Parenting Has Dramatically Changed – QAS Show

What we know about children and families has changed dramatically in the last 50 years! Quantum Alignment Show with guest host Kristin Shorter

Children are powerful, dynamic collaborators to be respected. However, through experiences we have as we grow from child to adult, we are socialized and wounded in ways that cause us to loose our awareness that we are whole, perfect, and connected to everyone and everything around us.

When we become parents, if we haven’t become aware of who we really are we can be trapped in a cycle of frustration, confusion and exhaustion which can lead to bossing our children around and trying to control them instead of teaching our kids who they really are!

If you know there should be more to parenting than arguments, neglected chores, disrespectful kids, infringed limits and punishments that don’t create self-motivation, then tune into this week’s Quantum Alignment Show!

Join Human Design Specialist and Parent Coach, Kristin Shorter, who will be sharing “Mommy Hacks,” techniques to develop more closeness in your relationship with your kids so you can relate to them in a way that supports their development, teaches them to embrace their gifts, reminding them that they are whole, perfect and it’s safe to be themselves all while still getting them to eat their veggies and to bed on time!

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