Manifestors and Abundance

The Manifestor

Life Purpose:  Translate inspiration into form

Strategy:  Inform, then act

Emotional Theme:  Anger

Wealth Theme:  Non-verbal creative flow

Challenges: Sustainability (work), burnout, power, not needing others, interruptions to creative flow, impact on others

Percentage: Less than 8% of the population

The life purpose of the Manifestor is to initiate action and creation. The Manifestor is uniquely different from all of the other other Types in that the Manifestor is the only Type who doesn’t have to wait for an outside force to help them recognize right timing.

Manifestors have an inner creative process.  The process is non-verbal and difficult to explain and express to others so answering questions or asking for help is difficult for the Manifestor because you have a hard time explaining what you’re doing.

When a Manifestor is creating, they are simply moving.  The timing of their movement is internal and attuned to their unique creative flow. Once a Manifestor gets an idea, to make it happen, all they have to do is wait for the timing to feel right and then go take action.

In addition, it is the role of the Manifestor to process inspiration and translate it into action.  It is the role of the Manifestor to make an idea happen, even if they don’t finish the job and do the grunt work associated with the manifestation of an idea (that’s the role of the Generator Types…), it’s their job in life to get the proverbial ball rolling.  When you they don’t, it can actually cause them to shut down their creative energy and their power to manifest abundance.

Because Manifestors are often following their own inner creative flow and consequently, deeply attuned to their own process, it’s easy for other people to misunderstand or misinterpret the Manifestor energy.  Manifestors can make life easier for yourself (and their loved ones) if they learn to inform others before they follow their creative impulses.

Informing isn’t natural or easy.

Manifestors often have their energy shut down or their creative impulse judged or squashed.  Because of this, many Manifestors learn to hide their power and even hide what they’re really up to.  Manifestors are not here to be stopped or told what to do.

They may have also felt that taking the time to find the words to express their creative flow is so difficult that it’s easier for them to do things for themselves, thank you very much, than it is for them  to try to find the words and ask for help.  It can also be difficult if someone, with the best of intentions, tries to help them.  In response, the Manifestor can feel angry if they have to stop what they’re doing and try to find the words to describe it to someone else.

This can sometimes lead to other people thinking that Manifestors are self-absorbed or not a “team player.”  Neither of these things is necessarily true.  It’s simply that the Manifestor is in their flow and if they have to stop the flow for some reason, they know that they might not pick it up again in the same way.

Manifestors are often afraid to tell people what they are doing.  They often have a lifetime experience of people trying to stop or control them and, especially as children, they learn to quietly do what their creative impulse tells them to do.  But, when the Manifestor fails to inform, it makes the emotional theme of anger much more prevalent in their lives.  People get confused by what the Manifestor is doing and they react negatively.  Manifestors need to inform and they also need to follow their creative flow, no matter what anyone else thinks or says.  This can be hard for sensitive Manifestors.

To stay connected with their abundance, Manifestors have to take the action that feels right to them no matter what anyone else thinks or says.

Manifestors do not have sustainable energy.  They need cycles of rest and restoration.  Consequently, working in the traditional way we think of as working isn’t healthy or even profitable for the Manifestor.  Manifestors do well with work that involves getting something started and then moving on or work that is cyclical in nature.  Because of this, burnout can also be a challenge for Manifestors.

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