Quantum Alignment Show – Empowering Youth through Human Design

Quantum Alignment Show – Empowering Youth through Human Design with Diana Pushi, Human Design Specialist

Join us every Friday at 1 PM Central to join in the conversation with Karen Curry Parker and guest hosts as we discuss Human Design, Quantum Alignment and Ways to Empower You.

Join Guest Host, Diana Pushi, Human Design Level 4 Specialist as she discusses how you may use the understanding of Human Design to help our young adults and college students thrive.

During high school and college, Diana’s daughter struggled with anxiety and depression.

After realizing her daughter was an empathic Projector she was able to empower her daughter to receive the recognition she needed and tap into her awareness and intuition.

Today, Diana’s daughter is a powerful Projector that makes a big impact as an intuitive coach and speaker. She’s gone through all levels of education in NLP, Personal development, energy healing etc.. BUT above all she trusts herself and her intuition.

During this show, Diana shares how Human Design gave her the direction to support her daughter and the confidence to live and work her purpose; helping young adults and college students learn empowerment, creativity and mindfulness with Human Design being a tool of self-awareness and guidance.

If you need a Human Design chart please go to https://understandinghumandesign.com to request your chart.