Manifesting Generators and Abundance

Manifesting Generator and Abundance

Life Purpose:  Build (work, family)

Strategy:  Respond, imagine, inform, act

Wealth Theme:  Shortcuts to mastery

Challenges:  Finding right work, direction, frustration/anger/impatience, trusting Sacral response, interruptions to creative flow, power, being too busy

Manifesting Generators are essentially the same as pure Generators with a couple of small differences.  If you would like to see the article on Generators and Abundance

First of all, the Manifesting Generator also has a defined Sacral, like the pure Generator but, in addition, the Manifesting Generator will also have at least one channel that connects one (or more) motor Center (the Sacral, the Will, the Emotional Solar Plexus and the Root Center) to the Throat Center

The effect of this additional energy to the Throat Center means that a Manifesting Generator can respond very quickly to things and also respond to more than one thing at a time.

To stay healthy and in alignment with their wealth theme, Manifesting Generators actually need to do more than one thing at a time and it’s normal for them to have a “trial” period of “trying on” something that they’ve responded to quickly before really committing.

Once they commit, they will experience the same stair-step learning curve as the pure Generator but they will often skip steps and plateaus.  This often results in the Manifesting Generator appearing to go “faster” than others but often missing important details.  But, the Manifesting Generator has an additional wealth theme that the pure Generator doesn’t.  Manifesting Generators are designed to find shortcuts and doing things at high speed is part of their wealth theme.

Sometimes people think that Manifesting Generators are “better” than pure Generators because they are faster initially.  But, much like the tortoise and the hare, the Manifesting Generator will lose time responding to opportunities to repair their mistakes or the steps they’ve skipped.

The Manifesting Generator also has some traits that are similar to the Manifestor.  The Manifesting Generator also has an internal, non-verbal creative flow.  Because of this, they often struggle to ask for help and react with frustrated anger when their flow is interrupted.

Like the Manifestor Type, Manifesting Generators also need to make sure they are informing others who will be impacted by their actions so they can prepare for the wave of energy that is the Manifesting Generator.  And, just like the Manifestor, the Manifesting Generator is not here to stop their creative flow or to be told what to do.

For the Manifesting Generator to stay aligned with their abundance, they need to respond to the right work. “try on” their response to see how it feels and then jump into the process of manifesting their many creative flows.

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