Manifestor Magic – QAS Show

If you’re a Manifestor, a Manifesting Generator or you love one of these Types, join me for this week’s Quantum Alignment Show.

We’re going to be discussing the unique challenges and gifts of Manifestors and Manifesting Generators. We’ll talk about healing the wounds of your “manifestor” parts, activating your power, getting you re-connected with your strategy and learning how to live life as yourself.

We are all hard-wired differently. There is no formula for raising and educating a small human being and turning them into a healthy, vital adult with high self-worth.

Human Design is a powerful tool to help you discover the source of your pain from your childhood that may be causing you to forget who you are and what you’re here to do.

Human Design is also a powerful tool to help us not only heal our own inner child, but to also help us raise strong, healthy children.

Join me for Part 2 of six-part Quantum Alignment Show series.

We’re going to be exploring our own Inner Child, what our Human Design tells us about healing our childhood wounds and writing a new, empowered narrative about who we are. We’ll be exploring each Type and what you can do to heal your Type wounds and how you can be a better parent to your own children.

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