and out of fear

And Tina added some goodies for people who can’t access them by clicking here