Quantum Alignment Show – 3 Keys to Creating Your Value

Recorded from a Live Broadcast on July 20, 2018 3 Keys to Creating YOUR Value with guest host Alana Heim

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In a world with so many ideas, people, and products, do you often wonder where your value fits in?

Do you doubt your own value and abilities to create MORE?

If you answered yes, this week’s Quantum Alignment Show is for you.

Join us as guest host, Alana Heim, guides you to create more simplicity, purpose, and choice in your life because your value is needed in the world.

She will teach you how to understand and create your value through the use of your Human Design chart. She will focus specifically on how following your Strategy and listening to your Authority allows you to stand in your value whether the Will Center is Defined or Undefined.

Alana will answer your questions concerning your current value challenges. She will also provide insights into just how valuable you really are. Join this conversation to learn more about your value found in the chart and how to recognize its connection to money.

To learn more about Alana, you are invited to visit her website, www.ProsperityAlignment.com or email her at [email protected]

To find out more about Alana’s new class that begins July, 2018 go to www.alanaheim.com

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