Quantum Alignment Show – 2019 Planetary Transits and your Human Design Chart Pt 2

Quantum Alignment Show – 2019 Planetary Transits and your Human Design Chart Pt 2

Quantum Alignment Show – Planetary Transits and your Human Design chart with Karen Curry Parker. Originally broadcast LIVE on 12/14/2018.

Join Karen Curry Parker this week for Part 2 of Understanding How the Planets Influence Your Human Design chart.

This week’s you’re going to learn about the energies of the different planets, how they influence collectively and personally and how you can consciously use the energy of the planets to expand and evolve the goodness in your life.

We’ll also be exploring the skills you need to grow to make 2019 a truly empowering year and what you can do to work with the high-speed manifesting energy of 2019.

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Resources Mentioned:
Slide Handout for this show: http://bit.ly/2BmZBR2
To view a just now chart: https://www.geneticmatrix.com/
For more information and to register for 2019 Quantum Activation Class https://kcurry.lpages.co/quantum-activation-2019/
To register for the Quantum Activation Video Series: https://www.quantumalignmentsystem.com/quantum-activation-video-series-opt-in
To purchase your copy of 2019 Transit Guide: https://www.quantumalignmentsystem.com/shop/books/2019-transit-guide/

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