Mysterious Mystical Circuit-QAS Show

You’re Not Suppose To Feel Alone-Mystical Circuit

You’re not designed to feel alone, abandoned by Source/God/Spirit (or whatever word you want to use).  Your life is not meant to feel meaningless.

From my work as a Life Coach and coaching over 10,000 people over the past 30 years, I know that the single biggest cause of pain and suffering on the planet is the disconnect people experience when they are not living an authentic life and when they feel disconnected and unsupported from their Spiritual Source.  Most people experience this disconnect as a lack on some level manifesting in financial, relationship, physical, creative and even spiritual pain.

When people discover who they are, how they are hard-wired for success and their natural connection to Spirit, they can not only get out of pain, but accelerate the fulfillment of their personal potential and create truly meaningful lives.

But, let’s be real here.  You all are reading this because you are familiar in some way with Human Design.  Obviously, I think Human Design is fabulous!  I’m very biased.

But it’s not so easy to “feel” awakened (even if you know your Human Design Type).  We often  try to rig some kind of spiritual awakening, contorting ourselves with special diets, magical crystals, mantras, energy healings, etc.  Most of us fail to maintain whatever regimen we set up for ourselves…

So many of us are waiting for big signs from Spirit, like a flaming angel standing next to our bed at night, or a 5-day Kundalini rising experience.

But what if you’re already doing it “right”?  What if your life is already a deeply mystical experience?

We tend to segregate our spiritual life in a silo of something we’ll tend to when we’re in need or when we have time.  We pray when we’re in trouble.  We tell ourselves we don’t have time to meditate or contemplate the meaning of our life.

Your spiritual life isn’t something “out there”.  We are living in a spiritual matrix.  The evidence of awakening and evolution are all around you in the mundane existence of your life.

A Supreme Court Ruling, buying a new car or taking out the trash are all spiritual events.  So is breathing, eating, loving, writing, dancing, cooking, grocery shopping, organizing your basement and exercising.

YOU are a spiritual event.

Your Human Design chart is a code for your path to being the fulfillment of the spiritual event you are.  Your chart contains codes – key choice points that help you consciously cultivate a more connected presence to who you truly are that helps you live as if your life is sacred.

Yesterday on the Quantum Alignment Show I shared a replay of an old show that I taught many years ago about the Mystical Circuit.  There is a somewhat “secret” circuit that runs through the chart that gives us clues and keys to living a more “awakened” life and illuminates your unique blueprint to feeling more supported and connected with Source.

Resources Mentioned During Show:

To download the slide handout – click here

To watch the video mentioned “Busting the Myths of Small Business Failure” visit https://vimeo.com/99260322

Watch Dreaming Small and Business Success by Design QAS Show- https://youtu.be/2ozcCbcSLuM

In August I’m going to be teaching the Mystical Circuit Class in our Understanding Human Design online membership community.

I created the Mystical Circuit class to help you discover, cultivate and build a strong spiritual practice that helps you discover the true meaning of your life, your soul’s purpose and ways that you can tap into more spiritual power and support so that you can learn to create beyond what you think is possible.

This class, followed by a live 3-hour intensive retreat at the end of the summer, is exclusively available in our Understanding Human Design Membership Community. 

It’s just one of the many benefits you receive as a Member of our community.  Not only do you gain access to the Mystical Circuit program, you also have access to hundreds of hours of Human Design classes including classes about the chart and your Life Purpose, Money, Relationships, the Parts of the Chart and more!

In this new Members-only class, you’re going to learn how each Gate in the Mystical Circuit gives you a strategy to create a deep connection with Spirit, how to surrender your fears and worries about being supported and discover how your life can be a vehicle of evolution for the world – without sacrificing yourself, your well-being and who you are…

In the Mystical Circuit Class you will:

  • Learn about your unique path to enlightenment.
  • Discover your Soul’s Challenge and how mastering the challenges of this life time can help fulfill your life purpose and evolve on a soul level.
  • Gain insight into your Spiritual Life Purpose and learn how to stop struggling and embrace the truth of Who You Really Are.
  • Discover key time transitions in your life path that are crucial to helping you fulfill your Life Purpose.
  • How to manifest and create with your unique spiritual energy.
  • Release old soul patterns.
  • Learn how your unique energy “plugs in” to Divine Energy and higher realms.
  • Discover your spiritual strengths and gifts.

The Mystical Circuit Class starts on August 1!

This “spiritual” Human Design class helps you understand a much deeper, mystical aspect of yourself and helps you answer some of your most important questions about your soul’s purpose, your life path and what you need to do to fulfill your life purpose.

Ready to discover why you are really here?

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I look forward to watching you discover the Truth of Who You Truly Are.

From my Heart to Yours,