Prince – The Storyteller Who Unified Us

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I was wanting to do this last week but I was in the middle of celebrating Passover with my family and I wanted to really take my time to share this with you in a meaningful way.

Last week the musician, Prince, passed away in my adopted hometown of Minneapolis.  My city is heartbroken over the loss of this wildly talented, courageous and hugely generous man.

Prince was truly a classic success story; a disadvantaged, horrifically shy, young black man who was bullied but pushed through his limitations to create phenomenal success.  He leveraged his success in incredibly generous ways, working with many charitable programs to help disadvantaged youth including, #yeswecode,  a national initiative to help 100,000 young women and men from low-opportunity backgrounds find success in the tech sector.

I want to share with you some of the highlights from Prince’s Human Design chart and then give you my insights into what I think happened energetically in his chart that may have created the energy for his transition.

Prince's Human Design chart

The first thing that stands out in Prince’s chart is that he had a defined Head and Ajna with creative energies that supported his transformative thinking and his ability to share ideas in a way that inspired us in new and innovative ways.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 10.26.10 AM


The theme of new innovations runs deep in his chart with the emotional Channel 35/36 “Transitoriness” defined and the Gate 35, “Change” in his Conscious Sun.  In addition, he had the Gate 41, Fantasy, in his Venus and the Gate 1, Self-Expression, in his moon, one of the driving force in his chart.

Figure 157 - Channel 35 - 36

What this translates to is that Prince was a sensual, right-bran dominant creative force whose life experiences were for the benefit of us all.  The stories that Prince told in his music and with his life were for the purpose of adding to the story of humanity.  He represented us all and the music he shared was, by design, the background music for our own stories.

The theme of his music served the purpose of unifying us collectively around new ideas and rhythms.  And with the Gate 5, Rhythm, in his chart, he had an innate sense of rhythm and patterns in his music.

Prince also had a deep nurturing quality to his energy.  With the Channel 50/27, “Preservation” defined, connecting his Spleen to his Sacral Center, he cared deeply about others.  If you read the reports from the people who worked for him and were close to him, he was always giving presents, remembering birthdays of their children, sending roses and candy.  Family and friends were the life blood of his existence and he truly lived to love his tribe.  He was also incredibly generous with this time and money, showing up spontaneously on stage in local venues around town and donating money, usually anonymously, to many charitable funds.  He was especially interested in helping disadvantaged young people.

Figure 135 - Channel 50-27

With an open G-Center and being a Hermit Profile, being “home” was important for him and having a home where he felt good was vital for his sense of direction in life and helped him stay aligned with his creativity.  He loved and was at “home” in Minneapolis and always returned to his Minneapolis compound, Paisley Park, to recharge himself and to create.

Open G Center 2

This same energy made it easy for him to create his own identity and be somewhat “fluid” with his self-expression and even reinvent himself a couple of times.

With the Gate 28, “Struggle”, in his North Node and in his conscious and unconscious Neptune, he was designed to struggle in order to discover the meaning of his life.  He was also designed to share what he learned from his struggles with others as part of his spiritual purpose and his destiny to be a Role Model with his 6th line Profile.

Figure 78 - Gate 28

Although Prince kept much of his struggles private, it has been reported that he struggled with pain in his hips and may have had an addiction to pain medication as a result.  (All of this is conjecture and I don’t have any facts to prove if this is true or not.)  With the energy of “Struggle” in his North Node it makes sense that he had a new set of struggles as he matured that were different from his struggles in his youth.

We can only guess that with an open Root Center and being an emotional Manifesting Generator that when he was under pressure, especially creative pressure, he had a tendency to leap into things and that sometimes his “leaping” may have created chaos.  But that “chaos” is in his Mercury so, again, fitting with the theme of sharing his struggles, he was designed to also share the stories of his creative chaos with all of us, even though he probably tried to hide the more personal nature of his stories.

Spirituality and connection to God were a driving force in his chart.  With the Gate 55, “Abundance” in his moon, the Gate 22, “Grace” in his unconscious Sun and the Gate 25, the Love of Spirit, in Mars, he was driven to take great leaps of faith and to discover through surrender to Spirit his unique path to serving the world.  He was incredibly powerful, by Design, but even more powerful when he got on his knees and surrendered himself to the Divine unfolding of his destiny.

“Every day I feel is a blessing from God. And I consider it a new beginning. Yeah, everything is beautiful.”

Here is what I think may have created the energetic influences that contributed to his death.

Prince had a open Root.  The open Root can put someone under tremendous pressure.  In a Manifesting Generator, that pressure can be the pressure to “do” and in Prince’s case, also the pressure to fulfill his commitments and obligations.

Root Center Circled

For the past few years, Uranus has been transiting in the Gate 51, defining his Will Center and giving Prince the “flavor” of having Will power.  This can be the energy for pushing, even when you’re worn out.  This energy also demands that you pace yourself and take breaks for rest, something that is not natural or normal for someone with Prince’s design.  He was designed to keep going and going and going…  If he was drawing on Will Power he didn’t normally have and he wasn’t resting properly, the potential was high for him to burn himself out in every way.

Figure 101 - Gate 51


Channel 25 - 51


In addition, Prince was entering his Saturn cycle which would have put him under pressure to generate all of the creative impulses in his mind – and there were probably a lot of them – putting him under even more pressure than usual and forcing him to draw on energy that he didn’t have in his natal chart.  With this extra “Oomph” of Will Power, he was probably rolling forward with all of his creative guns blasting.

On April 15, Uranus transited out of the Gate 51 to the Gate 42, Blessed Endings.  This planetary movement would have opened up his Will Center, shifting his energy significantly and taking with it the Will energy he had been “borrowing” from Uranus these past few years.

By the reports on the internet, Prince had been battling the flu these last few weeks and with this shift in energy, his “will” to push through illness and pain, would have dissipated making him feel weak and more tired than he’d probably been in the last few years.  (Think of the effect of this planetary shift on his chart kind of like the energy of a balloon deflating.)

And, because he had been using energy that he didn’t normally have for a few years, I imagine he was confused about how much energy reserves he had and didn’t key into the vital necessity for some rest and restoration.

Much like his life, Prince’s passing contains a message and a story for all of us.  The nature of our energy is to rest, replenish, restore and pace ourselves.  We have a collective tendency to push ourselves past what is healthy for us.

Think about this and be honest.  Do you get enough sleep?  Eat well?  Take regular breaks to dance, sing, think, engage in creative expression, rest, hang out with the people you love, connect with Spirit/God/Source?  These are the activities that restore and replenish, not only our physical bodies, but also our spirit and vitality for life.

Prince was a Role Model for creativity but also for unique creative expression.  He may have had a fluid definition of who he perceived himself to be but he was, first and foremost, uncompromising in who he was.

When we are untrue to our True Selves and live a life of compromise, saying “yes” to to the things we want to say “no” to and “no” to the things we want to say “yes” to, denying ourselves our true destiny and a life in alignment with the Bigness and Boldness that is YOU…the REAL YOU, it burns us out.

When you spend your days holding up a metaphorical “mask”, doing what you don’t want to do, feeling limited or disempowered, trapped in stories that hold you back from pursuing the passion of your heart, we burn out.  It takes energy to hold up a mask and eventually, you get tired.

There is a myth I read once in a fairy tale that I think is the perfect way to end this post.  It goes like this:  When you lock up a wild bird and keep it in a cage, it eventually loses its voice and its song.

May you dance today like it’s “1999“.  May you sing with all the wildness and joy in your heart and may you alway stay connected to the beautiful song that is only yours to sing.  May you rest in ease and trust that you are always supported simply because you exist and that your existence adds to the beauty of the world.



“Compassion is an action word with no boundaries.”

9 Replies to “Prince – The Storyteller Who Unified Us”

  1. Thank you, Karen, for this interesting article about Prince. I was wondering if you had published something similar to this on the occasion of Michael Jackson’s passing? (I had not heard about Human Design seven years ago so I would not have seen it.) Can it be republished?

    Though contemporaries who respected each other’s talents very much, Michael and Prince were very different artists with very different skill sets and how they came to be represented world-wide is also very different. Michael (together with his brothers in his earlier years) was the Black artist who opened doors and crossed bridges that allowed much greater success to other Black artists – to a level of his success so unprecedented that dark forces had to conspire to bring Michael down and “put him in his place”.

    If you look over their stories there are many parallels between these two men, sometimes very eerie similarities, and they shared many challenges (such as how to deal with chronic pain and still perform, how to achieve artistic freedom in a very competitive music business). We are richer for having had them both able to give so much to the world, in music and humanitarian acts, and I believe that because of Michael’s death, many other quietly-accomplished good works have been recognized (hundreds of millions of dollars in contributions from MJ for example) — and the light is also shining on the fierce and terrible pressures that fame and riches can bring to those who seek them. The undue power of the media to control public opinion about celebrities also needs much closer scrutiny and we must realize that if media have power to make us think a certain way, it’s because we allow them to do it.

    Both men will be missed by many and issues common to both of them will fill headlines for years to come. Perspective is all-important…

  2. Have done one reading with you in the past, then life got “in the way” and the momentum was shelved. Would love to reconnect with Human Design and strategize some decisions I am needing to make in my life currently. How much is the cost of a half hour session with the generous discount you’re offering?

  3. Wow karen! Thank you for taking the time and space to honor one of our brightest stars! We love u prince, u have made my own life brighter since i was a kid myself and i am grateful 2 u all-ways —
    jocie gold

  4. If you are not already booked could you please let me k ow the price of a session with the discount.
    And I love the explanation of Princes chart. It make so much sense. I’ve been so sad but this helps me to understand more now.


    Thank you!!

  5. Hey Karen,

    Love the insight you always give! Within minutes of hearing of Prince’s passing, I too ran both the Astrology and Human Design charts to explore the celestial weather at the time of his transition.

    With all your brilliance though, I see a habit that always ‘sits sideways’ for me as an Astrologer. With the exception of the current transits, you (and I say this lovingly) always refer to a “Gate in the Planet”… This seems backwards to me.

    For example, Prince’s Gate 35, “Change” in his conscious Sun. Or Gate 41, Fantasy, in his Venus and Gate 1, Self-Expression, in his Moon.

    I would say, his conscious Sun is in Gate 35, Change, Venus is in his Gate 41, Fantasy and his Moon in Gate 1, Self-Expression.

    It seems to me that a Gate can’t be a planet, but the planet is in a Gate…

    Warmly, Rebekkah

  6. Timely remarks about Prince. I think Prince IS a spiritual guide, Personally, I think HE was

    revealing life on this compassionate Earth as Heaven and it’s Reign when living with Spirit as our

    personal GUIDE. Thank you, Karen , for your timely remarks.

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