No More Drama Trauma – QAS Show

Ninety percent of talking is about moving energy and not actually about communicating. Conversation and dialogue can often be dramatic and leave you feeling invisible, discounted or unheard if you don’t understand the energy behind the things people say.

Our family and intimate relationships are often riddled with unconscious behavior patterns that are caused by unspoken emotional pain that has never been acknowledged or even recognized.

Much of what we do to each other in relationship is a function of not knowing our energy blueprint and living out our unconscious energy needs.

Over time, when people don’t learn how to appropriately get their energy needs met, it’s easy to create drama and trauma in relationships and life. Understanding why someone is creating drama is the first step to learning how to not take it personally and to not allowing other people’s energy robbing you of your joy.

Join Karen Curry Parker for this week’s Quantum Alignment Show. You’re going to learn the root cause of “drama” and how you can heal your “drama trauma”. You’ll discover ways to lovingly deal with other people’s energy needs without getting sucked into their drama vortex.

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