Quantum Alignment Show – Energy, Your Physical Body and Human Design

Quantum Alignment Show originally broadcast Live 8-3-2018 on Human Design For Everyone Facebook page

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Quantum Alignment Show Energy and Your Physical Body and Human Design

Have you ever wondered why you all of a sudden feel a wave of tiredness?

Or you get a boost of energy when you are in a crowd?

Or you feel drained after going to a conference?

Or you walk into a coffee shop and feel a sudden wave of anger?

There are so many different forms or vibrations of energy around us. There are the Solar Flares and Solar Wind. There is the energy that people bring to us. Heck, there is the energy (or group consciousness) of a class or convention or sporting event. How can knowing your Human Design and what different vibrations that are around you, help you to feel energized or rested?

Come join Jamila Jamie and Cindy as our guest hosts for this week’s Quantum Alignment Show.

They will be talking about energy, Openness in your Human Design Chart, Solar Flares and how to get yourself Centered in times of funky world energy (think about Eclipse Season and Mercury Retrograde periods)

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