Messaging by Design QAS Show with Maggie Ostara

Messaging by Design: Attract Your Best Clients with Greater Ease and Consistency based on Human Design,

with Maggie Ostara, PhD

If you are self-employed or have your own business, your ability to attract and enroll the right clients and customers for you depends on the effectiveness of your messaging. Messaging includes how you express yourself in words, images, energy, and body language in person, on the web, in email and social media.

As it turns out, messaging is as much about your frequency – how you are holding yourself and what you are offering energetically – as it is about what you say or do. Human Design provides vital insights plus helpful direction to how you’re showing up frequency-wise in your business, and what you can do to become more magnetic.

Because messaging forms the bedrock of your outreach, how you develop and deliver it can make or break your business.

Having worked with thousands of solopreneurs, Maggie has witnessed firsthand the pitfalls that undermine most messaging. Inner and outer alignment are both required for you to attract your best clients with greater ease and consistency.

Join Maggie Ostara, Human Design Specialist (Level 3), business consultant, spiritual mentor, and creator of Nail Your Message Contest and Training to discover:

• How you’ve been standing in your own way without even knowing it
• Why trying to fit in will undermine your messaging and potentially doom you to obscurity
• The 4 cornerstones of messaging you must master to become magnetic to your best people
• How knowing your Human Design will illuminate pitfalls and provide a clear path leading to the people who are right for you
• The 3 things you need to know about your ideal clients in order to becoming compelling in their eyes and hearts
• The Human Design keys to creating a tribe of avid followers and satisfied clients and customers

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