Prosperity (R)Evolution-Quantum Alignment Show

Prosperity (R)Evolution

You are deeply prosperous…even during times of uncertainty, crisis, and well, right now. You are designed to be courageous, loved, and supported during this time. So much is changing around you. So much is changing within you.

There are more unwindings of the old grid coming through. Now is a good time to get clear on how you want to hold the frequency of prosperity as you move forward. What is prosperity? What changes are coming? What will it all look like?

In this week’s Quantum Alignment Show guest Host, Quantum Alignment Practitioner and Human Design Specialist, Alana Heim, invites you to look at prosperity through a new lens. Together, you will explore the new prosperity consciousness (r)evolution going on in the world, the role you play, and how to use your chart to stay grounded, aligned, and focused on the vision you see for yourself and the world. You will learn how the planetary energies influence you, and how to stand for love, liberty, and well-being on the planet.

It is important to trust yourself more than ever, and to remember that YOU are infinitely prosperous!

Resources mentioned:

To learn more about working with Alana visit her Practitioner page by clicking here

To learn more about Alana’s Courage Program – https://www.prosperityalignment.com/thrivenow

To learn more about the International Human Design Conference (virtual this year) being held 11-13 September 2020 – https://humandesignstore.com