Pluto Retrograde in the Gate 61 – April 25-October4, 2020

Pluto, the planet of transformation, amplifies and intensifies the themes that it highlights.  When a planet goes retrograde we are invited to go deep within the explore the themes that the planet is highlighting for us.

Pluto is retrograde in the Gate 61, the Gate of Wonder, from April 25 – October 4.

The Gate 61 is a powerful energy that encourages us to take a big step back and look at the Cosmic “Big Picture” of our lives.

The Gate 61 helps us cultivate the ability to see our purpose in a bigger perspective that transcends the smaller details of an experience or event. It gives us the ability to stay in a state of innocence and delusional confidence (faith) as a way of sustaining our powerful creativity.

In the shadow of the Gate 61, when we lose our curiosity, awe and wonder, we run the risk of allowing the pressure to know “why” an event or experience has happened to create bitterness or victimhood that is often perpetuated in a rationalized pattern.

Sometimes the only answer to the question “why” an event occurred is that it happened for the sake of your own growth and expansion, even if it’s painful.

Pluto is catalytic.  We can either resist the transformation that Pluto brings by being stuck in the question “why” or bringing ourselves into alignment with the understanding that the bigger “why” of an event will be revealed to us over time and in the meantime we keep taking one step in front of the other.  We approach the unfolding of the plan moment by moment with faith that the next right step, the next right awareness and understanding will be revealed to us when we’re ready and the timing is aligned.

We will either resist or align with Pluto.  Resistance causes fatigue and victimhood.  Alignment creates the potential for exponential growth.

Pluto in the Gate 61 invites us to plant the seeds for new growth but also causes us to have to nurture and take care of what has fallen apart. We experience contraction and expansion at the same time and, without careful rest, time for contemplation and meditation, we run the risk of burning out and rationalizing going back to the way things were before.

With Pluto’s urging for us to see the Big Picture – the Truth of Who We Are and Why We are Here in the most cosmic sense – we run the risk of feeling out of control if we don’t stand back and remember that we are powerful creators here to serve and to fully explore the story of how to live as spiritual beings in a human world.

We are not victims of the Cosmic Plan, but co-creators, and when we harness the power of our own creative intentions and alignment we work together to move us all towards an era of equitable, sustainable peace.

The most potentially chaotic time during this retrograde cycle will happen on August 13 and October 4 when Mars will square Pluto in the Gate 7, the Gate of Collaboration.  These two dates represent seminal energies that will require of us to remember and take back our power. 

It will be demanded of us that we make significant transformational changes.  There will be those who will insist that things remain the same, creating tension and resistance.  Moving forward will be a true test of faith and our ability to hold a collective vision of what else is possible for humanity and we will be forced to find common ground with people who may not share our same values.

The challenge of this Mars/Pluto square is that it feels deeply personal.  Remember that change on the personal level may be micro-cosmic but it adds to the critical mass of transformation on the macro-cosmic level.  Your inner work and your personal choices matter and are key components of creating change on a global level.

This time requires of us to act morally and ethically, to do the right thing even if it’s hard and there is no immediate payoff.  This is a life-changing transit.  Thing big and long-term.  Be kind, forgiving and generous, even if you don’t feel like it…

This period of times invites us to stay in our place of service to the greater good, to ask ourselves each morning how we can serve the world and to trust that, as long as we stay in service, we will be supported and sustained during this cycle of growth and expansion.


What do you do to maintain your sense of wonder? How can you deepen your awe of the magnificence of the Universe?

What old thoughts, patterns and beliefs do you need to release in order to align with your knowingness and to trust your “delusional confidence” as a powerful creative state?

What greater perspectives on the events of your life can you see? What are the greatest lessons you’ve learned from you pain? How do you use these lessons to expand your self-expression?


I have a direct connection to a cosmic perspective that gives me an expanded view of the meaning of the events in my life and the lives of others. I see the wonder and innocence of life and stay present in a constant state of awe. I am innocent and pure in my understanding of the world, and my innocence is the source of my creative alignment.