Network Marketing by Human Design-QAS Show

Explore how to use Human Design in your business.

In this week’s Quantum Alignment Show, you’re going to learn about Network Marketing by Design: Understand YOUR business through Human Design

Join Human Design Practitioners, Nani Chesire and Ros Isbel to learn how to have more ease, flow and success in your network marketing business. Gain insight into why it’s so important to understand how your energy works, do your business in a way that works for you and use self-care to grow your business.

The content of this show, while specifically created for people who have or are interested in knowing more about Network Marketing businesses, is applicable to anyone who wants to know more about marketing themselves and their business & work, using their own Human Design.

Resources mentioned:
To register for Network Marketing by Design For Generators Master Class visit either
Nani Cheshire’s site https://humandesigntools.com/training/
Ros Isbel’s site http://findyournaturalgroove.com/training/

To get your personal Human Design chart – visit https:freehumandesignchart.com

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